How to write a brilliant expository essay?

By | December 28, 2017

What is an expository essay?

Probably you find yourself on this page because you are looking for an answer a question “How to write a great expository essay?”, and we are ready to offer our help to you. In this article, we will provide you with many useful ideas, examples, and advice about writing. Follow our guideline, and create a successful paper that will meet all requirements given by your instructor.

The goal of any expository paper is to define and explain a subject logically. When you are required to make this work, it means that you have to define, inform, clarify, describe, or expose some facts to your future readers. Remember that you should only bring facts, and there is no place for opinion or bias in this paper. So, it means that your main job here is to gather and present all the needed ideas and details to the audience. You shouldn’t assume that readers are quite familiar with a subject you’re writing about, so feel free to put all details and facts even if something seems to you ordinary and clear.

Continue reading our article, and find all important tips on how to write a good expository essay we have gathered here.

The format of any successful expository essay

Remember that your paper must be written in a specific format. That’s why you shouldn’t neglect professor’s instructions and read all information carefully. If you will follow all requirements, there are more chances to get a high grade.

There are also a few characteristics you must keep in your mind when creating your expository paper:

  • All sentences of your expository essay writing should be connected to the topic-line;
  • A very important thing you should do is to put a clear and concise thesis statement in the first paragraph of your work;
  • All paragraphs that supports your thesis should have the one line to help the audience to trace your essay’s logical movement;
  • Don’t forget about logical and clear transitions between all paragraphs of your essay because without them your work wouldn’t be logical and understandable to the audience;
  • Make sure you don’t bring any new information in the end: conclusion is a place where your essay ends logically, but not for bringing any new information there;
  • Try to make the end of your work memorable, and don’t forget to restate a thesis here.

The structure of expository essay

Any writer has to keep in their mind that a good structure is one of the keys to success when you’re thinking about how to write a strong expository essay. We recommend to use 5-paragraph structure to keep your work logical and well-organized. The structure is like a skeleton of your future paper, so it has to be clear and solid. Here is an example of good structure you can use for your expository paper:

  1. Introduction paragraph:
    • At the very beginning you must catch the audience’s attention with an interesting phrase, anecdote, dilemma, question, or a quote. You won’t have a second chance for grabbing people attention.
    • Also, in this part you have to provide your readers with some background information about your subject to make them understand it much better.
    • Put a thesis statement in the beginning. You will have to support a thesis with evidence in all paragraphs of your essay.
  2. Body part:
    • This part could be divided into several paragraphs, each of them should support the main idea.
    • Include various evidence from trusted sources into your work.
    • Each paragraph must be connected with others with transition sentences that will help readers to follow your idea.
  3. Conclusion part:
    • In the final part of the paper you must overview all discussed facts and ideas briefly.
    • Don’t forget to restate a thesis statement and prove the importance of this work.

How to make a bright expository essay outline

Probably you already heard or read about writing a expository essay outline is very important before you start working on your future paper. Some people think it is just a sort of time-wasting, and they suggest writing the paper without making a clear outline beforehand. But if to analyze this question deeply, it’s possible to say that creating a paper without an outline is the same as traveling somewhere without a map. In other words, without a good outline you may start with something, and then go who-knows-where, feeling totally lost and confused with your own thoughts and ideas that will definitely leave you in suspense.

A good outline will help you to write a logical and clear paper, plus it can even help you to save some time! So, if you have got a question “How to write a expository essay outline?”, follow this simple guide:

  1. Write an outline in accordance with the structure.
  2. Feel free to include detailed information and important facts into your plan.
  3. Put all ideas logically, without jumping between unrelated things.
  4. Don’t hesitate to rewrite your outline till you feel it’s well organized and strong enough to start writing.

How to write an interesting expository essay step-by-step

You already received a lot of information about creating an expository paper, but still unsure that you will be able to start working on the paper? We know exactly everything about how to write a expository essay step by step, and we’re ready to share a detailed plan with our readers:

  1. Carefully read the assignment to understand all requirements.
  2. Pick a bright topic for your future essay.
  3. Make a thesis sentence of the paper.
  4. Write a concise outline of your work.
  5. Think what examples you can include into your paper to illustrate the topic. Include these ideas into the outline.
  6. Include all important evidence, ideas, and thoughts into the outline in accordance with the structure.
  7. Write the introduction according to the plan. Don’t forget to include a thesis.
  8. Create the main part of your essay. If it consists of several paragraphs, build logical connections between them.
  9. Sum up all points and finish your paper logically.
  10. Put the finished essay away for at least several hours, and then revise the paper with fresh eyes.
  11. Re-read the essay and correct all punctuation, grammar, and logical errors in your work.

If you will follow all these steps on how to write a expository essay we mentioned above, you get a successful and interesting paper that meets all requirements.

Tips for writing a expository essay

Still need more advice about how to write a perfect expository essay? We prepared some useful tips that will definitely help you to create a gorgeous paper. Follow these ideas, and make a brilliant work that will catch your readers’ attention!

  • Choose which person will you write in for the paper (first, second or third). We recommend writing from the second person.
  • Select a tone of your entire paper — it could be humorous, serious, sarcastic, etc. depending on the subject.
  • Think about your future audience, define what topics they would be interested in.
  • Gather ideas about all topics you chose on the previous step, and then select the one central subject for your future paper.
  • Think what kind of expository paper you will create (definition, history, how to, cause, fact, how does this work).
  • Evaluate if your topic needs to be expanded, or maybe in opposite, you need to narrow the subject.
  • Think about sources you will use for writing this paper.
  • Don’t forget to structure your paper and to make a detailed outline. This will help you to create a logical and clear paper, plus you may save your time!
  • Plan your time beforehand, and forget the bad thought to create the entire work at the last night.

The best expository essay topics

It’s not always so easy to choose a good subject for the work, but we are here to help, so here are 20 interesting topics for a expository essay you can use as ideas for your future writing:

  1. How is it possible to save money being a student?
  2. How modern technologies affect our children?
  3. Why sports are so important for people?
  4. How it is possible to get over depression?
  5. How to be the best student in college?
  6. How is it possible to make a lot of good friends?
  7. Is it possible to learn a new language without boring studying?
  8. What is the future of our medicine?
  9. Why cancer is still progressing and how scientists fight with it?
  10. How the human brain works?
  11. Is it possible to become friends with a robot?
  12. What is a mechanism of feeling pain?
  13. How does is mean to be a doctor?
  14. How psychiatrists are different from psychologists?
  15. How does a 3D printer work?
  16. Why people can’t use their brain at 100%?
  17. How is it possible to help your child in discovering the world?
  18. Why do some people break the law?
  19. What causes people to get married?
  20. How to lose weight without eating less?

Examples of expository essays

You already have got enough ideas about writing an expository paper from our detailed guideline, but if you’re still not sure how to write a expository essay, example may help a lot. You can find and read many expository samples on the Internet. During reading, don’t forget to analyze what techniques and methods authors use in their papers.

We would like to give you some ideas about writing your paper:

  • Try to describe some interesting situations from your own experience. This could be the first day in college, studying with your best friend, learning something that didn’t seem very exciting for you from the beginning, etc.
  • Pick up a piece of literature, decide what sides you’re interested the most in analyzing books, and create a bright and exciting work.
  • If history is your favorite topic, you can try to write about some history event.
  • If you are dreaming about impressing readers with something they would appreciate reading, just bring some social problems into your work, such as drug addiction, fighting between siblings, teenage’ problems, etc. People like to read and discuss such things, so you won’t stay without attention.
  • Nowadays, technologies develop faster than we blink! Try to create an interesting essay about modern technologies that will be quite popular to read.

We hope that with our simple but effective steps to writing a expository essay you will be able to create a bright and unique work to impress your readers. Just go ahead and start to create your own masterpiece!

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