College essay topics

By | March 27, 2017

Topics For College Essay

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College essay topics

The decision on the choice of the topic for a college essay is always hard to make and most of the learners experience a lot of challenges in such cases. Perhaps you are thinking you are the only ne with the problem of coming up with an appropriate college essay topic; so many learners have had the same challenge. Here are 50 college essay prompts to get you started:

  1. Childhood memories
  2. Individualist essays
  3. How good are you at time management?
  4. Overcoming trouble and challenges
  5. What was your biggest challenge so far and how did you cope with it?
  6. What ethical dilemmas have you come across in your life?
  7. Are you less religious than your parents? What do you think about religions other than yours?
  8. Role models and life influences
  9. The role of technology in contemporary life
  10. Write about the time when you put off doing something important to have fun. How did this end and what lesson did you learn from that?
  11. Don’t judge the book by its cover.
  12. The importance of being responsible in life after school
  13. Success is not limited to some people
  14. Transition to adolescence
  15. Impact of social media on career development
  16. Measures to reduce environmental pollution
  17. Family
  18. Impacts of pollution to the environment
  19. Importance of strict laws on the protection of endangered species
  20. Gender and sexuality
  21. Is it right for corporate lobbyists to offer campaign contributions to politicians?
  22. Democratic is the best form of governance.
  23. Are skills tests for learners important before graduating from high school?
  24. Technical subjects are very important part of education.
  25. Life skills class is important for the development of learners’ careers.
  26. What is the significance of learners who fail in the class to repeat the grade?
  27. Instructional model of teaching is better than the traditional approach.
  28. The adoption of advanced technology in teaching is important in schools.
  29. Offline versus online education
  30. Importance of Homeschooling
  31. Preparing children for kindergarten
  32. Role of the government in education
  33. Importance of boarding schools
  34. Implementation of flipped model of learning
  35. Importance of improving school security
  36. Alternative fuels can help reduce pollution
  37. Mining in areas that are environmentally sensitive ought to be banned
  38. Protection of rain forests
  39. Measures to conserve oil
  40. The importance of a clean community
  41. Adoption of alternative fuels in the transport sector
  42. Sources of environmental pollution
  43. Hybrid cars can help reduce pollution
  44. The conservation of global resources is important
  45. Two or more languages are important
  46. Violence is schools should be illegal
  47. There is need to lower the cost of education
  48. Studying is private schools has a lot of advantages
  49. Importance of teamwork in schools
  50. Impact of social media on career development

While the listed are not the only topics that you can address in your college essay, they are meant to ignite your memory to think about plausible topic that you can come up with depending on various circumstances. In case of any problem, talk to us and we will help you with your college essay.

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