Albert Einstein: The Genius, Dreamer, and Rebel

By | May 17, 2017

Albert Einstein Essay Sample

His face is a symbol of genius and brilliance. He is one of the most intelligent and talented men in the history whose extraordinary mind helped him to see way beyond the material world. Born in Germany in 1879, Albert Einstein was a curious and independent boy eager to explore the world around and looking deeper into the nature of things. His parents encouraged his education and believed in his abilities even when he received bad recommendations for failing to comply with the authoritative school rules (BBC, 2017). Although some teachers argued that Einstein will never achieve anything important in science, he proved that his intellectual abilities transcend the human limits. His findings advanced our understanding of physics and are still believed to be the most influential scientific discoveries.

Einstein is particularly famous for introducing his special theory of relativity (Schwarz & Schwarz, 2004). The main idea behind this theory is that measurements of time and space are relative to motion. Moreover, the scholar explored the way objects behave in space and time and found that they cannot move faster than light does because when approaching the speed of light, their mass becomes infinite. Among many things that Einstein explored were the relationship between mass, energy, space, and time (Schwarz & Schwarz, 2004). Although some of Einstein’s ideas were revolutionary and surprising, subsequent experiments demonstrated that he was right, and forced physicists to re-evaluate some basic scientific concepts.

Ten years later, in 1915, Einstein introduced his second famous theory – the general theory of relativity (Born, 2012). In this theory shook the scientific world because no one had ever suggested so complicated yet so brilliant explanation of the relationship between space, time, matter, and energy. The scholar also worked on the theory of photoelectric effect, for which he received a Nobel prize in 1922. However, like many geniuses before him, Einstein was not limited by one discipline. Apart from physics, he was interested in medicine, politics, music, and philosophy. During the last years of his life, Einstein worked on the problems of quantum physics but did not manage to reconcile his theories. He died aged 76, leaving behind the most extraordinary discoveries that changed the way people perceive the world. Some of the unfinished issues he worked on still attract physicists’ attention.

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