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How It All Works?

Working with us is very simple, and you will easily find that out by making your first order. How can this be done? Everything’s very simple – just follow these three steps:

So What Is a Thesis and How Is It Written?

Everyone wants to write a good thesis, since it guarantees the acclaim of the commission and defense of thesis for obtaining a degree. Sure, it is a sound goal to struggle for, and all beginners in the thesis writing endeavor are at first confused about many issues, such as how to write a strong thesis, which format of thesis statement to choose for the best result, and so on. Don’t get in despair – we will help you out with all these issues so that you will never need to worry or seek any additional information about the process of thesis writing.

Selecting the Topic of your Thesis

No matter whether you are writing a doctoral thesis or performing the task on analytical thesis writing, you will definitely need good thesis topics. Believe it or not, but topic selection is a point at which many students stumble, being unable to discern strong thesis topics from weak ones. Everyone wants to make his or her thesis stand out of the crowd of research published every year globally. So how can you make your research outstanding? What topic can make your thesis shine?

When selecting the topic, think of completing the dissertation first of all. The topic you have invented may be genuinely interesting, but unrealistic to research and examine with your resources and level of competence. Is it worth going beyond yourself in an effort to impress somebody? Maybe it is much more reasonable to stick to more realistic research areas? Here are the criteria for effective topic selection:

There are also some thesis writing experts who say that the actual topic selection is not that important, and even the dullest topic may be enhanced by sophisticated methodologies and an expert approach to conducting the actual study, while an interesting research topic may not save a thesis that is weakly written, inconsistent, and based on the weak evidence. We believe in the importance of a thesis topic – all good thesis samples have intriguing titles and deal with interesting subjects. So do not underestimate the importance of this element; hook the thesis with an intriguing, engaging title and show that your topic is indeed interesting for the broad audience. It may be truly a strong contribution to the chair’s opinion about your work and their ultimate decision at the defense.

Writing the Thesis Proposal

When studying any thesis template, you will see that everything begins with a strong thesis proposal. The proposal is the first stage from which any serious research takes off, since your study has to be confirmed and approved by the scholarly committee – much more experienced and wise people deciding whether your research topic is actually worth the time and effort. What should a successful proposal look like? There is no universal recipe, but some helpful thesis writing tips exist:

Actual Writing of the Thesis – What Do You Need to Know?

Once your proposal is approved, here comes the actual writing process. What should it start with? Definitely, with identifying the type of master thesis (or PhD thesis) you are composing! Our expert writers recommend to distinguish the following types of theses:

This is definitely not an exhaustive list and your thesis may differ by type, but these are three most common ones. What other issues do you have to keep in mind when writing? Here are some tips:

Final Steps before Submission: What to Consider?

Wow, the writing process is over and you are ready for defending your thesis. Are you? Don’t underestimate the final thesis editing stage! Ask two peers to conduct a thorough check of your draft; you might have been working on the paper for so long that you are simply blind to your own mistakes. Submit the thesis to your committee only after you are definitely sure that it is flawless; otherwise, it may be returned to you for revisions and your defense will be hopelessly postponed.