How to Write a Memoir Essay?

By | May 23, 2017

Memoir Essay Writing Guideline

Some tasks are difficult and rather dull for us, as there are strict rules and regularities to complete them. Sometimes you are not allowed even to open the ball and invent something completely new for essay writing. Indeed, serious research papers have to be formal. They follow certain composition instructions. However, there are still such types of works where you can do almost everything that you want and compose a really creative piece of writing. Such works are called personal memoir essays.

What is a Memoir Essay?

This is a work that includes memories of an author related to some significant moments of his or her life. A person uses settings, descriptions, characters’ dialogues, and other narrative devices to give a hint of reality to a story and immerse a reader in a specific and individual atmosphere of a paper. In other words, it is a genre of composition that allows an author to preserve a piece of his or her history and show not only facts and events, but also feelings, emotions, and personal attitude towards a subject as well.

How to Write a Memoir Step by Step?

Most students think that it is simple to compose a proper memoir, as you need to write your memories down only. To put it in crude terms, that is true! Nevertheless, there are still some nuances to scrutinize and take into consideration. Let us direct your path to a successful paper. For this purpose, you need to follow the next recommendations to compose a coherent and logical paper:

  • Think about your topic. Despite the common students’ delusion, a recollection paper is not necessarily a narration about your whole life. Even if you are only sixteen years old, for example, you don’t have to describe every moment of your young life. In fact, reminiscences are a description of a single moment that was crucial for you or left a great imprint on your subsequent way of thinking. Narrow down the topic and illustrate it vividly and coherently.
  • Find old diaries and photos connected with the chosen event. It will help you to recollect some precise details and make your narration more life-like.
  • Release your demons! It is equally important to set your emotions free and allow them to rule the process. Feelings are the best arguments and strings to readers’ souls. If it is too hard for you to expose your inner world, relax a little bit and listen to some music.
  • Remember to begin your story and finish it correctly. Don’t miss any significant facts and details in order to make a narration shorter. It will spoil all your efforts.
  • Write down all your thoughts. Then, after a short break, you may delete some unnecessary and superfluous information if you consider it to be of little importance.

You will compose a great and exciting piece of writing by following our basic recommendations. Moreover, you can find some memoir essay examples on our website to get acquainted with the full structure and lexical devices’ usage in this kind of papers.

Remember, recollections differ from an autobiography by a peculiarity that the primary focus is on important events and a person is a minor character. The language of a memoir is full of stylistic devices and lexical means commonly found in novels.

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