How to write a reaction paper

By | March 22, 2017

How To Write A Reaction Paper

Students have to do many different essays because such tasks give an excellent opportunity to evaluate their knowledge, to develop skills of academic writing, to increase creativity and also to activate the ability to think over everything. There are many kinds of written tasks, but the most popular one is a response composition.

What is reaction paper?

It is a type of assignment in which the student has to respond to the article or the book, which was assigned to him or her to read and react. Sometimes the student can choose a book or an article himself/herself, but more often the material to read is assigned by the tutor. Nowadays, students may write response essays even on films, not only on books and articles. This sort of work seems to be simple, but it needs a lot of time to prepare. So, let us consider several steps of writing a reaction paper.

How to write a reaction paper?

How to make a reaction paper, if you have a task of such kind? Here we can give you several recommendations about the work under such project.

  • Time management. Be sure that you have enough time for thoughtful reading because it is impossible to create a good response about some material, which you haven’t even read. So, remember that such type of assignment is difficult because it cannot be done at the last minute. It will be great if you would read the text right after it was assigned to you. In this case, you can have more free time to think about it.
  • Clarity. Response essays should combine your opinion with the revision of author’s ideas. You must express not only your point of view but also give a deep analysis of writer’s purposes. You should also clarify all questions with your tutor because some teachers want to see more personal attitude from the student, others prefer the more detailed analysis of author’s views. So, if you have any doubts in this question, please, consult your tutor and follow his or her recommendations.
  • Attentiveness. Be attentive while reading, because in your response composition you should not only express your standpoint about the assigned material but also show the position of the author, his purposes and so on.
  • A little bit of reflection. Another helpful piece of advice is to make some notes about your thoughts and feeling, appeared in the process of reading because these notes would be a basis of your future draft.
  • Re-reading. You should have enough time to re-read given text or some parts of it several times to make a clear understanding of the whole material, which would help you to formulate your point of view because reaction paper meaning is to give the response of the student about some material.

After making these simple steps, you will be ready to start working on your response composition. But there are also several points, which should be noted for a successful job.

Reaction Paper Writing Tips

Reaction paper format

The reaction paper format is similar to the format of the classical essay. Parts of reaction paper are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. But, of course, this type of assignment has its peculiarities. Reaction paper outline may be created by way of free writing when you just start describing all your thoughts and feelings, which you have after reading the given material. Such way may look a little bit awkward, but it works good, especially when you don’t know how to start. Useful thoughts will appear in the process of free writing, and after it, you will have, firstly, a very good draft, and, secondly – ready point of view, which also necessary to make better results.

After making a draft, you can switch to the creation of a final variant of your composition. Please, remember about some important features:

  • The introduction of this sort of work should obligatory include the name of the assigned text, brief information about the writer, and the focus of your essay. You may also add the year of publication and other official data, which you consider important for further content. It is also necessary to describe the purpose of the author and give the thesis, which you would disclose further on, expressing your opinion.
  • The body paragraphs of your composition should strictly support your thesis. It is necessary to use different quotations from the text itself to prove your standpoint. Don’t forget to use such constructions as “I think that…”, “It seems to me that…”, “In my opinion…”, “I feel that…” because they help to express your personal attitude.
  • Don’t forget about the purpose of the author. So, it is useful to light up such questions as “What issues or problems does the author address?”, “What is the writer’s main point?”, “What points or assumptions does the author make?” and so on. Give your evaluation concerning all these questions.
  • Summarize everything that was done before in conclusion. The conclusion should prove your standpoint once again, and all previous body paragraphs should confirm the thesis of your own, expressed in the introduction of the piece of writing.

Following these simple recommendations about the format of response essay, you can create a good response essay and certainly have a good mark for it.

Reaction paper writing tips

These little secrets will help you to make your assignment look much better:

  • Proofreading. It is good practice to check the whole essay for errors and typos because there shouldn’t be any errors in academic assignments.
  • Read once again. Check the structure of your work. Sometimes, it is better to change places of some paragraphs, or maybe you will have a desire to add something else to finish your composition more effectively.
  • Give your composition to your friend. Sometimes it’s better to give your text to be read by someone else, because the person, who didn’t work under your composition will immediately notice all the disadvantages of your text, from the grammar anв orthographic errors up to different discrepancies in argumentation and so on.

Reaction paper writing help

Still confusing how to do a reaction paper? It is quite natural because the writing of response composition takes a lot of time and powers, or you may have material, which wouldn’t be interesting for you, that is why you may prefer doing something else instead of making the response assignment. We can help you easily if you turn to the specialists of our new project The site unites the best professionals who are glad to provide writing services and create various kinds of academic assignments for students from different countries.

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