How to write a critical book review

By | April 27, 2017

critical book review

When you have to write a critical book review, you should understand the difference between the book report and book review. In the book report author just summarizes the book’s content. When writing a review, it’s not enough to tell that a book is good or bad; you have to write why it’s good or bad. You must explain to the readers all reaction you got after the book reading. This is not easy to do, but we have gathered some useful tips that may answer the question “how to do a critical book review?” Just go ahead and read our critical book review instructions!

Critical book review format

First of all, you need to understand that a critical book review doesn’t have to be negative. You just need to be fair and make a good analysis of the book you’ve read. That’s why you have to read this book with a lot of attention.
When you plan writing a book review, you should keep the certain structure. Here is the critical book review template that nay be used to make your writing more comfortable and logical.
Critical book review template:

At the very beginning of your work, you have to include a bibliographic entry of this book that contains the author’s name, book name, year of publishing, and the price of book (only if known). For example, if you have to write a book review about Robinson Crusoe, it must look this way: Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe. Oxford University Press, 2007. 258 pp. $49.99. Then you need to introduce the book and its author. The introduction shouldn’t be too long, one half page is enough.

As we said above, the goal of a critical book review is to analyze the book, but anyway you should include a short summary to provide the book content to tell readers what this book is about. The summary should be not longer than one page.

3)Critical assessment
This is the longest part of your work, and it’s the most important section too. During writing, you have to answer next questions:
– What was the main goal of the author of writing this book? Does he/she accomplished this goal? If yes, how did he/she does it? If not, why do you think so?
– Why people should read this book? What does it bring to the reader?
– What’s the author’s viewpoint? Does he/she provides strong evidence to convince readers in this point of view?
– Is it easy for you to read this book, and why? What kind of style the author uses?
– Is it a good logical construction in this book? Would you like something to be different? What and why?
– Compare this book with other articles or books on the same subject.
Keep in your memory that you should be specific and clear answering these questions. Be sure to provide evidence to support your pointview. This part should be around three pages in length.

In this part you have to summarize shortly all you wrote in the main part, and give recommendation about this book. You need to write would you recommend this book to read, and why. You also may write what this book had given to you and what did you learn. The conclusion shouldn’t be longer than one half page.

Critical book review outline

Before making the critical book review outline, it’s useful to read some others reviews to understand how it’s better to write and what important things you should mention. For example, if your work is connected with medicine, it’s good to read critical care review book that summarize the best critical care trials. Only a lot of reading and practice will give positive results. If you’re interested in reading critical review of a book example, you can easily find many reviews on internet.

Keep in your memory that your work has two main goals: to introduce the book to readers and to provide your judgment of this book’s quality. Your overall opinion on the book should be supported with evidence.

During reading the book, keep the list with questions for the critical assessment part and make notes. It’s hard to keep everything in your head, so this will help you to organize your work, and you won’t forget something important. After reading, you need to summarize everything. The reader may not have read the book you are writing about, but they have to understand the plot and the main goal of this book from your review. That’s why it’s very important to be logical and explain everything with evidence support from the book.

Only when you have finished the outline, you can start writing your review. Don’t jump from one part into another; try to concentrate and write everything in order. Use the suggested template, so you won’t forget anything important.

After writing your work, don’t forget about proofreading and correcting. Any good writing could seem just unprofessional if it contains grammar and logical errors. Spend some time to improve your review, and impress readers with a great work. When you do this job, feel free to use both vocabularies and online programs for checking grammar.

Critical book review writing help

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