Veganism Ideology: Causes that Motivate People to Go Vegan

By | May 20, 2017

Veganism Ideology Essay Sample

Veganism is the increasingly popular ideology among those concerned with health and environmental issues. The problems of climate change, cruelty to animals, and unhealthy foods induce many people to turn to sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles both to maintain personal well-being and reduce one’s ecological footprint (PETA UK, 2016). Vegans avoid all types of animal food including dairy, meat, eggs, etc., as well as products that have been created using leather or any other animal tissues. Moreover, veganism also implies avoiding products that have been tested on animals (e.g. cosmetics). Despite the growing popularity of this ideology, many people do not still understand the reasons behind veganism. This short essay aims to explain why people go vegan and how this concept is connected with health, morality, and environmental protection.

To begin with, vegans stick to their diets because they are believed to be more environmentally-friendly. It is believed that the booming livestock industry is extremely harmful to the environment and contributes to climate change. More specifically, animals produce methane, which speeds up global warming along with carbon dioxide emissions (Sarkwa et al., 2016). Moreover, livestock industry requires large amounts of water, which is subsequently polluted with wastes, antibiotics, and chemicals. Finally, this industry leads to land degradation and deforestation, which in turn pose a threat to biodiversity. Therefore, by avoiding animal products, vegans reduce their impact on the environment and inspire other people to consider responsible consumption.
Furthermore, vegans are opposed to the cruel treatment of animals. They believe that animals deserve to be treated equally because they can feel pain and suffering (Marquis, 2010).

Vegans condemn companies for killing and torturing animals and prefer buying food and products that do not use living beings. It is neither necessary nor ethical to kill animals because the vegan diet is believed to be totally safe and healthy. Similarly, there are many high-quality products (e.g. shoes, cosmetics) that do not involve animals, so vegans do not need to limit themselves.

Finally, vegans maintain that their diets are healthy and safe. They argue that plant foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, and other products contain the necessary amount of nutrients and vitamins and can fully substitute animal products. As the popularity of veganism increases, vegans can choose from a variety of foods, recipes, restaurants, and products that do not require sacrificing their beliefs. Thus, veganism is the ideology of responsible, eco-friendly, and healthy consumption.


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