How to write a paper about your beliefs

By | May 24, 2017

Personal Beliefs Essay: Definition, How to write

Crafting an essay on beliefs is a creative process that demands knowing your ideas and ability to organize them. Traditionally, this type of paper is defined as a personal beliefs essay, and is used in classes of philosophy and psychology. Papers about beliefs usually share the same frame as papers on other themes, and following the plan can help you hold to the point while writing.

Developing a thesis statement

Your thesis statement must comprise your general world perception and several main ideas that back your system of beliefs. The thesis statement must become a guide of the work and must be contained in the last clause of the introduction. You can start developing the thesis statement by drafting some notes of words that describe your worldview. Pick several words that comprise your general philosophy and include them into a couple of clauses explaining your beliefs. Make sure the thoughts in the thesis are not too narrow, to have the possibility to expand your writing with certain examples and explanations in an essay.

Organizing your ideas

After creating a thesis statement that provides a general concept of your worldview, start organizing the ideas into a plan. It must contain five major headlines referring to your system of beliefs connected with family, faith, relationships, world perception, and the community. Each of these headlines needs several subdivisions that contain examples, demonstrating the influence of your system of beliefs on each sphere of your life. Your headlines should be organized as follows: introductory paragraph, several paragraphs of the body, and a concluding paragraph. The introduction presents the topic and includes thesis statement. Passages of the body are intended to explain major ideas of the thesis and a concluding paragraph makes a summary of the work, providing the audience with final thoughts about your system of beliefs.

Introducing the topic

You may use the introductory section to present some background information about what has brought you to this system of beliefs and how you are going to explain it in the work. Your introductory paragraph must be more in a form of a conversation, to engage the readers and make them sympathize with what you must say. Do not forget that this type of essay is intended to inform the audience and arouse compassion, but not to convince.

Building the body

The length of this section will depend on the thesis statement, but usually it should not be longer than five paragraphs. One aspect of your system of beliefs should be discussed in each separate section – family, faith, worldview and relationships – as defined in your thesis, and must have at least three well-built clauses providing personal belief statements examples of how your system of beliefs influences each sphere of your life. For instance, you may tell how your system of beliefs influences your daily practices, such as meditation, yoga or some other rituals that improve or reflect your beliefs. Provide some historic aspects of, and reasons for, these rituals and tell how they correspond to your world perception.

Final ideas

The concluding section must make a summary of your ideas and contain some information that can further illustrate your system of beliefs. Include citations from people that embody your worldview, or provide examples of behavior from a person that you admire. Your concluding paragraph, consisting of three of five clauses, must give the reader full understanding of your personality and your beliefs.

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