How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay?

By | May 20, 2017

Critical Thinking Essay Writing Guideline

Writing, according to the opinion of most students, is a very boring and difficult business. However, it should be mentioned that there are many types of writing, and critical thinking essays refer to the most useful of them. It is so because such approach to text creation helps to develop students’ ability of analytical thinking. Such compositions are also used for evaluation of some problems, questions, books or articles read by a student, etc. Such type of work presupposes that a student may express his or her own opinion concerning the subject and explore the issue from different standpoints.

Recommendations on How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay Step by Step

If you don’t know how to write a critical response, you can follow professional recommendations given below. They are:

  1. Choose a topic. The first thing to do for a written assignment is to choose the topic of the future paper. The majority of professors instruct students to compose a review of the literature they have read. This approach is an appropriate one, but if you are allowed to select the topic by yourself, you may opt for another variant. The main recommendation at this step is to select the issue so that you will have different points to discuss and have several arguments to support the point of view of your own.
  2. Think out a thesis statement. Your thesis should reflect the issue to which the whole work is devoted and express your standpoint about it at the same time. Hence, it is impossible to compose a good paper without a proper and clear thesis statement. By the way, this essay element is given at the very end of the introduction, creating a good basis for further evidence support of the main idea.
  3. Make an outline. Such work must have a very clear and consistent structure. It must include the introduction, the main part, and the concluding paragraph like any other compositions. Three body paragraphs will present three pieces of your supporting evidence used to prove your position expressed in the thesis. Don’t forget that each paragraph must contain one argument. To make your line of argumentation more persuasive, it is possible to give your arguments from the strongest to the weakest one.
  4. Create a draft. To make a clear structure, it is better to create a draft first. If you are composing a response to a book or article that you have read, you may just note down all your thoughts and feelings emerging during reading. They can become a good basis for your work. If your paper is devoted to another subject, try to think in advance what arguments you can use, and in what order they would be given in the future text.
  5. Draft a conclusion. The final paragraph of your project must summarize all facts given in your paper. In spite of summarization, it should also strike the main idea once again. The main point of the concluding paragraph is that some recommendations for the following investigations in this sphere should be given or some other questions to be discussed should be raised in it.

You may find different critical thinking essay examples in the Internet and look them trough to see their structure.

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