How to start your dissertation effectively

By | March 20, 2017

How To Start Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is a challenging job because it is an extensive writing assignment. Unless few rules are followed properly, it is not possible to complete a dissertation within stipulated deadline maintaining its desired scholastic approach. It is always wise to follow expert’s tips for starting a dissertation so that it gets appreciated by reviewers.

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According to experts, better will be the starting of a dissertation, the entire assignment will be completed with finer tune and perfection. Let’s check how to start a dissertation in an organized way.

Select your best topic

One of the most vital steps of scripting a dissertation is finalizing a topic. A dissertation has to be well written in a way where the entire approach is maintained in an elaborate scholastic approach validated by academic evidences and related arguments. Selection of a good dissertation topic is vital for this approach. A topic has to be chosen keeping three factors in mind. These are:

  • The topic has to be interesting and you must have special interest to do research on it;
  • The topic must have extensive scope of research;
  • The topic must have social, academic, and scholastic value.

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Avoid a topic that is racial or highly controversial

Dissertation is an academic piece therefore it is highly recommended that the topic should not be racial or highly controversial. These types of topics can be overtly personal other than being impartial scholastic and critical piece of writing as it should be ideally. Rather it is good to select a topic that has great scope of research, study, and multidimensional academic investigation to find its scholarly value at best possible ways.

On contrary, the best topic of dissertation should be:

  • Something related to social life.
  • Something related to a method that you would like to use.
  • Something related to body of theory that you are concerned in discovering by scholarly study.

When a dissertation topic encompasses all these three aspects of familiarity, it will offer great potential to start a dissertation.

Start Dissertation Writing

Start writing about your study and research

If how to begin a dissertation is your first and foremost concern then, you need to scribble every points of your initial research because these points will facilitate your dissertation starting writing to start. In this process, you can initiate these initial steps:

  • The initial ideas;
  • The valuable resources from where you are taking your point of developing arguments;
  • All observations and impressions you have thought about the starting of the dissertations;
  • New ideas to take the writing assignment forward;
  • The list of all challenges you are facing in writing the dissertation: it will help you to filter your writing approach with better scale of proficiency.

Notes about all these points will help you to introduce better structural excellence while writing the dissertation. Keep on adding the ideas and points and make your thought process clear so that you can add all the points proficiently in your dissertation.

Keep records of all your valuable resources

Your need to start your dissertation paper is a methodical way so that everything can be streamlined properly and with a backup process so that nothing gets lost in this initial process.

If you start the process from the beginning it will help in excellent time management as well as in better resource management. In order to do this streamlining, you need to do these steps:

  • Take note of all your resources and point all the arguments you want to frame;
  • You need to think beforehand how you will use the arguments in relation to the topic of the dissertation;
  • Note down all the resources and citations, table of figures, infographic, etc. so that a second line of records is maintained.

If records of all resources and points are kept in consideration, it helps in starting the dissertation in a to- the-point way, and it will help you to maintain your overall quality of the paper for better grade and appraisal.

Time management and work planning

Dissertation is a long project and that is why research fellows get enough long tenure to complete the project. Therefore from the beginning, you have to maintain a tight and organized time management schedule so that nothing goes away from your grip.

Work planning is a complicated process and that is why it has to be done from the very beginning. In order to start your dissertation you need to plan your work schedule in small batches with a fixed timeline. If you can touch the small goals, it will be easier for you to wrap the whole project within the stipulated timeline. For example, if you set your first goal to start your dissertation in next 2 week time, you should complete the task within that specific timeline.

Plan for the first draft

You need to plan for your start: plan for the introduction, thesis statement, etc. in a way that maintains the scholarly approach of your write up. Before you start writing the dissertation, do not forget to speak to your dissertation guide so that he/she can help you in writing the thesis with better proficiency.

While speaking to your guide, do not forget to show him all the preparation you have done so far and take an expert opinion from him about the quality of preparation you have done to start your dissertation. If there is any recommendation from the part of your research guide, you need to implement the same to make your project start a successful one!

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