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A Visit To Murree: Essay Sample

It is not a secret that most people really keen on traveling and active hobbies. To be honest, it is our nature because we always want to explore something new. That’s why we can track the situation that people from all over the world buy air tickets to the most exotic places of our world.… Read More »

What is Fashion for Modern Teenagers?

Teenagers live in the completely different universe having its own social conventions, vocabulary, tastes, attitudes, and fashion. These young people actively explore themselves and the world around them, and they begin to realize their own place in the society.

Effects of “Utopia-Esque” Societies on People

Although historically people started uniting in groups and communities for increasing their capabilities of achieving the common goods, societies have experienced a wide array of problems for centuries, which indicated the imperfectness of the system. In the pursuit of resolving fundamental problems of society and improving well-being of all people, intelligent minds offered their visions… Read More »

The Destructive Use of Tobacco

The use of tobacco has had a devastating effect on communities worldwide with one smoker dying every six seconds. One third of people using tobacco die. Tobacco smoking accounts for each tenth adult death, which implies five million death yearly on a global scale. The use of tobacco is highly addictive because of the contained… Read More »

The Impact of Violent Games on Children

As the popularity of video games increases among children and teenagers, there have been growing concerns about their impact on gamers’ well-being and psychological state. Many children play games regularly, spending at least one-two hours a day on this entertaining but rather meaningless activity (AACAP, 2015). While some games are informative and educational, the majority… Read More »

Why Teenagers Rebel against Parents and Authority

Teenager rebellion against parents and authority is a common problem that challenges parents’ patience and appreciation worldwide. Rebellious teenagers ignore requests and instructions, talk back, have troubles at school, experience a reduction in academic achievements, spend time with the wrong crowd, and the like. The situation causes much stress to parents who are unable or… Read More »

Social Media and Self-Esteem

Past studies in the field of media and social identity provided sound evidence to the impact produced by mass media on societies worldwide. Television became the first media communication channel that manipulated people’s attention to distract them from considering important things. Television appeared an efficient instrument is raising people’s tolerance for materialism and violence. Like… Read More »

School Uniforms versus No School Uniforms

Mandatory uniform policies are present in many schools around the world. The main reason behind these policies is to keep children focused on their education, reduce discrimination and bias, improve attendance and performance, and enhance community spirit (Brunsma, 2004). However, opponents of school uniforms claim that students are denied the right for self-expression and that… Read More »

Public Universities vs Private Universities. Who Wins?

There is a set of differences concerning attendance of a public university compared to a private one, which are considered when making a decision about a higher education institution. Generally, these differences are categorized into four issues, such as cost, size, academics, and the public image. In terms of cost, public institutions are state funded,… Read More »

Placing Taxes on Junk Food and Fatty Snacks: Can We Tax People Healthy?

With the increasing burden of obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases on the society, the government is concerned with introducing measures that would encourage people to live healthier lives (Young, 2015). Placing taxes on junk food is one of many initiatives believed to make the nation healthier. However, this suggestion has faced considerable criticism by policymakers… Read More »