Thesis vs Dissertation

By | March 21, 2017

Difference between thesis and dissertation

Thesis and dissertation are two common terms in academic writing assignments and both these two write ups have plenty of intrinsic similarities. But amazingly, despite all similarities if we close view Dissertation vs. thesis, some major differences between these two types of write ups will surface up.

Basically, a dissertation is a typical type of application for acceptance of an individual into a faculty in a specific field and a thesis is a report on a specific arena of study. At our expert writers are well acquainted about the difference between thesis and dissertation, so you can be rest assured about the project quality we will deliver on your behalf.

The difference between objectives

Before we plunge into the dissimilarity let’s check what is a dissertation and what is meant by a thesis. A thesis is the finishing point of a master’s program but dissertation is written during a doctoral study. Therefore purposes of these two are completely different. A thesis is the accumulation of your research data and knowledge, but a dissertation is an academic opportunity for a research fellow during his doctoral program to contribute new dimension of knowledge, or new theory, or new practices in the concerned academic field. In short, thesis is required for master’s degree and dissertations are needed for doctorate degree.

Dissertation vs. thesis: structural difference

A thesis is a detailed study on a specific arena within a subject limit. While writing a thesis you need to research on the topic, critically evaluate it and present the research in the shape of an elaborate write up with an introduction, main body paragraph and conclusion. One of the major differences between dissertation and thesis is its academic approach. A dissertation is advanced level of research on a particular topic where other research works are utilized as academic resources to state your scholastic approach on a particular subject.

Dissertation vs. thesis: size matters

Size wise also there is a major difference between dissertation and a thesis. A these is generally written between 100-150 pages whereas a dispersion is much bigger a write up. In comparison to thesis, writing a dissertation is more complicated a project than writing a thesis; howsoever, thecae writers in are expert enough to write on both thesis and dissertation and that makes it perfect for placing an order for you.

Summary of the difference between thesis and dissertation

  • A thesis is ideally submitted at the end of master’s degree; on the contrary, a dissertation is submitted at the end of a PhD.
  • In order to complete a thesis, the research fellow needs to conduct personal and independent research. But for writing a dissertation, one has to create a critical analysis of a subject/topic from already existing literature/information.
  • A thesis is a kind of advanced analysis and it is added to already accessible literature, but dissertations are analyses of the already presented literature.

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