How to write a process essay

By | March 28, 2017

How To Write A Process Essay

Process essays, or essays that show people how to do something or how something works, are common assignments in college. In modern life, how-to writings constitute a big chunk of the technical writings available on the Internet. The reason here is that they supply that common man with the practical skills and information on how to solve problems in their daily lives.
When you face such assignments, you are sharpening your skills to become a contributor to the daily solutions people are seeking. This article will show you how to write a process paper, not just to pass exams, but also to be a carrier of the solutions people are seeking.

What is a process essay?

Before advancing into the deeper details of process essay writing, let’s define what it is. A process essay is a paper that shows people how to do things, solve problems, and how things work. These papers focus on the practicality of processes in achieving desired results in people’s lives.

A process essay takes a detailed approach that walks a reader through steps in a logical manner. However, you need to incorporate only the necessary details your readers need—not everything you know—so you don’t wear them.

Process essay topics

Since the choice of a process paper topic will determine how successfully you will handle it, this section will jumpstart you with a list of 30 most popular how-to topics.

  1. How to ride safely in a traffic jam
  2. How to stop running into essay writing deadlines
  3. How to overcome exam fever
  4. How to overcome the fear of failure
  5. How to develop a grateful attitude
  6. How to appreciate your parents
  7. How to work with a fault-finding boss
  8. How to get along with a loose-tongued workmate
  9. Steps to fix a leaking faucet without a plumber
  10. A step-by-step guide on how to reconcile rivaling sisters
  11. How to choose a suitable business partner
  12. How to identify and grow talent among your children
  13. How to keep out of debt
  14. How to make more friends of Facebook
  15. How to avoid cyber bullies
  16. How to choose a good estate manager for your properties
  17. How to protect your computer from viruses
  18. How to organize and get the most out of your time
  19. How to identify and dodge Internet fraudsters
  20. How to teach your kids respect
  21. How to help your child with schoolwork
  22. How to manage a small business without quitting your job
  23. How to make money with blogging
  24. How to apply for a postgraduate scholarship
  25. How to eat healthy without increasing your budget
  26. How online fraudsters con people
  27. How to use a life jacket
  28. How to make your car brakes last longer
  29. How to use social media to grow your business
  30. How to style African hair

Process essay outline

Drafting a process paper outline before you begin writing is one of the ideas for process essay that will enable you to write an effective paper. This section shows you how to write this outline after gathering all the necessary raw material.

The introduction

Your introduction will orient your reader into what you are planning to share with them. You need to introduce them in a manner that is interesting so that they can start and continue reading being confident that your paper will solve their challenges.

Depending on the nature of the paper, you can include a historical dimension of the subject you are dealing with. However, this is not necessary for all process essays. For example, if you are showing a homeowner how to fix a broken water tap or faucet, they don’t need the history of kitchen faucets.

The body

This section will include all the details that your target audience need to solve their problems or understand how a process works. You should approach everything in a systematic manner that flows from one step to another. You ought to create a seamless connection between all the steps in the process.

Moreover, structure your body paragraphs so that each of them carries one main idea. Remember, the most important form of communicating here is explanation. So, put yourself in your readers’ shoes and try to figure out whether you could easily understand the paper if you were the reader. That is why you need to use an easy-to-understand language and back it with practical examples. Also, draw a balance between getting good grades and helping your audience to understand you because they won’t use your paper to pass exams but to solve practical problems.

The conclusion

After walking your readers through detailed steps, your conclusion should make them understand the following:

  • How the process has finally solved their problems and left them with a sense of satisfaction
  • The primary outcome of the process
  • How the process will add value to their lives and ease them

Process essay writing tips

This section shares with you some of the tips that will spice up and concretize your essay.

  • Though you’re writing about a process, your focus should be on the solution the process brings in the lives of your readers
  • Be reader-oriented
  • Seek to impart understanding, not just information or knowledge
  • Before your readers understand you and your paper, you must understand them and their needs before writing your paper

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