How to write a term paper

By | March 21, 2017

How To Write A Term Paper

Have you been following your lessons well during the term? If yes, how can you prove to your professors that you are have done that? A term paper is one of the best ways to answer the above questions. But before we look at the details of how to write a term paper, we need to define a term paper.

Simply put, a term paper is a research-based paper done at the expiry of the term. Its main objective is to evaluate how well a student has understood and knows about the course or subject they are taking at college. Moreover, terms papers are marked by heavy researching and technical writing style. The remaining sections of this post will share with you steps on how to write a term paper.

Term paper outline

After getting a clear term paper definition, we can now look at the first pillar of writing it, and that is, the outline for a term paper. The outline of your research paper is to your project what a blueprint is to a builder. If you want to construct a good house, you need a plan to guide you to know where to place which materials.

Preparing an outline will enable you to come up with a logically flowing and coherent structure for your paper. Additionally, drafting an outline for your paper will keep you from veering from your main ideas. Lastly, a great outline will ensure you don’t forget to include any piece of information you have researched. This way, you will be better placed to know how to write a term paper in one night.

How to start term paper

This section will share ideas on how to start a term paper. First, you need to ensure that you have understood all the instructions your tutors have given for that specific paper. This understanding is the first step before you begin your research work.

Next, you need to come up with your title and then start researching it. You need to ensure your title is captivating so that it can help to generate interest in the minds of your readers.

Also, you have to determine where you are going to get the material you will use to do your paper. Also, you have to learn the limitations and strengths of each method of gathering information.

Term Paper Writing Guide

Term paper structure

The structure of your paper is its skeleton. Since you are writing a research-heavy paper, you have to structure it in a manner that is highly scientific. You need to organize it in a way that is scientific and technical so that your arguments flow logically. Your term paper should assume a structure like the one detailed below.

  • The cover page: It has to contain your name, course number, name of your instructor, and when the paper is due.
  • The abstract: This part will describe your paper, and it should be slightly shorter than a page. This section will tell the reader what you are going to discuss, its importance, and what prompted you to discuss it.
  • The introduction: Your term paper introduction needs to start with a remark on what you will be discussing. It has to show the reader the implications of the issues you are discussing on society and the solutions available.
  • The body: This part of your paper gives the reader the gist of the information you introduced in the beginning. You should also analyze issues here so that you can show the different stances on the subject matter at hand.
  • The results: You need to explain how you arrived at your convictions about the issues surrounding the subject you are discussing. You should indicate if the research has altered your perspective and in which way; but if not, cite your reasons. Here, you will need to weave all the things you have been discussing since the beginning.
  • The discussion: This section should provide your readers with a strong finishing. You will be required to summarize and conclude the issues you have been discussing. Make sure that this part ends in a fashion that will inspire your readers to carry out their personal investigation into the matter you have been exploring.

Term paper proposal

Getting a clear understanding of what a proposal is will play a significant role in defending your paper before your supervisor. You have to ensure that you hand in your proposal early enough for approval so that you can get the green light to begin drafting your term paper.

Remember to incorporate the following information in your proposal:

  • Your references
  • What you have researched lately about the topic
  • A demonstration of how relevant the topic is to your course
  • Your goals with the paper
  • How you intend to organize and structure your paper so that your arguments can flow well

Term paper format

Following the appropriate term paper format is instrumental in drafting your paper. You need to factor in how you will make your citations and how long the paper will be as you select the appropriate format. You can either write a term paper in APA format or MLA depending on whether the paper falls under social sciences or humanities.

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