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About Customwritingbee

Custom writing Bee is a custom essay writing service based in the United States. We provide various cheap assignment help services under one roof. Specifically, we provide academic writing, business writing, writing consultation, editing, and proofreading services.

We outsource writing services from creative writers and researchers from English Native speaking countries. Besides, we’ve instituted strict measures to ensure that you get high-quality original work, and your data

Who we are

We help students from all walks of life due to our diversified and affordable custom writing services. We uphold their abilities when the academic writing demands buckles their wits and cripples their social life. Students project their sighs to us, and we offer intellectual arms to lean on before the academic requirements turn them into reading robots. Below is a more elaborate description of who we are.

Professional team of writers

We are an in-house and remote team of professional writers ready to work on your custom essay. Custom Writing Bee understands the requisites of all your research papers and custom essay and values your success in your academia. As a team discipline-specific specialists serving in custom writing service, we give a final copy that exceeds your expectations.

All in all, we help you meet your learning institution’s demands by articulating the concepts of your learning through customized academic writing. Our custom writing service achieves your expectations if you just place your custom essay order and rush your social life.

Content curators

True to our name, we act the metaphoric bees. We want to make your life easy and funny by lifting the academic burdens off your shoulders. We read tons of books, peer-reviewed journals, and academic databases taking note of golden pieces of content for your custom writing essay. We then piece together these fragments from intensive reading to a breathtaking custom essay.

An excellent copy awaits you from us if you defy the academic pressure to and buy custom essays online from Custom Writing Bee. As a result, you will get time to study for exams.

Partners in achieving your grades

Grades are necessary to pass the interview for your dream job that you have been eyeing since childhood. So you should avoid anything that interferes with achieving them. Custom Writing Bee works smarter on your behalf and lessens your efforts to achieve grades through cheap custom essay writing service. We know that when you decide to buy customs essays online, you seek to strike a balance between excellent scores and enjoying life in school, and we serve you as such.

The email notification prompting you to collect your completed assignment is the very predictor of your success.

Our values

Serving you in all your writing needs is inspired by our zeal to see you achieve your learning goals. Every member of Custom Writing Bee takes cognizance of our values to ensure that the contribution of each one in serving you is worthwhile. These values guide us when handling you in every stage of interaction. Below are our values that steer a focused zeal to help you exceptionally.

Customer satisfaction Customer satisfaction

We fully understand that assignments adequately supplement your examination grades; hence we give them their necessary attention in our custom writing service. Accordingly, our writers stretch themselves to the military discipline to satisfy you through nailing a top-notch content and delivering your assignment on time.

We do not take serving you in our custom essay writing service lightly. Instead, our writers internalize your instructions, peruse through reputable sources, and write a breathtaking custom essay.

Further, we shield you from the consequences of missing a time limit as stipulated. Being aware of this, we are always faster than your deadline.

Constant improvement Constant improvement

We believe in constant growth every day by learning and implementing new aspects in our custom writing to improve your experience. Custom Writing Bee involves you fully in this learning-for-improvement process.

Any time you place custom essay order, we need honest feedback through reviews. Here we implore you to give us honest feedback so that we can serve you better next time you knock on our doors. Tell us about the quality of work, your experience navigating our platform, and the convenience of the payment procedure.

All in all, you need to help us serve you better; thus, we welcome your suggestions.

US Custom Writing Services Innovative

Like bees gather varieties of nectar from various flowers to give finger-licking honey, so we do in our custom essay writing service. Hence we keep track of the changes in our customer satisfaction and improve their experience. We are always improving our interface to smoothen our customer’s navigation when buying our custom essay writing service.

We endeavor to reinforce your loyalty by designing an appealing interface that is easy to navigate when paying for your custom essay order, choosing your preferred writer, and reading samples. We track the dynamic academic environment and implement a strategy for conveniently accessing our service.

teamwork Teamwork

Our custom essay writing service embraces the contribution of several experts in your custom essay order. The polished research writing and diligence editing involve a combination of skills from our experts. Every writer in our team brings out their unique endowment of expertise on board to serve you in our custom essay writing service when needed. We magnify each member’s strength.

As you get your assignment from the dashboard, you should know a lot of consultation has taken place, not the efforts of a single writer. All of us are out to your service to give A-grade custom essay

Reliability Reliability

Your confidence in our custom essay writing service is essential. Our satisfaction comes when you have trust in what we can do in your custom essay order. When you buy a custom essay writing service from Custom Writing Bee, we treat every custom essay order differently. Hence our writing professionals comply with our plagiarism-free policy to give a copy that bears the emblem of originality.

We have a keener perception of subtle instructions. Consequently, we pay attention to details to craft a unique text in every custom essay. We are a service provider you can turn to in emergencies.

Confidentiality guaranteed Confidentiality guaranteed

In our custom writing service, we respect your privacy for your utmost protection. We understand divulging information could endanger your academic life; hence we work with you while maintaining your anonymity. The third-party cannot access your private credentials. Additionally, we don’t request for any additional information than our cheap custom writing services require.

We go a step further to use the final copies of the papers we write for only serving your assignment purposes. After we have handed over your assignment, nothing remains in our repositories. We additionally maintain the uniqueness of every task to comply with our plagiarism-free policy.

Our mission

We provide cheap custom essay writing services globally to all students regardless of their level of learning or field of study. To accomplish this, we assess the prerequisites of their custom essay order and match them to the expert writer. As a result, we produce impeccable papers for our customers, which increases our referrals. The following principles guide implementing our mission.


We believe every mind is great

We believe in the greatness of every academic mind, and as such, we do not want you to ride on a storm to be great. Custom Writing Bee only unlocks your soaring to prowess by that slight help in custom essay writing. The extra support is critical for realizing the ultimate goal of learning- making the world a better place without postponing it to your post-school days.
If you have steered yourself to your current level of education, then you are smart. There remains learning by example and cheaply from Custom Writing Bee to handle that custom writing order.


Students weak in English can excel

One of the crucial requirements in academic writing is fluency in the language of instructions. While English is known significantly around the globe, many still struggle with it even at a higher level of learning. English language may not be your thing despite being a native speaker due to the effect of vernacular or pidgin.
Students from non-English speaking countries learning in native English speaking countries struggle mastering fluency in the time frame allowed by universities. You do not have to worry since we gather native speakers to fill the gap of your English knowledge in our custom writing essay service.


There is an opportunity to excel when reading isn’t possible

Challenges are the regular part of our lives and do not choose when to come. As a university student, you may have many issues that may make you not to study, such as:

  • A part-time job
  • Not being passionate to study yet your guardian needs you to pass
  • You may be sick
  • You could have gone for a picnic with friends

All these personal issues deny you time to read. Despite lacking the knowledge for whatever reason having top grades is a necessity. Custom Writing Bee springs your academic ranking and wins you the A-grades once you buy our custom writing service.


A ready team is crucial to achieve

We have a support and writing team to handle the needs of all the students visiting our platform to buy essays online at a go. Any question posed here finds a ready team for solving it. We believe that an inquiry addressed successfully is a client made.

We train our team of writers never to be wanting whenever Custom Writing Bee services are needed, be it during high load seasons or at night. We have backup plans for serving you in every time and situation. Any time you want to buy custom essays online, choose Custom Writing Bee.


Proper vetting of writers to maintain quality

Any additional writer can attest to the strict vetting that we conduct before fully confirming them as part of our team. Apart from presenting authentic academics documents for verifying their level of learning, they take multiple tests based on their specialization. Scrutiny ensures we do not absorb people of substandard abilities only to give you botched service.

Afterward, we assess them under the auspices of our ultracareful quality control team and senior writers who have seen it all in custom essay writing. Ultimately these newcomers are coached to only deliver quality in your custom essay order or any academic work.


Passion is key in custom writing service

Apart from the academic qualifications for all levels of education and fields of study, our writers are passionate about writing. They draw the motivation to help you in your custom writing order since they enjoy what they do. For the love of detailing academic content, our writers go out of their way on festive holidays to handle your assignments.

We choose for you persons who care for your academic grades more than their pay. In this case, they would be fewer mistakes as they do all their work whole-heartedly. We thus minimize shoddy work and revisions.


Capacity building is the lifeblood of custom writing service

We ensure you continue receiving maximum benefits and having an adequate backup plan to help you in every situation, we keep building capacity for a significant portion of writers. After their probation, junior writers begin expanding to related disciplines. This knowledge extension ensures we can handle a boom in subject-specific custom writing demand.
Building their expertise in the associated fields polishes their skills to help you better and sharpens the perception of the order-specific instructions. However, we do not load them with many areas that would put them unreasonable pressure to gain experience in the course of working.

We Are Trusted By Thousands Of Students

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