How to write a job application essay

By | May 21, 2017

How To Write Job Application Essay

Many careers involve communication in a written form, for example, almost every office job requires daily composition of letters or e-mails. For that reason, employers search for applicants with a high level of communication skills. Often, when many applicants want to get the same position, employers ask them to create a written work called an application essay, to define the level of their skills. An impressive application essay may give you the possibility to outperform other applicants and can help you get the job. This article will provide you with some tips on how to write a job application essay.

Selecting a topic

Sometimes, a company can let you choose the topic for an essay by yourself. In this case, you have to pick a topic that will be most relevant to the job you want to get. This will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities to written communication and will let the employer understand that you are knowledgeable in a certain sphere. Often, companies provide you with a particular topic. At this rate, you should read it carefully to make sure you have got it right. Try to cover the questions that would demonstrate your professional side. Do not include information about your personal life, for example, age and medical conditions. Because of this information, the employer might judge you unintentionally even before talking to you.

Conducting research

Conduct some research before you begin to write an essay.

  • The sphere. Think about the reasons why you wish to work in this particular company and in this particular sphere. Consider the moment when you realized that this particular sphere was interesting to you. What aspects of this job interest you at the moment?
  • Yourself. Think about what details may help the readers understand who you are. Is there anything that makes you really unique? What life or work experience has brought you to this particular job? What is your motivation? Why should the employer choose you among a realm of other contenders? Answer these questions honestly. If there are some problems with defining your qualities, you can ask your friends or relatives to write a list of your character traits. You may also ask them to provide some examples that would support their opinion.
    Making a structure

Traditionally, essays for job applications have three sections. First comes an introduction, then goes the body, and then an essay should end with a concluding passage. Your introduction and conclusion should consist of one or two passages, each not exceeding 10% of the total word count. The body must contain ideas referring to the topic. The length of this paragraph usually depends on the instructions provided by the employers and the assigned topic. If you have to give two examples according to the instructions of the application essay, do not neglect these particular requirements – this will help the employers understand that you are an applicant able to follow instructions. Finding some job application essay examples can also be a good idea. With their help, you may better understand how to write the paper.

Defining the points

While expressing your thoughts, you have to be concise and clear. The employer is likely to choose whom to give the position according to the way of communication, and an essay can be a very important aspect if the job you want to get demands good communication skills. In order not to go off the topic, make notes with the points you would like to add and check with this list while writing.

Making a revision

Even if you have written an essay, this does not mean that it is complete. After the actual composition process, you should make a revision of it to ensure there are no mistakes connected with grammar or spelling. Moreover, check if the paragraphs are relevant to the theme of the paper. You can give an essay to a professional editor to revise and suggest some improvements – don’t lose your chance for job success!

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