How to write a doctoral dissertation

By | April 27, 2017

doctoral dissertation

Writing a doctoral dissertation is a huge work that needs a lot of time, knowledge, researches, scientific and writing skills, and many other aspects to do the job well. This work is a big project that a candidate presents to get their doctoral degree. When writing such work, you have to plan your time because you can’t write this type of work just in fifty minutes per day. It’s important not to be distracted during writing because you may lose some important ideas. This is a job that requires tons of concentration and attention, so try to follow our writing tips to create a good work.

Writing a doctoral dissertation: useful tips

  1. Choose a topic, question and title correctly
    Many candidates can face a problem how to choose a doctoral dissertation topic to involve as many as possible readers to their work. Brainstorm and think about what problem you would like to research in your work. Define why this problem is important for you and if it will be important for other people too. Choose only a valuable and reasonable topic that won’t lead you to the dead end or put you into too complex research. Think about what kind of research you may need to solve the problem. Keep in your memory that your work’s topic must be unique and reasonable for readers. In the end of dissertation you will have to give solutions to your work’s question.

  2. Your work main structure
    Actually, there is no defined structure for a doctoral dissertation, but you should follow this scheme:

    1. Introduction. Here you put your problem and make a short overview. The introduction should be clear to read and understand for readers; don’t use many specific terms here.
    2. Definitions. This is a part for new terms which should be listed in order.
    3. Concept. Here you should describe the main problem of your work and present the main concept of your dissertation. If one chapter is not enough, feel free to add the additional chapter to give more reasoning about the work’s problem and its solution.
    4. Experiments. In this part you have to put the results of your work experiments to provide strong evidence in support of the dissertation thesis. In common, experiments accent efficiency or proof-of-concept.
    5. Consequences. Here you have to write about variations of your main idea or its extensions.
    6. Conclusions. This is a finish part where you have to summarize all facts and put results of your researches. If your work needs some further research, this is a good place to mention about it.
    7. Abstract. Your doctoral dissertation abstract is a short summary of the whole dissertation work. It usually consists of several paragraphs where you set the problem and describe your research approach. Keep in your memory that the maximum size for an abstract is around 350 words.
  3. How it’s better to write my doctoral dissertation?

    Now you already defined your dissertation structure, but it doesn’t mean you have to write your work in this order! We suggest using an inside-out method during writing your work. Just start with research chapters (these are 3 and 4), and make an outline for the chapter 5. Don’t forget to collect terms and write a definition for each one. After writing this, you will need just to organize all these terms to a separate chapter 2. Then re-read middle chapters with researches and write a conclusion. The next your task is introduction. And, finally, you may work on the abstract.

  4. Dissertation citing
    Candidates often face a problem how to cite doctoral dissertation. Here it’s important to mention that you should cite papers, but not authors. Don’t cite on other authors’ thoughts, but only on facts. Use only reliable sources and organize them in a particular manner.
  5. Proofreading and editing
    This is an important final step on your work. Without proofreading and editing, your dissertation may look like a rough copy, but not a serious work. Take your time and proofread your work thoroughly to avoid grammar and logical errors.

Doctoral dissertation defense

After the whole work is finished, the doctoral dissertation defense is coming. The candidate must defense their work in front of the dissertation committee that consists of at least five people. The committee votes “fail” or “pass” (if more than one vote is “fail” it means the candidate can not be passed). Sometimes the candidate fails, but the committee recommend them to the second defense. If the candidate passed, they get a doctor degree.

According to different projects and programs, you may take part in doctoral dissertation funding competition. All you need to do is just register with an application form and take a chance to receive money grant with your dissertation work. Read carefully the overview and instructions of program to understand all the needed requirements from applicants.

Writing your doctoral dissertation: invisible rules for success

Needless to say that writing a doctoral dissertation is a very serious work that require not only great writing abilities but also high level of education and ability to analyze things and make conclusions. Some people may start with an enthusiasm, but often they are not able to finish their work with the same attention and care as it was in the very beginning. When you need help in writing a dissertation, our site is ready to help. We cooperate with the best writers all over the world to provide you with quality work to impress the dissertation committee. If you need your dissertation proofreading, correction, or improving, don’t hesitate to make your order right now! Our experienced specialists are ready to create a perfect work to satisfy your writing needs.

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