Writing a medical case study: useful tips

By | April 28, 2017

In the medical case study doctor writes and shares their experience about treating patients. This is a published document, so its main goal is to help other doctors to get some new information about treating patients. The medical case study definition acording to the dictionary is a full analysis of symptoms, diagnosis, diseases and treatment for a group of people or for the one person. The medical case study for medical students and junior doctors is a good experience to improve their writing skills. Of course there are certain requirements about this document’s structure and format, and you can read our tips in this short guide.

Medical case study format

Each and every medical case study should be written in a specific format that makes them well structure, logical and organize information in a certain order, so readers could find anything they need. We will provide you with a simple step-by-step instruction about writing the medical case study report.

  1. Medical case study structure
  2. The structure of this document consists of the following sections:

    • title;
    • introduction;
    • case presentation;
    • management and outcome;
    • discussion;
    • references.

    Before writing, it’s better to make a medical case study outline according to this structure. This will help make your work logically correct and well understandable for readers.

  3. Choosing a good title
  4. This is the main step of your article. Your case study’s title should be informative and summarize the content of the whole document. Remember that readers may search information on internet databases. Think about what title they would choose to read about the subject you are going to write. Don’t make long titles, this won’t help, but only confuse people. Better if your work’s title is less than ten words, don’t make it huge to confuse readers.

  5. Mention authors
  6. On the title page you have to give full information about authors as names and personal contacts. This means that all questions about the document will be corresponding to mentioned people.

  7. Keyword list
  8. Remember that other people will be able to find your article on internet databases using keywords and phrases. You should write for about four to eight keywords or phrases. When choosing keywords, think thoroughly which words people would write to find your article.

  9. Two formats of abstract
  10. The abstract is an important step of your work that summarize the article’s content. People usually read an abstract to understand what your medical study is about, so this part should provide them with the most important information to get them involved to read the whole work. You can write this part in two ways: narrative that looks like a single text without headings, and structured abstract that contains headings. Before choosing abstract format for your case study, check what format is preferable by the journal where you’re going to publish your work.

  11. Introduction
  12. In the introduction you have to show readers why the chosen subject is really important for analysis. You need to make a short review about treating and diagnosing of the chosen condition, some history facts about resembling cases, and how your study develops the knowledge about the condition. Keep in your mind that here you should write about your work’s importance clearly and understandable for readers.

  13. Case presentation
  14. This part contains full information about your patient. Write about their condition and why this patient needed this kind of medical help, and also include results of examination, such as analyses, tests, x-rays, etc.

  15. Follow ethical rules
  16. Medical ethical case study means that you put no information that can make your patient being identified. It is important for their privacy to be hidden, because your work will be published and many people can read it. Usually authors give their patients false names or identify them with a personal number.

  17. Management and outcome
  18. Here you write about what kind of treatment the patient received, and about the outcome after treatment. Specify how long took the course of treatment and how the patient was treated; also what kind of treatment was chosen and why, and what results you have got.

  19. Discussion
  20. Here you should discuss your work, write about resembling cases and explain how the treatment was given, why your case is different and what methods you used in it. This part of your work should outline some open questions for discussion.

  21. Cite your sources

Provide a list of your sources that you used in the case study, before publishing your work don’t forget to check what format of references the journal prefers.

Medical terminology case study

Medical terminology gathers and organizes many terms that are used in biomedical research. In the case study it’s possible to analyze medical terms form different medical vocabularies. Medicine has many abbreviations and different terms that should be used in your work. When a doctor treats a patient, they need to fill a lot of documents such as case cards; these files should be filled accurate and correctly to provide clear information for both patient and other doctors. This will also help to avoid medical errors that happen sometimes. Medical error case study is a presentation about doctor’s or nurse’s medical error with instructions how to prevent medical errors and how to report the error correctly.

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