How to end an essay with a question

By | January 23, 2017

How To End An Essay With A Question

Introduction and conclusion are two most important segments of writing an essay. These two important sections alone can carry more than half of the weightage of the whole essay. The introduction must always reflect the main points that you wish to highlight in your essay while the conclusion must summarize the main content that has been covered in the essay. There are many traditional ways to conclude your essay but it takes something special make a strong statement. One of the most interesting ways to end your essay is to place a question related to the text.

A thought provoking concluding question takes your Essay beyond the content

An essay must ideally cover all the relevant points related to the topic of the essay but it is impossible to cover everything because of the limitations of space, time and thoughts. Ending your essay with a question is a perfect way to ensure that your essay goes beyond the content. You can leave a thought provoking question for the reader to let him know that there is something that needs to be answered.

What can make you go wrong?

The choice of question is extremely important. First of all, the question must be relevant and direct related to the topic of discussion. If the question is not relevant to the main topic, the attention of the user can easily shift from the main topic. It can also make your essay look vague without any clarity of thoughts. You need to make sure that you have the expertise and skills to choose a good concluding question.

The Concluding question adds a new dimension to your essay

As we already discussed, no matter how much you try to make your essay complete, there are some points that are always left out. Also, the user might sometimes be looking for something that is missing from the content. The reader can find the missing content in the form of an answer to the question that is raised. This can automatically make the essay complete and give the reader an opportunity to add the content and get a sense of completeness in the essay. The best part is that every reader answers the question in his or her own way and adds a new dimension to the essay. The end result is that your essay automatically becomes multidimensional.

Ending Essay With A Question

Where can you go wrong with this?

Before deciding to end your essay with a question, you must make sure that you have provided a perfect base to the reader to be able to find answers to the question. You cannot afford to ask a question that has not been touched in the content. The question must be in continuation with the content. It must never give an expression to the reader that you are trying to start a new topic. This is where most of the inexperienced writers can make the essay go horribly wrong. Thus, you have to be careful about raising a question.

Advantages of ending your essay with a question

Probably, the biggest advantage of choosing to end your essay with a question is that you can make your essay stand out from the crowd. It is one of the most effective ways to make your essay unique. Moreover, you can turn your essay into a never ending topic which is practically a fact with every topic. You guide your users about the future scope and areas that you want to be explored by the reader. In fact, it is a perfect way to let your reader know about the areas that you want your readers to go ahead and search. It is a far better option than letting your reader guess about the missing content in the essay.

Disadvantages of ending your essay with a question

The non-traditional ways of doing anything always carry a lot of risks. It takes a lot of awareness and skill to let go off the track and try something different. The biggest challenge of choosing such an ending is to convince everyone that it is a great ending. Unfortunately, it is impossible to please everyone with non-traditional endings. Thus, you have to be always prepared for the strong criticism from a few readers or evaluators.

Sometimes, the question may make you appear silly if you have not chosen a good question. The conclusion of the essay is as important as the beginning of the essay. Thus, if you do not have the confidence and experience of the going for such an ending, you can easily spoil all the good work that you have put in the introduction and the main content. Thus, everyone cannot go for such an ending as it is a risky business.

Some readers who search for completeness in the essay may get disturbed by observing the question at the end of the essay. The question may give an expression that you want the reader to find answers to a few questions that you were unable to cover in your essay. No matter how hard you may have tried to make your essay complete with all the relevant information, the concluding question may always put a question mark in the mind of the reader.

Choosing the right question to conclude

It can be difficult to ensure that you choose the right question for your essay. One thing that you must always remember is that the question must have a strong link to not the topic and make a complete loop, if possible. Also, never choose a question out of the blue or something that makes a new start. Using a question at the end of an essay, as a finalizing conclusion, may become a proper reiteration of the key message that you were trying to deliver in the course of your essay’s progress, but it can also become a part of something larger. Maybe you have revealed the topic in much detail already, but there are still looming questions remaining unanswered, not only by you but by the entire humanity. If that’s the case, you can draw the readers’ attention to those broader question with an eloquent and expressive question leading them to issues beyond the scope of the essay, to see a bigger picture of the issue.

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