How to write a medical essay

By | April 28, 2017

In your essay you should put all your personal characteristics and interesting experience that would convince the admission board that you will be an asset in their school. Our article will help you to do the work right and we hope you will be accepted by the chosen medical school, and take your way to the doctor’s profession.

Medical school secondary essay: requirements from admission boards

Of course it’s a great challenge how to write an essay that would turn readers attention from thousands of applicants. We decided to give you a list of things which grab the attention of the admission officers mostly.

Be sincere. The admission committee wants you to be honest and sincere. Maybe you think it’s not possible to know if the person writes truth or not, but believe us, it’s very notable. Just focus on yourself, and be yourself, but not someone who you think they want to see. So, put this advice into practice and write from yourself.

Solid writing ability. This is quite an important thing that says a lot about your communicative skills. Good communicative skills are important for your future career, that’s why the officers pay their attention to your writing style and errors. If you are able to construct good logical sentences, this will increase your chances to be approved a lot. That’s why it’s important to pay attention on your work writing style as well as proofread it to correct all grammar, spelling and logical mistakes. Your medical school admission essay is a serious and important work, so spend enough time working on it to get a good result.

Why you want to choose medicine? You need to show the admission committee why you are interested in medicine. It’s not enough just to say you always dream to be a good doctor from the childhood. You have to write the reason why you have this wish. You need to explain your motivation, showing your life goals, experience, and valuable qualities of your character. If you had some experience that led you on this way, don’t hesitate to write about it! Officers want to read a bright and interesting story, not just boring phrases without real evidence that they real in many medical school application essays.

Personal qualities. Doctor works both with patients and in the team of medics, so you have to demonstrate personal qualities that would illustrate your skills to do these things well. Keep in your mind that for treating people you need to be emphatic, sensitive, compassionate and well-communicated person. Apart from this, you have to be creative, independent and initiative person with critical thinking skills to work in porfessional medics team and solve different kind of problems. You don’t have to write these things down because you have to prove with evidence that you have these qualities. But you can write a story from your experience that would show the admission committee you definitely have these personal qualities. Demonstrate your strengths telling concrete examples from your life. Don’t write general phrases, but create a unique story about yourself that will increase your chances to be approved. Remember that if you have a strong wish to be a doctor, then you are able to write the best medical school essay. All you need is just time and a lot of practice.

Medical school essay: writing tips

We have gathered some useful medical school essay tips that will be helpful for your work. Read them carefully and try to use in practice.

  1. Choosing topic.
  2. According to essay types, it is possible to write a medical ethics, argumentative or persuasive medical essay. For applicants, we suggest choosing medical persuasive essay topics, because argumentative and medical ethics essay requires some scientific work and certain experience in medicine to express your own opinion and support it with evidence. You can choose any topic and discuss it through your work.

  3. Making outline.
  4. Before you will actually start to write, you have to know what to write. That’s why you need an outline that will help to write logically without repeating the same moments or jumping from one thing to another. Your essay should have three parts:
    – Introduction
    – Main part
    – Conclusion

  5. Writing your essay.
  6. In the introduction you just represent yourself to the admission committee, but this is a place where you have to grab people’s attention! Make readers involved into your work with something really interesting, don’t write a cliche. Then, in the main part you write your story to highlight your personal qualities and prove to the officers you really want to be a doctor. In the conclusion you summarize facts and finish your work logically.

  7. Proofreading and correcting.
  8. Remember that mistakes are unacceptable in this work. Proofread it at least two times, and try to improve your draft copy till you feel it looks really good. It’s possible to ask advice from your relative or friend, a fresh view could bring you some new ideas about improving your work. Be very accurate and attentive and use online services to check your essay and correct grammar errors. You have to work hard to make your final copy look professional.

Help in writing my medical essay

Not all people have got excellent writing abilities, that’s why some applicants can face a problem how to write a successful medical essay. Even if writing is always has been your worst nightmare, don’t worry and give your work to real professionals to do! Order a medical school essay on our site, and our qualified and talented writers will do their best for you. Don’t miss your chance to get approved in the school of your dream, we guarantee that you’ll get a unique and exciting work in the short terms.

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