How to write a literary analysis essay

By | April 28, 2017

literary analysis essay

First of all, lets get to know what is literary essay and realize its main purpose. According to the literary essay definition, this is a paper where author carefully analyzes a work of literary and evaluates it. The main goal of writing this essay is to assure readers that the author supports the developed idea. In our guide we will tell you about methods how to write a successful and well organized work.

Literary analysis essay outline

Lets see what the main elements of this work and how to make a successful literary essay outline before you start to write.

  1. At the very beginning, you should formulate a thesis. This is the main goal of your work. Think what are you arguing about, what’s your reasoning, and how you should put your reasons/evidence in your future work.
  2. Construct a thesis statement. It will inform the readers about what they should expect from your essay. You should put it at the end of the introduction paragraph.
  3. Introduction. Here you should grab readers’ attention. Remember that the first impression is the most important, that’s why you should put a lot of attention to this part. You can start with a quote, interesting fact, irony, or even an anecdote – anything that will attract people to read the whole work. Don’t forget to finish this paragraph with a thesis statement.
  4. Body part. Usually this section contains three paragraphs, though some long works can have more paragraphs inside. Here you have to analyze a work of literary and support your arguments with evidence. There is no need to put all your evidence into one place, just make sure that you put each argument with evidence into a separate paragraph.
  5. End your work with a conclusion. Here you have to summarize the results of your analysis.

Useful tips

Think up a bright title. You may do it after you finish the whole work, it’s easier to make a successful title when your argument is clear and the paper is formed already. Consider your readers and think what kind of title will attract them.

You should write only in the present tense, but never use the past tense.

Avoid using words “you” or “I”, and write in the third person. Sometimes there are exceptions to this rule, but if you don’t have some special requirements about it, use the third person.

Remember that you have to pull elements from the piece of literature, but not just to summarize the plot. Don’t confuse this essay with a book review.

Use as many as possible literary terms. Here are the list of terms you may include into your analysis:

• Character
• Theme
• Setting

• Point of view
• Alliteration

• Figurative language
• Climax

• Protagonist

• Symbols
• Conflict
• Plot
• Imagery

Use some secondary sources to support the argument of your work.

Try to avoid:

Don’t summarize the plot of the piece of literature, your main task is to make analysis, not a review. You should focus on your critique and interpretation of the literature.

Don’t mix the author’s point of view with the character’s line.

Avoid plagiarism, and cite your sources.

Proofread your work thoroughly

After your essay is finished, you must check it for grammar and spelling errors. Sometimes it’s useful to ask a friend/relative/colleague to check your work, because after reading it over and over, your own eyes could not notice mistakes. Also, you should check if you fulfilled your work according to all formatting requirements. Make sure you set right preferences to page numbering, margins and sourcing. You can use online services for checking grammar, but it’s also useful to look at the dictionary if you’re not sure about any word’s meaning. Spend enough time for proofreading, because your essay should look professional and accurate.

Literary analysis essay: example of topics

You may feel that it’s hard to decide what to write about when selecting a literary essay topic. Of course the most successful topics are those that arise out while you’re reading a piece of literature, but we decided to put some ideas here to take into account:

 Discuss the work’s characters and define are they based on history, realistic or symbolic
 Make a comparison how different authors make quite different characters in their work
 Discuss and study the events or sources that caused the author to write a certain work
 Analyze the concrete character that appears in several works
 Investigation of the context (economic, social or political), and its influence to the certain work.

After you have chosen a good topic, it’s time to search all the needed information. The best source is the internet, where you can find tons of useful information. But don’t forget about libraries, there you will be able to find many good sources you can use to create your work.

I need help in creating my paper

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