Writing an exploratory essay

By | March 22, 2017

How To Write An Exploratory Essay

What if every piece of work demands the kind of real scientific research for its purposes? That would definitely lead to a scholar booming all across the Planet. Fortunately or not, we don’t have to develop our ideas referring to some question with the help of empiric method. Cause some inventions should never be discovered at all. But your professor or teacher thinks differently and gives you a task to find out about an issue and write down your experimentally or theoretically proved results in an exploratory essay. What is exploratory writing? This is the type of report in which your observations and practical search for answers to the particular problem is much more important than the problem itself. In this kind of composition, you find solutions to the chosen issue and give a retrospective look at the introspective thoughts. This paper is very similar to scholars’ scientific diaries, where they describe the flows of ideas, their roots and essence, make researches and analytical experiments to have relevant shreds of evidence of the thesis or phenomenon. Here comes the question how to write an exploratory research paper?

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Outlining An Exploratory Essay

Exploratory essay outline has the same structure as any other kind of such articles. It consists of three sections: introduction, body, and conclusion. All of them should be coherent and logical, expressing the central thesis of the study clearly.

Exploratory Essay Format

Introductory part.

This section should contain the information about the study object, why it is important, its value and substantial contribution to modern social life, science, or some other spheres. Besides, in this clause, you may go in whys and wherefores of it, talk about people influenced by the problem or involved in it, and display the answers to the given question, suggest new approaches and points of view. Include some information about the sources and authors you have read not to be exposed on plagiarism and provide all links and references in an appendix. All these points should be described in a paper briefly to be depicted in the next paragraph in full.


Divide the main part into several sub-points in such a way you will make it easier to follow your thoughts through the divisions and to understand the idea distinctively. Here you can fully describe the problem and denote your opinion and suggestions. The body should include the following topics:

  • The short description of a source. Here you may write any foundation which you took as a basis to the problem research. Talk about the author or approach, introduce the readers the launching idea of the chosen piece of writing and why did you take it as helping hand in doing your research.
  • Display necessary data which is grounded upon the work subject. Your exploratory writing must have a lot of facts which are connected with your thesis and show how your musing is working according to the author’s views and suppositions.
  • Prove the importance of the present information to the central problem of the composition. Give the scientific merit and practical implementation of the source, thus ensuring readers in the validation of the written work.
  • And now you may show your introspective look on the issue. If you changed your opinion during the exploration, you should give the detailed description why and when it happens, what words lead you to the deduction. Illustrate it with accurate information of the concerned article, book or type of media.

Meet the conclusion!

The last but not least section of your work is finishing one. Summing up the whole exploration process is an efficient way to insert an idea in people’s minds. This section should mention the thesis one more time to recollect that from you have started. Enumerate the reasons of the problem and ways to solve it. Write the questions left, and those appeared as a result of the study. It may give you solid ground for further investigations and works.

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