How to write a nursing school essay

By | April 28, 2017

If you are going to be a nurse, you should write a great nursing admission essay to get accepted in the nursing school. Your work should be different from others, and you need to know how to turn people’s attention on yourself and show your advantages. We have gathered some useful tips about writing nursing essay, so this may be helpful for you to create a good work that will impress readers and give you a chance to be accepted.

Nursing school admission essay: sample of successful work structure

Before starting writing, you should understand the main goal of this work. In this application you have to write why you want to join a nursing school, and why they should accept your application. When writing this type of essay, you need to keep the following structure:

Body part;

You can create an outline according to this format, and it will help you to write a logical work that includes all the needed important data.

Making outline

When you are going to start the outline writing, first of all try to write answers on the next questions:

What nurses do?
Why they choose this kind of job?
What are goals of their work?
What kind of character a good nurse should have?

These questions will help you to start writing, and you will get an understanding what you should write about.

Writing introduction

Your introduction must be creative and unique to turn readers’ attention. Explain why you’re decided to be a nurse and why you want to join this nursing school. Don’t forget to mention your experience in nursing or any preparations you have already done on this way. Your nursing essay should show readers that you’re very interested in getting this position, you have enough abilities to study and you want to be a nurse most of all. You may put a short story from your experience: for example, you were in hospital and watched the nurse’s work, and it attracts you a lot, so you decided to make your life’s goal as helping other people. Or maybe someone in your family was a nurse, so it’s kind of tradition for you to continue this important issue. Feel free to write such real stories but remember they should be short and well logical. In the introduction you have to formulate a thesis statement, it explains about what you want to say in your work.

Writing body part

Your nursing profession essay has to be interesting to grab the readers’ attention. But keep in your memory that long and too boring works are not what schools expect from you! If you write a lot, it doesn’t mean they would choose you. Your essay length is not a criterion of approving this work, but it should be interesting, logical, and well organized. That’s why you don’t have to write many paragraphs. For example, you could write just three paragraphs:

1) Explain why you want to be a nurse. Here it’s good to write a short story from your experience why you chosen this way and this profession, what led you to this point and what inspires you to be a nurse.
2) Write about your experience and qualifications. Don’t only give a list, but share details to convince the admission committee that you have enough abilities to be a nurse. Also, show you care about other people and want to help them.
3) Write about your goals in this profession. Explain why you want to make your career in nursing. Apart from this, tell readers why you want to join this school and why you chosen it, whatever reason you have. This point is quite important for the admission committee. Don’t be repetitive because your essay would seem too complicated and readers wouldn’t be sure you have enough skills to join the school program.

Writing conclusion

Summarize everything you already wrote and convince readers that you want to get this profession most of all. No reason to mention that you wanted to join another nurse school but you were rejected last year there. Negative experience is not preferable to mention in this kind of paper. Think about why nursing essay should be accepted by the school, and write it down.


After finishing your writing, it’s time to proofread the essay about nursing and correct errors. During checking, you have a chance to change some points of your work and make it more accurate and correct. Many people think that proofreading is not an important thing, but no one would approve an essay with grammar and logical errors. That’s why your work should be checked thoroughly to avoid mistakes and to get improved.

Nursing application essay: writing help

As you already understood from our article, a nursing school essay is a serious and important work that may give you a chance to be accepted by the school. But you can get success only if your work will be written perfectly. Needless to say that writing nursing essay requires good writing abilities, understanding the subject and also abilities to convince other people. That’s why this task may seem too complicated for you to do. You may face a problem “how I should write my nursing essay to be accepted by this school?”, and stuck with writing at the very beginning. We know how much you want to be a nurse, and we want to help you. Feel free to order a good essay on our site that will give you a great chance to get a profession you dream about. We will help you to make your dream true, to join the chosen school, and eventually you’ll have a great chance to get a profession you wanted most of all.

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