Structure and Topics of a Good Cause and Effect Essay

By | May 22, 2017

Cause And Effect Essay Writing Tips

The field of essay writing is enormous and encompasses different types of papers. Here we are going to have a look at some peculiarities and essence of cause and effect essay writing. Besides, we have enumerated a list of twenty excellent subjects for your paperwork in order to give you some ideas on what to write about. First of all, let us introduce you to the definition of this research type.

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

Cause And Effect Essay Definition

This is a written scientific work aimed to describe possible causes and effects of a given phenomenon in order to persuade a reader of some ideas or simply inform somebody of some situation to make him or her muse a little bit. A person structures this work by the same token as any other academic paper composition is made. You have at least three paragraphs where you provide your reader with all necessary information on a chosen topic. These three sections are the introduction, body, and conclusion. Let us discuss them more thoroughly.

Common Format

Cause And Effect Essay Format

As we have said before, this scientific paper consists of three main sections – introduction, main part, and conclusion.

  • The introduction paragraph presents a thesis statement and contains a hook sentence to grab readers’ attention from the first line of narration. Don’t make this section too large, as the major portion of information will be given in the subsequent paragraph. State your ideas precisely in order not to let your reader fall asleep while reading your report. You can give some background to lead a person into the crux of the matter. However, don’t go into unnecessary detail.
  • The body part describes all causes and effects of the scrutinized phenomenon and provides only trustful facts and arguments to prove the main idea. We give you several methods of structuring your main part in the following paragraph.
  • The conclusion section serves to summarize previous information and restate your thesis one more time. Namely this part gives nothing new to your research. The main goal of the ending paragraph is to gather your arguments and ideas once again to have the last chance to persuade your audience. Don’t use long sentences in this section either.

Structuring Your Body Paragraph

Cause And Effect Essay Structure

We can offer you several useful and efficient schemes of ordering your facts, results, and reasons in your body section. Only a proper and consistent way of putting information into your paper may be comprehensible for your audience. Thus, you will be sure that all your arguments and ideas are understood clearly and your readers know the essence of your work. This will help you to persuade them of your words’ validity quickly.

  • Sometimes outcomes of a problem have only one key reason. That is, you have multiple impacts on a certain subject due to only one factor. Divide your essay outline into five sections where three of them are explaining causes.
  • You may have only one result obtained from the impact of numerous factors vice versa. In other words, you describe one effect that was influenced by several factors.
  • In contrast to two previous patterns, we offer the next formatting method called “chain structure”. This is the so-called domino effect when one event sets off a chain of additional events.
  • The last method is called the “batch format”. People use this way of structuring the body paragraph when there are several results with factors fitting each of them. Any problem may be influenced by several factors, and it may also have an impact on different events and phenomena.

So now, you may choose the most appropriate method to disclose the subject matter fully and logically. Don’t forget to put the results and reasons into perspective. That means that you need to describe less important causes and effects first, and then, switch to more crucial factors and aftermaths.

Twenty Topics’ Examples

Cause And Effect Essay Examples

Another challenging aspect, which you face while composing your essay, is choosing a proper and exciting topic that will grab the attention of your audience, and will be interesting enough for them to read the paper till the end. The most crucial rule is to find a topic that is interesting and fascinating for you primarily. It can be detrimental to your paperwork to write about a dull and difficult subject. The second rule is to make sure your theme is popular among your readers. For this purpose, you may ask your friends, peers, and even teachers what they think about it.

We have compiled a list of twenty ever-green, fascinating topics for your piece of writing below. Pick the one you like most and go on with the writing process:

  1. Social networks and their impact on modern children.
  2. Climate change issues.
  3. Who have littered the coast or reasons of sea pollution?
  4. The Second World War effects.
  5. Mass media influence.
  6. Cause and effects of globalization.
  7. Visualization and its impact on people’s information perception.
  8. What would be if the Earth stopped? Reasons and consequences.
  9. Subsequent influences of the global warming and grounds to it.
  10. Results of the nuclear attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki with several crucial reasons.
  11. Sport in our life.
  12. The importance of the physical education in schools.
  13. Civil wars: reasons and results.
  14. The reasons to be popular and what it may bring to you.
  15. What may domestic violence cause to a child’s state of mind?
  16. The end of the Dinosaur Era.
  17. The Ancient Rome: Empire’s dissolution.
  18. What impact does music have on a human’s mind?
  19. Modern political wars.
  20. Reasons to read more books.

Remember that even if you have found a proper, brilliant subject for your scientific report and accomplished the task on time and without difficulties, there are still some nuances to avoid. Before you hand the paper to your professor or teacher, check it for grammar and spelling mistakes. Organize your bibliography properly and make sure you have followed all formatting recommendations.

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