A Review of MyEssayWriter.net

By | May 17, 2018

Review of MyEssayWriter

With the word “busy” becoming a universally shared description in every area of life, many students are also getting entangled in this web. Consequently, the chances of delaying assignments are getting higher. Also, some students fail to meet their assignment deadlines owing to their inability to score higher grades in some subjects or topics. But whatever the reason, all of them agree on one thing: they need external help.

With the need for external assignment help comes an avalanche of online companies specializing in various academic assignments. One such company assisting student is MyEssayWriter.net. This American company was founded by a former journalist. After placing an ad on the Net, he received overwhelming support and orders that exceeded his personal ability to do them. Consequently, he hired assistants to do the writing. This company aims to help learners to do their academic assignments without undue stress. Also, it seeks to assist them to improve their grades in the face of surging academic assignments. This way, it helps them to live balanced and productive lives. But how does this company achieve its goals? How can you be sure that the claims it makes above are true?

In this objective and comprehensive review of myessaywriter.net, we shall critically and objectively review this firm. Based on different criterion, we shall help you to make an informed decision. Some of the criteria we will use to evaluate it are its:

  • Services
  • Pricing and discounts
  • Paper quality
  • Customer support system
  • Ordering process

With the above components under the microscope, we believe you will be better placed to choose wisely. We welcome you on board to remain with this review of myessaywriter.net.

Writing Services Offered

We start our myessaywriter.net reviews on this most important note – the services the company offers. The reason is that a company without products or services is like an empty gun without bullets or a toothless dog. Here are some of the areas of help you can get:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Math
  • Exams
  • Coursework
  • Dissertations
  • Essays
  • Homework assignments
  • Personal statements
  • Term papers
  • Reports
  • Article reviews
  • Research papers.

Besides, students can access other free services. Some of them are as follows:

  • Bibliography
  • Revision
  • Outline
  • Plagiarism checking
  • Order delivery.

Pricing and Discounts

Pricing is a critical aspect of any online service provider. In this section of our review of myessaywriter.net, we will delve into the pricing of this company. The reason is that good pricing can be a great way of getting greater and long-term value for your money. This firm does not have a fixed pricing for its services. This means that you have to ask for a quote every time you want to buy papers. Moreover, the information does not show whether you accessed a discount or not.

The company’s pricing depends on several variables. For instance, if you order the paper with a short deadline, you will pay more than a student who orders a paper with a longer deadline. Also, the complexity of the work influences pricing. This means that if you order a simple essay, you will pay lesser than when ordering a complex project. Lastly, your paper’s academic level influences pricing. If, for example, you want to buy a postgraduate paper, you will pay more than a person who buys an undergraduate one.

However, this type of pricing has its drawbacks. For instance, if you want to budget for your papers, you will have challenges since you cannot know precisely how much you will pay. Also, students who value loyalty programs may not find this site the best bet. If you want a regular supplier, then it might not be the best choice.

Regarding payment methods, students have a wide choice. They can pay using online platforms such as PayPal. For those who don’t like PayPal, they can use Skrill to pay for their papers. If you love bank payments, you also have several options to utilize. For instance, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are some of the available bank options.

Paper Quality

Quality lies at the center of any online academic assignment helper. Therefore, this section of our myessaywriter review will delve into this dimension. Here, we shall look into this matter objectively based on several factors. First, we will do it based on what the company promises to commit itself to. Second, we will cross-examine the firm’s claims in the face of what real users have experienced. This way, you will be better placed to decide.

To test the firm’s quality, we ordered a sample paper. We placed an order an 800-word paper at the cost of $60. Based on the one-week deadline, we found this pricing a bit costly. However, its quality was okay based on the following factors:

  • First, it was original, a very significant criterion to consider
  • Second, its styling was good
  • Third, the paper arrived on time just as the company had promised
  • Lastly, the writer did the assignment according to our instructions.

However, we are not quick to give the company a 100% thumbs up just because of the single paper we ordered. The reason is that we have other types of assignments that we did not order, and hence, we are limiting this observation to what we experienced. So, we urge you to test their services before concluding.

Let us now turn our attention to what the firm says about its quality guarantee. According to its website, the company brags of the following measures as its quality assurance:

  • Only the best writers are employed to tackle assignments
  • It offers a money-back guarantee to its clients. In cases where there is a need for refund, clients are supposed to follow up the payment for up to two weeks
  • It promises a 100% refund if an assignment is not submitted on time or receives low grades
  • It promises absolute originality in its assignments. It also promises a full reimbursement if an assignment turns out to be plagiarized. However, the student needs to provide evidence for the plagiarism before accessing a refund
  • Lastly, the firm promises to follow all student order instructions as a way of securing prime quality

Customer Support

Since the customer occupies a central place in the heart of any business, this part of our myessaywriter review focuses on how this firm takes care of its customers. Here, we look at various ways of customer support it offers users. To prove how well this firm handles its clients, we tested is support team with a request for a revision. Impressively, the agent we contacted was a very nice person. However, it took him some 20 minutes to respond on the live chat. Unfortunately, such a long period of waiting may not work well for students with tight deadlines seeking urgent revisions for their assignments.

Also, he confirmed our request for revisions and handed us over to the writer. However, he did not do a perfect job because he addressed the errors we pointed out to but made new ones. Eventually, we revised the paper ourselves. On this matter, we cannot give the company the best rating.

The company has several ways of supporting its clients. First, we have live chats where you can chat with their agents. Second, you can also communicate to them using email. However, our experience with the email guys was not the best. There reason is that they can at times take up to several days before replying to messages. Also, users can use a toll-free phone line support to reach out to the customer support team. The only challenge here is that some of the agents on the line are not good or native English speakers. This means that if you need immediate answers to your queries, and you don’t want to call, then take advantage of live chats.

How It Works

In this part of our myessaywriter.net reviews, take a twist and look at how the firm does its work – ordering. This section is helpful for those who will find choose its services. This is how you can order your papers from MyEssayWriter.net:

  • Placing your order

    You begin by ordering your papers using the forms on the company’s ordering portal. Moreover, it provides for ordering through email. You should include all your details so that the writers can know what you need and how they should do your particular assignment.

  • Payment

    When done with ordering your paper, you pay for the service. The reason is that when you pay, you confirm your order and give room for the next stage to take place—order assignment.

  • Order assignment

    After paying, the firm assigns your order to the right writer who will handle it up to the end. However, it is necessary to follow up with the writer in question to ensure that everything goes on as per your specifications.

  • Receiving your order

    Upon checking the work and asking for revisions, if any, you will approve the assignment. After approval, you will receive the final draft in electronic form.

  • Feedback

    Lastly, you give feedback to the company to prove your satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Such feedback is supposed to assist the company in knowing how its services are benefiting its users.

  • Conclusion

    With this, we wind up our myessaywriter review. Based on what we have covered, we can conclude by saying that this firm is one of the several companies assisting students to get the best quality for their money. However, it is not every student’s favorite choice since its pricing regime and structure requires deep pockets to manage. But overall, it is a great choice for those who mind quality over quantity and can afford it.

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