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How to Write an Essay for History Class

Although less frequent than argumentative, expository and descriptive papers assigned in language and composition classes, history essays are quite popular with history professors who find written papers to be an effective tool for assessment of your knowledge. By writing an essay in history you can demonstrate understanding of the influence of certain historical events on… Read More »

How to write an academic essay?

Are you afraid of the things that are unknown to you? Many students give up their education because they can’t make themselves start writing good academic essays. It may sound weird but the fear of failing leads to postponing the writing task and completing it in a few hours before the deadline. We’re happy you’re… Read More »

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Whether you attend high school or study at college, you are regularly assigned argumentative essays. This type of writing is very common. You also regularly come across topics for argumentative essays in everyday life. They can be ubiquitously found in newspaper articles, on TV debates or overheard in private conversations. At first glance, everything seems… Read More »

How to write an essay for college?

Being a student means writing dozens of essays starting from the admission. You will face this task no matter what course you’re taking and the college you’re studying at. So you have to be ready for it and you should know how to accept this challenge and win the battle. In this article, we’ll tell… Read More »

How to write a literary analysis essay

First of all, lets get to know what is literary essay and realize its main purpose. According to the literary essay definition, this is a paper where author carefully analyzes a work of literary and evaluates it. The main goal of writing this essay is to assure readers that the author supports the developed idea.… Read More »

How to write a poem analysis essay

Poetry analysis is one of the main areas you will face when writing literary assignments. But poems, unlike other literary assignments, can be more challenging due to their greater need for strong analytical skills. This complexity demands that you get necessary instructions before tackling such an assignment. That is why this article will enlighten you… Read More »

How to write an extended essay

Modern students have many different tasks to do, especially written ones, because such assignments help to evaluate their knowledge adequately and quickly and also develop a skill of creation texts, analyzation, etc. There are a lot of types of academic assignments, and the extended essay is one of them. There are at least two definitions… Read More »