How to write an article review

By | March 27, 2017

How To Write An Article Review

Modern students have to do a lot of different works, which help professor to revise their knowledge of this or that subject. So, it is usual for modern young people to have a written task every day. There are a lot of types of such assignments: essays, letters, scientific papers and so forth. Usually, tutors prefer to assign to students to do different types of essays: descriptive, argumentative, persuasive, etc. but there is a particular kind of writing – an article analysis. What is an article review? It is a critical evaluation of the text given by the tutor. So, the article response is the best way to develop the skill of reaction and critical writing. It is also important to be able to do a good summary of the text, to have excellent analyzing skills and to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the article correctly and express your opinion in a gentle manner for creating an excellent piece of writing.

How to do an article review?

Writing a response text is a very serious business, so it is quite natural that some students don’t know how to write a review article and have some troubles with it, especially if they have such kind of assignment for the first time. So, we would be glad to give several useful tips on the question how to write a review essay.

  • You should have a clear understanding of what the review is. To do a good reaction essay, you should be able to do good analysis, summarization, and evaluation of the given material. It is also important that response doesn’t suppose any new information, it is just a kind of reaction of the author to the content having been read by him or her.
  • Time management. Making a response would become too wearisome if you have to do it in a hurry, so, don’t procrastinate! You should have enough time, because, first, you must read all the assigned material, and also to re-read it or any certain parts of it several times.
  • Make notes. It may happen so that you find some important details during the first reading, that is why it is better to write them down immediately because they will help you to build your line of argumentation further.
  • Find key points. They will help you to create a critique of the material.
  • Define point of view of your own. You should create not only a reaction text, but also criticize all the gaps and disadvantages of the material, so, try to find a balance in this question.
  • Organize the plan of your work. Such type of work must be very well organized because if you evaluate the gaps of somebody’s work, you shouldn’t have the same mistakes in your creation.

Using all these tips, you may quickly start working on your first response work and make its outline without any delay.

Article Outline Template

Article outline template

Of course, you may find article review example on the Internet and use its plan as your own, but it would be better to read recommendations of our professional writers and use them on the basis of your work. Lifehacks of our writers concerning the plan of response text are as follows.

  1. Formulate the topic which will touch upon the subject of your response. Chosen topic should be evocative to draw the attention of the readers.
  2. The introduction. As well as another piece of writing, your work should have the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. It is also important to give in the introduction the name of the article under evaluation and different quotations from it, which will make your work brighter.
  3. Summarization. Make a summary of what you have read. The summary should be brief but at the same time sufficient enough for your readers to understand what the text under review was about.
  4. Critique of the text. Don’t forget to describe all the strong and weak points of the assigned material, because the main aim of such work is to examine the given material from different points of view. Express your opinion, either supporting the author of the original material or not.
  5. The conclusion. In this paragraph, you should mention all the main points of the reviewed material and describe your findings of the work. It looks better when you try to finish your response text in a positive, gentle tone.

This is the approximate plan, which you can use if you need to do an assignment of such a sort, but you can also make your plan. It all depends on your creativity as a writer and the material assigned to you to create a response.

Some tips to make your paper better

  • Proofreading. The response paper should be perfect itself, that’s why try to find time for spell checking and proofreading of the finished task.
  • Read everything one more time. If you have enough time to read your own piece of writing once again, you may find any troubles with structure or logic and so on. In this case, you can easily re-write them.

Take professional help

Still don’t know how to review an article? As we have already said, writing of reports is very difficult task. Hence, not all the students have such excellent skills of creation texts to do it themselves. Besides, you should clearly understand that this sort of assignment needs a lot of time and powers, that is why some students who also have a job may not have enough time for making the paper. In this case, our team, consisting of professional writers would be glad to help you. We have been providing custom writing service for five years already and have a great experience in this field.

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