How to start a research paper

By | March 20, 2017

Research Paper Starting

The reason is that starting a research paper is something you can do perfectly if you understand what it takes. That is why this article seeks to show you some of the principles on how to start writing a research paper.

Get the details right

Before you proceed and write your research paper, take your time and know all the things that are expected from you by the relevant authorities who commissioned the paper. If you are a student, ensure that you read through the instructions your lecturers gave. If you are an employee, you should likewise liaise with your boss to know what they expect from you.
By taking this path, you will save yourself possible blunders that could affect the entire process from its fundamental stages such as researching. As such, you will know critical requirements such as word count, the professor’s suggested or preferred sources of research material, the due date of the assignment, and the most suitable titles you can select from. When you understand all the demands as listed above, you will be in a better position to prepare yourself physiologically and also adjust your schedule based on the intensity of the workload ahead of you.

Select a research paper topic

As you move on towards drafting your paper, you need to pick a suitable topic. You have to analyze the topic so that you can know which specific angle you are going to narrow your paper to. For instance, if you pick a topic like peer pressure at work, you can narrow and focus it on an area like how peer pressure affects productivity among employees. This way, you will have an area that is specific enough to cover within a given word count without digressing into unnecessary details.

Developing a thesis

Developing a thesis is another thing you will need to take care of before you write a research paper. Your thesis will provide you with the overall direction your arguments will take throughout the paper. You core argument needs to answer the fundamental questions that surround your topic in a clear and brief way.

For instance, you can come up with a thesis that reads, “Social media usage in the workplace destroys productivity because it steals working hours and sucks out the mental energy needed to think and focus on tasks.” This thesis clearly shows what social media does to staff productivity and how it does it—through distractions and time wastage.

Identify your research sources

Your research sources will show you where you need to get the right material to construct your research paper. You need to identify the best and most credible sources to gather your information. You can get material from various sources such as journals, hard copy books, the Net, and electronic and traditional libraries. But you need to be wise when dealing with online sources unless the publishers are established authorities in the field you are studying. Also, there are possibilities that the information on a website could get deleted while you are still working on your paper.

Additionally, ensure that the research material is the latest unless you are giving a historical perspective of an issue. For instance, if you are handling technological trends in medicine, the more recent the research, the better it will be for you. The reason for this is that the latest data will give more strength and relevance to your research as opposed to what was posted five years earlier.

Write Your Research Paper

Draft your outline

The next thing you need to do to answer the question “How do you start a research paper?” is to draw an outline for your paper. An outline will act as a temporary container for your thoughts before they “evaporate” or become fussy. When you create an outline, you organize your thoughts in a coherent fashion so that you can determine where you will put what. You will be better placed to know what you will write in the beginning down to the end of your research paper.

You can construct your outline in the form of main thoughts or in question form. Thereafter, you can translate it into a full-fledged structure for your paper.

Write your Paper

After creating an outline for your work, you need to take the first step and write the paper. There is no law on where to begin your paper. Depending on the level of your expertise and personal preference, you can start at the introduction. Alternatively, you may begin at the body and then proceed to your research paper intro. This approach still works well since the introduction is a skeletal summary of the paper while the concluding section is also a summary of what you have already discussed in the body.

Reviewing the paper

After you are through with your first draft, you need to polish your paper so that everything ties up perfectly. The process of revising is what will make or break your paper because it will determine the quality of the final product your readers will see. The main objectives of reviewing your paper are as follows:

  • To evaluate the suitability of the wordings you have used in the original draft
  • To remove all unnecessary words and clichés from your paper
  • The detection and removal of all grammar errors
  • Establishing the consistency of your arguments with the thesis and title
  • The addition of any relevant information and ideas that could help improve the flow and quality of your paper
  • The establishment of coherence and logic in the way sentences, paragraphs, and sections are flowing as you explain and defend your arguments and ideas

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