How to revise an essay

By | March 22, 2017

How To Revise An Essay

Students have to make many different written tasks, because only written assignments give the opportunity to evaluate their knowledge of the subject adequately, and also to develop a skill of text creation, which is important too. There are a lot of kinds of essays: descriptive, argumentative, persuasive and so on, which young people should make practically every day, and this circumstance is the reason for a terrible headache for many students. Somebody doesn’t know how to start or to finish the text; others have troubles with order and structure, everybody has problems with orthography and grammar from time to time. But talking about the difficulties of making an essay, we often forget about another challenging work to do: revision. Revising an essay is the most important part because in the process of revision, you may correct your own mistakes and it will influence on your mark. If you pass work with some mistakes, your professor, would think that you were too lazy to check your text. And he will be right!

Why Is Revising Important in the Writing Process?

So, you may ask, how to revise an essay? In this article, we will give you several tips on how to revise an essay. There are many revision strategies and approaches, but we would like to offer the most popular and the most effective of them, such as:

  1. Have enough time. It is much better to read the text the following day after writing. Particularly in the morning, when you have a good night’s rest. But you shouldn’t procrastinate; otherwise, you will have to proofread your product in a hurry. If you followed this piece of advice, your compositions would become practically excellent, because in this case, you will see not only all mistakes and typos but problems with structure and argumentation too.
  2. Read complete task aloud. It seems to be awkward, but reading aloud helps to see (in this case, to hear) all clumsy phrases which sound unnatural. Using this method, you may make your paper more literate.
  3. Ask somebody else to help you. Psychologists proved that it is better to give your paper to someone else to read, because the person who writes usually doesn’t notice his or her own mistakes, and every text seems to be perfect from the point of view of the author himself/herself.
  4. Observe the style. It looks very funny when one part of the paper was written literately, and another one – in a very informal manner. But you can be sure, your professor will hardly appreciate such approach.
  5. Look through the content. Break of plot thread or any gaps in logic have great importance for your marks. So, try to avoid them and be consistent through all the text of your own.
  6. Use dictionary. If you don’t know the spelling of some words, it is not a problem; you should just consult the dictionary on time. By the way, there is a proper technique of learning new words: just write the word down, and repeat writing it to the bottom of the page.

Looking for more revision tips for writing? To be honest, every writer should have his own lifehacks in the sphere of revising, but we are glad to offer you ready universal list to check your composition, which you can use, if it necessary:

Essay Revising Tips

Revision Checklist for Essays

  • Structure
  1. Is there the introduction, the body paragraphs and the conclusion in your composition?
  2. Is there any thesis in your text?
  3. Have you got any transition between different thoughts, expressed in different paragraphs?
  4. Don’t you have any repetitions, when you start talking about something more than once?
  5. Is the purpose of the piece of writing is evident?
  • Proofreading
  1. Check spelling firstly, because spelling mistakes are the most noticeable.
  2. Check grammar. Grammar mistakes show you as a student in a very bad light.
  3. Check punctuation.
  4. Don’t believe your automatic digital correction, because sometimes autocorrect makes “beautiful” things, which your tutor will be “glad” to see.
  • Style and Content
  1. Is the style of the text equal?
  2. Does the author know his audience?
  3. Is the size of finished project good?
  4. Is the tone of writing suitable?
  5. Does the author use examples to illustrate his ideas?
  • Research and Sources
  1. Do you have the list of references at the end of your composition?
  2. Are all sources credible?
  3. Do you have any quotations?
  4. Have all quotations been checked against the original?

There are many other points to check, but we enumerate only the most vital of them here. You also may add something to the list, if you have such a desire, and create a personal checklist for your own use.

Don’t know how to revise an essay in college? This situation is very typical because college works are more serious and bigger, so they need more difficult and serious revisions. By the way, your college scholarship depends on the quality of your academic tasks, that’s why you must be more attentive and spend more time making a revision. How long does it take to revise an essay? It all depends on the size of your creation, its complication, and requirements of your tutor.

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