How to write an extended essay

By | March 27, 2017

How To Write An Extended Essay

Modern students have many different tasks to do, especially written ones, because such assignments help to evaluate their knowledge adequately and quickly and also develop a skill of creation texts, analyzation, etc. There are a lot of types of academic assignments, and the extended essay is one of them. There are at least two definitions of what the extended essay is:

  1. the extended essay can be considered as an integral part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP). It is the independent scientific research of a student, made under the supervision of the person who is very qualified and teach the chosen subject to others. In this case, it should be done in the form of 4,000-word paper.
  2. if you are the student of another educational institution and don’t have any relation to the IB Programme, it can mean that your professor assigned to you to do the composition with some additional materials (illustrations, tables, diagrams, presentation and so on).

All in all, in both cases you have a lot of exciting but challenging work to do, and you should be prepared to the process of its creation. Don’t know how to write an extended essay? Follow our professional tips.

How to start an extended essay?

Every work starts from choosing a topic. You should have time to think over it, especially, if you wrote the paper for IB diploma because this job would be one of the serious challenges for you. Even if your paper would be written not for IB Programme, you have to choose a topic interesting for you. If you have no ideas, use brainstorm. Or try to enumerate all the issues, which are interesting for you or closely related with your hobbies or future specialization, make a list and choose one of them. You should write about something that inspires you. Otherwise, this task seems to be very hard.

Don’t forget about time management. You need time to do everything! The more time you have spent choosing a topic for the future work, the less time you have to create this composition. You should have a chance to investigate the subject of the forthcoming paper without any hurry and to write the results of investigation down. But the more important is to allow separate period, during which you can prepare extra materials for your work, which become the visual explanation of the subject investigated by you.

extended essay writing tips

Extended essay outline template

If we are talking about the simple extended writing, without any relation to the IB Diploma Programme, it is important to note that extended essay outline should be very strict and precise, because you have many different supplements to include. As well as others pieces of writing, it must have the introduction, the body part, and the conclusion. The extended essay introduction should be short because the body paragraphs will contain a lot of information, illustrated with various pictures, diagrams, tables, etc. that is why there is no sense to overload the very first part of your paper. Otherwise, it may happen so that your writing become too boring to read attentively, but it’s not the result, which you want to achieve.

The information of the body paragraphs should be interlaced with illustrative material. It would be perfect, to have a piece of text and its illustration immediately after. Such presentation of the paper looks very nice, and it is also easy to understand because all necessary data are in front of the person who will revise your work. Unfortunately, all the gaps and mistakes, in this case, are visible too, but you can do everything without them.

The extended essay conclusion should contain the summary of your work, which also shouldn’t be too long and should generalize all information given in the additional visuals.

Extended essay format

The format of work if you have to do the illustrated composition is also very interesting. As we have already mentioned, to do a good job you should have a lot of extra materials, which will help you to sum up your investigation. Such visuals for your paper can be pictures, diagrams, charts, tables, graphs and so forth. Of course, it all depends on the subject of your investigation. So, don’t be lazy, because you will also need time to do or find all these visuals especially for your paper. Your professor may also ask you not only to write the extended paper but also to perform with it on the lecture or at the conference, for example. In this case, you have to prepare a multi-media presentation which will be shown to the audience. It should contain not only text but all the used visuals. The best scheme to make an excellent multi-media presentation is to use the one short sentence, expressing the main idea of what you are now talking about and its visual explanation, prepared by you to show. By the way, don’t forget to make some notes for yourself and try to think how you will speak to the auditory because public speaking is a very hard challenge to do. But if you are well-prepared, you would have no reasons to be nervous because of it.

Get professional help

The rhythm of modern life is very fast that is why you have to do everything quickly, especially if you are the student. But not all the students have a gift of writing, some of them have to earn money themselves, and a lack of time doesn’t help to create all the assigned tasks. Hence, you may always use our custom writing service where the best writers from different countries will be glad to assist you with all the sorts of written tasks, even if it is an extended writing. You may create visuals and multi-media presentations for it by yourself, or you may also order it on our website and have the integrated package of services (the essay and the presentation) in time without any terrible headache. So, enjoy your student life with us!

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