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By | May 17, 2018

Review of

Besides financial scarcity, time is quickly becoming one of the scarcest resources of this generation. This applies to the academic world where both students and professors lack the time to do their work. For instance, some of them are family people and busy executives seeking to sharpen their career edges and improve their chances of securing a promotion. Young students, on the other hand, have their own share. For instance, many young learners without family and formal professional commitments resort to part-time jobs to meet their needs and even pay their fees. Under such settings, delays in assignment submission become common.

With the situation discussed above prevailing, online services are out there to help such students to bridge the gap. One of the companies to assist students to meet these deadlines is 7DollarEssay. But what does this company offer? In this 7dollaressay review, we shall give you all the details you need to know about this online platform. As this 7dollaressay review progresses, you will learn the truth about the firm’s:

  • Services to students
  • Pricing and discounts
  • Paper quality
  • Customer support
  • Ordering procedure.

With the above facts cemented at the back of your mind, you will be in a better position to make the best decision worth your money. This way, you will differentiate between facts and mere marketing. Also, such an objective approach will enable you to choose based on what meets your needs the best. Read on to discover more and get value for your money.

Writing Services Offered

In this section, we shall offer you a complete coverage of the services this company offers students. After all, what is the point of having a company without services? Just like many other companies competing for student attention and business, 7DollarEssay offers services in different categories.

First, they help scholars with their different forms of essays. They also assist learners with various mathematical problems. For learners seeking multiple choice question assistance, the firms also tackles that. Speeches are another area the writing enterprise deals in. If you need a helping hand with editing and formatting your work, you can also contact the firm.

Regarding the scope of their services, students from different academic cadres can get assistance. For instance, it assists high school, undergraduate, and post graduate students.

Concerning subjects with which students can get help, the company has a diverse collection. For example, it helps students with their English Literature assignments. Also, learners can get help with their nursing and accounting assignments, among other subjects. This far, our review of has opened your eyes to what you should expect regarding services. The next question now remains, “at what cost do these services come?” Move on to the next stage of our review to get the details regarding its pricing and discounts.

Pricing and Discounts

Since 7DollarEssay is a business enterprise, it is necessary for this 7dollaressay review to show you its pricing and discount. That is why this portion of our review of seeks to lay bare these facts. The reason is that pricing is a critical component of any dealing with an online academic help service. The company’s pricing begins at $7 per page the way its name suggests. However, this is not a standard price because it covers only high school assignments with a lengthy two-week deadline. This means that it rises with shorter deadlines.

Also, the price varies with the level of academic assignment one is paying for. For example, if you order a Master’s degree paper with a shorter deadline, the cost will come to $35 per page. If, for instance, you want to get an eight-page undergraduate paper within a day, you will pay $25 per page, bringing the total cost to $200. But if you push it to ten days, then you will pay $88 for the same number of pages.

Moreover, the company has no dedicated pricing page on its site. This ambiguity means that it is very hard to know what exactly you will pay. Moreover, such an arrangement means that you don’t need to expect any discounts. For students who are conscious about pricing and cost savings, this may not be their best bet. The lack of a loyalty program for repeat work and orders makes it hard for such clients to enjoy economies of scale. Don’t forget that the lack of fixed prices and discounts makes it hard to budget for the next order.

So, how do you pay should you elect to use this firm’s services? The firm has several payment methods. First, you can use the bank system that accepts Master Card. Also, you could utilize VISA and direct Wire Transfer. For users who want the online option, they can use PayPal.

Paper Quality

Now our 7dollaressay review comes to the most important part that could determine whether you will use its services or not—quality. It is needful to pay attention to this portion because it is a make-or-break factor unless you are a life member of the cult of mediocrity. If you mind quality over quantity, then you have to think take this section seriously.

Without being biased, we took time to check some of the customer reviews about this firm. Sad enough, a majority of the reviews were negative. Out of all the reviews, the users complained of poor quality. Initially, we gave them the benefit of doubt before concluding. To prove these complaints, we decided to look at the company’s website to assess its quality.

To show you the magnitude of the problem, we have copy-pasted some of the information that appears on its site. Any sensible person who believes in quality and first impression would take these statements seriously.

“ is the custom essay writing help provider that intends to provide assistance only. All our essays are written by the professional writers and should be used for the reference purpose only.”

If you look at this statement, can you see the “the” syndrome? This shows that the misuse of “the” in this excerpt comes from a non-native eastern writer.

Look at the next one:

“If the specified guidelines weren’t met with.”

The use of met with instead of complied with is a clear indication of the poor quality the company subscribes to. This excerpt is found in its “quality” assurance section regarding its refund policy.

“Although it will never happen that you ‘fail’ in your assignment; in case if it does, we will do (an articles in missing here) 50% wallet refund. For claiming (missing article) 50% refund, you need to provide the authentic fail proof within one month after assignment completion. Any request or claim after a month will not be entertained.”

This last statement also tells it all. It has the obvious eastern “the” syndrome. The last clause “it will not be entertained” is rude and unprofessional. Look at the repetition “in case if.” All these point to a company that cannot produce any quality writing. If it cannot even write professionally and grammatically sound details on its own website, how will it deliver quality writing for clients? You have the final verdict.

Customer Support

In this section of our 7dollaressay review, we focus on one of the most important pillars of the company’s operations—customer support. The firm has a live chat support system for is clients. However, you will have to scroll down the support page to get to its email address and customer support phone number. Also, it has links to its social media pages such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter. However, if you follow these social media links, you don’t find much activity going on. This means you don’t expect to get much help there. Notably, the site has no safety budges on its website. This means that you have no guarantee that your payment details are secure. Moreover, such a serious lacking means your computer details while using the website are compromised.

How It Works

In this section of our 7dollaressay review, we shall look at how the company executes its orders. If you choose to use their services, then you will have to follow the following procedure:

  • Placing orders

    You start by placing your order using the forms on its ordering portal. There is also a provision to order via email.

  • Paying

    After ordering with all the specific details of your assignment, you will need to pay. This stage confirms your order so that a writer can start working on it.

  • Order assignment

    After payment, the company now assigns your order. You will need to follow up with the company while your order is in progress.

  • Receiving your order

    After approving your order, you receive it in email form.

  • Feedback

    Next, you will need to give feedback to the company and the writer who handled your order. This is meant to assist the firm to know how its services are resonating with its users.


With the academic space getting busier daily, many students are missing deadlines for various reasons. Consequently, they are resorting to academic help services offered online by numerous companies out to fill that gap. One such company is 7DollarEssay, which we have assessed extensively in this review of After covering the different aspects of its operations, it emerges clearly that it is one of those companies that have positioned themselves as cheap service providers. However, our honest and objective review of its services mixed with user reviews show that its services are wanting. If you appreciate quality, then you could look somewhere else. We hope these details will equip you for better decision-making.

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