How to write a personal statement for law school

By | April 28, 2017

Admissions committee want to select only talented and unique people to study in the law school. That’s why it’s so important to highlight your skills, experience and abilities in your paper to get a chance to be approved for studying. Read our advice and take your chance to the bright future of your dream!

Law school personal statement format

Usually schools set their requirements about this document’s length. For example, Harvard law school personal statement should be limited to two pages. Read the application thoroughly to find requirements about margins, font, and other things to keep in a right format. Write your work according to the requirements, don’t try to over the limit too much, in this way you won’t make a positive impression on the committee. It’s better to build your document according this structure:

 Introduction – here you should write a bright beginning to grab the readers’ attention.
 Main part – it’s your personal statement body part, where you write everything important about yourself you want to tell the admission committee.
 Conclusion – finish your work in a logical way and summarize your advantages. Remember that admission committee read a lot of essays during the day. Write your paper to impress them and to turn their attention at you.

Keep writing in this structure and show officers that you are familiar with a personal statement format for law school, this will be a big plus.

Personal statement for law school

In this important work you demonstrate to the admission committee two things: your personal abilities and writing skills. With this document you have a chance to demonstrate both your knowledge and experience in law field as well as your ability to write down your thoughts logically. But it doesn’t mean your essay should sound like a scientific work! You should write with simple, well understandable sentences that are logically connected.

Law school personal statement topics

When choosing a topic, keep in your mind that your work should be written about yourself. You can write about your experience or your talents and abilities that have led you to be interested in law school. You may describe your goal you worked hard on to show your ability to reach all goals you make. Before choosing a topic, re-read the law school application personal statement, some schools let people choose topics on their own, but some require to include an answer to the certain question. Be attentive with these details, and show the committee that you are an accurate and responsible person.

Don’t write too much about your interest in the law. Most of the people write it as a cliche, so it won’t stay yourself from the crowd of applicants. Write your own story, don’t use any quotes because it has to be only your own work with your thoughts and words. Your work should present yourself as a motivated, well-organized person with good abilities to study, also with good writing ability, and ability to think logical and organize yourself even in a difficult situation.

Writing advice

 Brainstorm ideas what your work will be written about. Think why and how this story will make a good impression on the admission committee.
 Try to select a narrow topic, and focus on your experience.
 You don’t have to tell the officers things they want to hear. Just tell them about yourself, highlight your positive sides, but be truthful in it.
 The first paragraph of your work should be written to grab the officers’ attention. If you won’t able to do it, there are very few chances that your paper would be selected and approved.
 Write interesting, remember that readers must hear your own voice and energy. Paint a clear bright picture with your essay to involve readers.
 Keep your paper simple, do not overload it with special terms and long sentences. This won’t make you special, but your own style and personal characteristics may do.
 Consider your readers and think what you would like to tell them, and what could turn their attention to you.
 Before starting, read the application of the law school thoroughly. All their specific requirements about writing your work should be done.
 Write your essay as a draft copy; then rewrite it as many times as you find new errors. This will help you to create a statement written by well-educated, accurate and literate person.
 Proofread your document after writing. Nobody would accept a student that writes with grammar mistakes or makes logical errors in the text.
 If it’s possible, give your finished work to your friend/relative/teacher to read. It could be helpful to polish your paper and delete all errors that you didn’t mark still.
 If you are interested in reading a sample personal statement for law school, you can find many examples on internet. But don’t try to copy them, you may lose your own individuality and brightness through doing this, and ruin your chances at the very beginning.

Help in writing and editing your work

Writing a personal statement for law school is not a simple task that requires a lot of patience, practice, good writing abilities, and many other things to make a good impression to the admission committee. If you face a problem with writing your work, we are ready to help. Whether you want us to proofread and edit your paper, or write a whole statement to increase your chances to be accepted in a law school, our professionals are ready to help! Don’t waste your precious time, contact us and place your order; in the shortest terms our qualified writers will create a great work to give you a possibility to get accepted in the law school you dream about.

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