How to write an APA paper

By | April 29, 2017

If you are required to write an APA style paper but never did it before, read our guide and follow our instructions carefully. This is the official format created by the American Psychological Association that mostly used for research and scientific papers, particularly in mathematics, psychology, business, economics, sociology, criminal justice and nursing. If you are looking how to write an APA research paper, in this article we will provide you with basic rules about this formatting style.

APA format research paper: general rules

Here are some standard rules of this format:
 Paper size – 8.5 x 11 inches;
 Margins – 1 inch on all sides;
 Font – 12-point, Times New Roman (but you may use other similar fonts);
 Title, author’s name, school – double-spaced and placed on the center of the page;
 All pages should have a number to top right;
 All pages should have a header placed on the top left.

APA paper format: structure

Your work structure could be various depending on what kind of work you are writing, for example, a case study or research paper would be a bit different comparing to a lab report. But in general, your work should have these sections:

  1. Title page. Keep in your mind that this page makes first impression on readers, that’s why you have to make it well-formatted according to APA requirements. The title page must include next parts:
  2. • Title of your work – make it understandable, but don’t exceed 12 words.
    • Name of author – write your full name (first, middle and last). Don’t use abbreviations such as degrees and titles here.
    • School (college or university) – in case if you were not affiliated with any academic institution, APA format for paper recommends listing your state and city.
    • Running hear – should be put not only on the title page, but also on all other pages of your paper. Keep in your memory that this element shouldn’t be longer than 50 characters.
    • Number of page – should be written on all pages of your work.

  3. Abstract. This is a short summary of your work, its length should be 150-250 words. The min goal of this part is to introduce your paper to readers, so they will be able to realize what’s your work about. Keep in your mind that people will decide if they want to read the whole paper just after reading the abstract. That’s why you should spend enough time to create a successful second page of your work. In your abstract you may add a list of your keywords. These keywords will be helpful when people will search your work in a database. That’s why you should think about every word before write it down; when writing keywords, just put yourself into readers’ shoes and brainstorm which words they would use to find your paper.
  4. Introduction. This section should present your work’s background, depending on what kind of paper you’re writing.
  5. Main part. This section’s structure can be various depending of what kind of work you are creating. For example, APA research paper will have such parts as methods and materials, results and discussion, and also tablets and graphs. Depending on what kind of work you are working on, check the main requirements to the concrete document’s structure.
  6. References. Here you have to write a list of all references that were used in writing your work. Begin this part on a new page, type the word “References” on the top center. Here are some requirements for this section:
  7. • Double-space all your references;
    • Put your references in alphabetical order;
    • Titles of journals, books, newspapers and magazines should be written in italics;
    • Major words in books and journals titles must be capitalized, but in article titles only the first letter is capital.

  8. Proofreading

After you have finished writing your work, spend some time for revising, but don’t do it right after you completed the paper. Take a break at least for a couple of days and start proofreading your work with fresh eyes. Sometimes it’s useful to ask a colleague/friend/relative to read your paper, because when you’re reading it over and over, you easily can miss errors. When you are checking your work on grammar mistakes, it’s better to use online service, but you also will need dictionaries and vocabularies to define some words’ meaning. Remember that your work should look perfect after revising, spelling or grammar errors are unacceptable for a serious paper.

APA format example paper: writing tips help

When you just started your work, requirements for an APA formatted paper may seem very confusing, difficult and daunting. But don’t try to make everything in the same moment, plan your time and separate your paper on parts. Write each part according to the requirements and then merge everything into the one document. Remember that you need to read all requirements very attentively, only then you will understand them. Better to print them out and keep before your eyes, so you won’t miss anything.

Needless to say that writing is not an easy process that requires great skills and a lot of practice and patience. If you faced a problem with writing your work in APA paper format, our site is ready to help. We cooperate with the most experienced writers all over the world, and they are ready to create a successful work for you. Don’t worry about your article, just trust professionals and get a great paper in the shortest terms. Whether you need us to write a whole document, or proofread and improve your written paper, we are ready to fulfill any job to satisfy our clients needs.

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