Career Goals Essay

By | May 19, 2017

How To Write Career Goals Essay

What is the difference between an academic and career goals essay? The first one serves to describe some results of research and to convince a reader of an idea or theory’s reasonability. Nothing personal, only science! The aim is clear for an academic paper. However, the main purpose of an admission work is to persuade the committee and describe all your personal traits in a convincing way. The main reason to write such papers is to get to a college or university of your dreams. The main difference is no research, only an “advertisement” of your skills and personality. Still, any piece of writing aimed to describe a “product” needs to use some tricks and hacks to have a desirable impact on the audience.

There are two common steps to compose your application essay. Adhering to this format, you may write a good and profound motivation letter quickly and easily.

Make an Outline

This type of academic works is different from others only by some functional aspects. Referring to the structure, it has the same well-known three-part format as any other paper.

  1. The introduction part serves to clarify the main purpose of your application to the admission officers and grab their attention by a strong and great hook sentence. You have to know your audience well enough and learn criteria of the selection process by heart to create a good and catchy hook for your beginning section. Thus, you will be able to compose a proper and outstanding introduction to make the admission officers read your work willingly.
  2. Here goes your body part! This is the heart of your work. Usually, people describe their aims and achievements forgetting about personal characteristics. The committee is mostly interested in you then in your prizes and awards. Show them that you have all qualities to tackle the study in their university. Avoid telling lies, as the officers can easily single out ones.
  3. The last section of your career goals essay is the conclusion. Namely, it is your last chance to persuade members of the committee to consider your candidacy and accept it finally. Don’t add any new information to your final part. Be short and precise by stating your aims and purposes one more time. Besides, remember to put emotional factors into your motivation letter.

Find out What People Think about Your Paper

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends, parents, peers, and other trusted people about the consistency and accuracy of your admission essay. Let them judge whether you sound a little bit arrogant or too uncertain. Sometimes they may give you some priceless pieces of advice on the topic. Finally, if they are impressed, the committee will feel the same.

When composing your college admission paper, don’t forget to proofread the material more than two times to avoid mistakes and illogical sentences. As soon as you check it, you will be ready to hand in the paper. If you want to look at some research, cause and effect, educational, and career goals essay examples (or many others), visit our site.

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