Short guide how to write a personal statement for medical school

By | April 30, 2017

Getting accepted in a good medical school is a complicated competition. That’s why you need to write the best medical school personal statement to increase your chances. In our short guide we’ve gathered useful medical school personal statement tips that will be helpful in writing. Follow our advice and write a great work that will give you an excellent opportunity to study in a chosen medical school.

Medical school personal statement examples

So, how to write a successful personal statement? At the very beginning, you should choose a topic for writing, for example:
•Your experience that just changed your view about medicine, that’s why you decided to be a doctor;
•A short overview of your life story (your way to medicine);
•A story how you were inspired by someone and chosen medicine as your life way;

Remember that you have to show your specific experience, so avoid saying in general. Don’t forget to show your own personality through writing, and provide specific details in your story. Explain others why you want to be a doctor, but not a teacher or social worker. Sometimes it might be useful to read personal statement medical school samples on internet; but keep in your memory that not all of those work are really good. That’s why we suggest not to copy other documents, but create your own unique work where your own voice will sound. In this case, your chances to get accepted will be much bigger.

Personal statement for medical school

Before starting writing a personal statement for medical school, you have to realize the length of work, main requirements and the document’s structure. Usually medical schools require for medical school personal statement length approximately one page. So don’t limit this page, because nobody wants to read huge texts. If you think you could impress the readers with your work’s length, leave this idea behind, and better concentrate on your document’s quality.

Personal statement: document structure

We suggest writing your personal statement using this simple structure:

Introduction. Here you shortly introduce yourself and provide readers with facts why you dream to be a doctor. The beginning should be the most bright part of your work that would grab readers’ attention. That’s why never start your work from this part, it’s better to write the introduction in the end.

Main part. Here you have to explain clearly why you chosen medical profession. Think and write what new you want to bring in medicine, what career you’d like to build, and why it is so important for you. You can add here information about your experience in medicine, participating in conferences or programs, etc. Think about every word, because you are writing just the one page about yourself, so the committee will judge you on those facts you provide.

Conclusion. Here you just have to summarize everything you said before. Don’t be repetitive, but make sure you put all important facts in your work.

Medical school personal statement prompts

These are just some short tips for writing your personal statement for medical school to make it interesting and stand you out from the crowd, as well as increase your chances to be accepted.

  1. Be focused on your topic.
    When you choose a theme, stay focused on it and provide as many as possible examples from your own experience and life. Don’t write common phrases, this would only make your work invisible and boring.
  2. Write simple.
    Don’t use many special terms and specific language, this won’t make your work sound better but in opposite, you may get a negative reaction from readers because your personal statement may seem not “natural”.
  3. Stay on medicine topic.
    If you want to write about the experience that is not related to a medicine directly, explain how this experience convinced you to go to medical school or how it influenced on your decision to study in medical school.
  4. Fulfill rules.
    Write your work according to the structure, and remember this is a serious document, so no jokes inside, no awkward fonts or amusing margins.
  5. Be yourself.
    We know you have your bright and great sides, though you know about it too. So it depends only on yourself how you would tell about your advantages to others. Try to write about your successful experience in the past, and explain why this is important for making successful career of doctor. Remember to avoid general comments and cliche.
  6. Proofread your work after writing
    Organize your time well and never do important things in a last moment. When you finished writing, don’t forget to proofread your work thoroughly. Use online services for checking grammar, and correct mistakes to make your paper look professional and serious.

Help in writing personal statement for medical school

Writing this kind of paper is a hard work that requires great writing skills, solid experience, good knowledge and basic understanding of medical professions. That’s why you may feel stuck with your personal statement at the very beginning. Needless to say that medical school choose only bright, communicative and extraordinary people, so you have to prove them you’re such with just one page of paper. If they will reject you, it means to lose your chance, that’s why it’s quite important to make impression with your work.

If it’s too hard and complicated for you to create a great personal statement, our professional writers are ready to help. Just don’t wait and order the personal statement for medical school on our site, and get a unique work in the shortest terms. Whether you need to write the whole paper, or want us to proofread it, we are ready to help you to create a professional personal statement.

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