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Custom writing bee is a US essay writing service that provides 24/7 online assignment help to students around the world. Our mission is to make your learning experience as smooth as possible so you can achieve your academic your academic goals with minimal hiccups.

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We know it’s a bold claim, but that is simply what describes us best. We are confident of our services, and that’s why we are the best. Enough with the praises. Word on the ‘streets’ is that our essay writing services are the best for the following reasons.

Essay Originality and Accuracy

We have a team of professional and highly qualified writers with a proven record of good performance in the academic writing industry. Since they are all native English speakers, you honestly won’t receive any grammatical errors in your essay. They have disciplined themselves to craft high-quality, accurate, and 100% plagiarism free work to students. Also, our writers have great research skills which is a key consideration for any academic work.

Communicate with Your Writer

Once you are connected to your writer, you can easily share resources for the assignments, as well as enquire on the progress to ensure they are adhering to your guidelines. However, we highly discourage sharing of contacts because one of our key concerns is to keep you safe from the fraud that is so rampant outside our community.

Get Your Custom Essay On Time

We have deployed great systems to keep track of how our writers comply with deadlines. Non-compliance is punishable. So, be sure this is well taken care of.

Get Discounts and Bonuses

We have an affiliate program that allows you to earn even more discounts when you invite your friends. These discounts are automatically applied in your subsequent orders. Awesome, right?

Cheap Essay Writing Services

Starting from as little as USD 10 per page, you are assured of original and quality essay that will add value to your GPA.

Get Discounts and Bonuses

You are free to ask for revision in case you feel the paper submitted is not up to the mark. Our aim is to bring you comfort and top grades. So you can request revision as many times as you want provided these two are not met.

Tough Essay Due? Hire Tough Essay Writers!

We have subject matter experts ready 24/7 to tackle your specific tasks and deliver them ON TIME, ready to hand in. Our writers have advanced degrees, and they know exactly what is required to get you the best possible grade.

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We hire Custom Writing Bee writers from different fields, thoroughly check their credentials, and put them through trials.

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We Are Trusted By Thousands Of Students

For over a decade, Our qualified team has helped thousands of students achieve academic success. Here are some testimonials we received from our happy clients!

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We offer an affordable and high-quality online writing services for every academic subject matter. Take a look through our examples to see for yourself. Then, place your order now to get started!

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You might think that hiring a professional writer is a complex process, but we're here to prove you wrong! It only takes these three steps to place an order

What we guarantee

At CustomWritingBee, we guarantee that all of our work will meet and exceed your expectations. Our team of experienced writers is dedicated to providing you with high-quality, custom-made essays that adhere to all the rules and guidelines of academic writing. We also guarantee complete satisfaction and provide free revisions if needed. So don't hesitate -- get the best essay writing help today!

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The Best Writer
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Unique essays

Unique Essays

When you hire someone to write a paper, you want the completed text to meet the originality demands of your institution. With our essay writing service, you can rest assured that your papers are 100% unique and request detailed originality reports free of charge.
24hrs Customer Support

24hrs Customer Support

Feel free to contact us at any time to say “write my essays for me” or ask your questions. The friendly customer support team of our essay service is here 24/7 to give you a helping hand.
Guaranteed Anonymity

Guaranteed Anonymity

When you hire a paper writer and pay for essay at Custom Writing Bee, your data remains confidential, so no one will ever find out that you’ve been here.
Limitless Amendments

Limitless Amendments

After completing the order, our essay writers will be happy to revise it as many times as needed to make it flawless. Thus, when you pay for essay writing with us, you can expect excellent quality.

Make Your Studies Effort-Free With Our Essay Service

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Where else can you get a pure GOLD essay writing service if not CustomWritingBee? Get our quality and affordable essay writing services now, delivered in time. 

Hire the Best Affordable Essay Writing Service Providers Online

Do you need an affordable essay writing service? Try CustomWritingBee, which has expert paper writers for all types of essays and subjects. Few sites will give you quality work at reasonable prices. They say the higher the quality, the expensive the service. In fact, getting a genuine essay writing platform or company that guarantees you quality, affordability, security, reliability, and other related attributes is the nigh impossible. But CustomWritingBee does not conform to this rule. We provide quality and customized essays at fairly low prices.

Having gone through the same system, we understand the average student's struggle to graduate. You’ve got too much work to handle, too complicated and new concepts to understand, and all submissions expected within very short, strict deadlines. The worst even happens when you get scammed while looking for assistance on the same from cheap essay writing service providers. 

Therefore, our core mission is to help write good essays and get good grades. Just send us the message, 'Write my paper,' and you'll be connected to an assignment writing expert. Our price is friendly and our success rate is unmatched. Get in touch with our customer support agents today via email or live chat to get the best essay homework deals.

What Is Common in Our Essay Writing Services?

Admission essay writing

Before joining another institution to advance your career, you're expected to write an admission essay, outlining your objectives and why you should be considered over others. Note that how you write your essay determines whether or not your application will go through. Academic qualifications barely matter at this stage—it is an opportunity to make your first impression. That’s why most students prefer consulting expert paper writers for professional admission essay writing services

At CustomWritingBee, we have specialists, particularly for this niche. They know the dos and don’ts of the craft—what evaluators look at. So, whether you are looking for a college admission essay writing help or an MBA admission essay, be sure of quality papers that will make you succeed. 

Scholarship paper writing

Most scholarship offering agencies, companies, or corporations require interested candidates to write an essay when an opportunity comes up. Therefore, that’s an opportunity to express your interests, qualifications, and why you would be the best fit. Note that most evaluators are not very clear on the metrics they use to assess candidates. Therefore you need to craft a professional paper that will win their hearts, and if you cannot, hire scholarship essay writers

However, you should not subscribe to any service. You need to hire a professional essay writer with a demonstrated history of success in this niche because it requires experience. Fortunately, we have every professional essay writer on board to offer you the best scholarship essay writing service

Law research paper

We all know Law is not a course everyone will find fun taking. It requires commitment, dedication, and sacrifice. You should be ready to spend most of your time in the library writing law essay assignments and other coursework requirements. Overall, legal studies assignments are hard and tiring. You may be asked to write over 10 pages of assignments in these courses.

While all this is important, it doesn’t mean you sacrifice your social life—or get burnout all the time. Smart students go way beyond that by connecting with law essay writing service providers to delegate less critical (or the hardest and time-consuming) assignments to them. 

And because some Law disciplines vary from one country to another, we have expert paper writers from the U.S., the UK, Australia, and Canada to assist you with more specific assignments. Our homework writing experts can go with any writing style and will certainly write your paper accordingly.

Regardless of your location, we promise to give you quality and cheap essay writing service. Our customer base is wide. Submit your order requirements and relax while rest assured to get an A+.

English term paper

Do you have an English assignment essay and wondering where to connect with competent academic assistants in the discipline? Well, we are aware some aspects like literature are never friendly for most students. However, that’s where most instructors base their essays, assignments, and term papers. That’s why we have so many students subscribing to our English literature term paper writing service every day. 

And of course, it makes a lot of sense to hire a professional with a good understanding of these areas—to save on your time, energy, and ensure you get the best grades. 

It even becomes more beneficial when working with Native English tutors—because your papers will be free of grammar mistakes or inconsistent sentence structures. You’ll be happy to note that we only recruit assistants from top universities in the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada. That’s we are known for the best English essay writing services globally. A simple message like 'write my essay' can save you a lot of time and unnecessary pressure.

Business Essay Writing

Business is a very diverse field offered as multiple programs in colleges and universities. It ranges from Economics and Statistics, Commerce, and Financial Engineering to Business Administration and Business Information and Technology. Even though most of them involve many mathematical aspects, you are occasionally expected to come up with essays to illustrate your work. When assigned an essay and you have no idea how to approach the assignment, please consult our business school research paper writing service providers for the best experience. 

As we mentioned recently, we source our talent from top universities in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Everyone in our Business writing team is a specialist in a particular field—we always match you with a niche essay writer. So you can be sure any paper we submit is the best to expect from any other online business essay writing service provider.

Nursing research papers

Like any other program in the medical field, Nursing is not a child’s play. To us, it is not a surprise when we see statistics recording an increased rate of depression and anxiety cases with medical students. In fact, medical schools contribute a significant number of suicidal cases globally, partly attributed to how demanding medical studies are. 

Some of the assignments we receive from students leave us wondering whether the instructors really care about students. Perhaps not because they are too difficult, but because some are way beyond the students’ thinking ability or academic level. Therefore, having somewhere you can always turn to for a legitimate essay writing service for nursing only benefits you in the long run. That’s why we cannot emphasize enough the essence of joining other students using our medical services to avoid pressure in their academics. 

Psychology research paper

Everyone doing Psychology will tell you it calls for exceptional intelligence and extensive, continuous research. The field itself is vast—so colleges only provide you with the basic principles you should apply when dealing with real-life issues. Most often than not, assignments come with strict deadlines and require extensive research to earn you good grades. So when overwhelmed, never shy off from consulting our psychology essay writing service assistants.

The top reviews and recommendations we receive from the students we serve are enough to convince you of the quality we guarantee. We are the most affordable and best psychology writing essay service provider—thanks to the commitment our psychology team has to keep every student at the top of the class.

Ultimately, Custom Writing Bee online writing company has the team to write different college essays. Contact us today for a quality paper and be assured to get the best results. You only need to complete the order form, get a customer ID, and submit the essay requirements to get the job done. Read customer reviews online or customer feedback on our site to see what clients say about us.

Qualities of Great Research Paper Writing Service Providers

Handles urgent essay papers perfectly

Speed is a very critical aspect in the evaluation of a student’s performance. We understand that sometimes instructors are quite harsh—or perhaps want to test your speed. Therefore, they assign you a challenging task with a deadline of a few hours or days. Now, that can turn into a nightmare if you had not understood the concepts well. That’s when you need to consult our pro essay writing service. 

Our tutors have done thousands of orders across multiple fields. You’ll most likely find that the question disturbing you is one they have done before—or related in some way. That’s why they are so ideal for urgent essay writing services. 

Does custom written research papers—No templates

It is unfortunate to note that some professionals purporting to offer cheap custom writing essay services have prewritten papers. When you assign them some work, they just edit a few sections and submit the final copy—not mindful of copyright infringement. One of the reasons some students have had their college studies terminated indefinitely or lost marks is making them get low grades. 

But that’s not something we’d want our dear students to go through. At CustomWritingBee, one of our core values is originality. So when we talk of a custom essay writing service, we mean our word. We craft every essay from scratch, write in our own words, and correctly reference any site we consult in the process. Send us an e-mail now if you have creative writing homework or any other paper-type assignment for that matter.

Research papers that guarantee value

We don’t take chances when it comes to providing quality papers. We know that you are definitely overwhelmed anytime you request homework assistance from us, and you also need to boost your grades. That’s why everyone will always choose to go for a professional essay writing service—people who understand what they are doing. 

At CustomWritingBee, customer satisfaction is a big turn-on. All we want is to be part of your success story—so we do everything with much precaution to ensure we deliver the top essay writing service you expected from us. The last thing we want is to see our customers tarnish our reputation because we did shoddy work. That is why we are very serious when it comes to recruiting expert writers in our team. 

24/7 availability

There’s nothing better than getting a reliable essay writing company. When doing an assignment at those wee hours, you may encounter challenges, yet there are no colleagues, instructors, or friends to request help from. All you have is your internet and some little cash you want to gift your guardian angel (homework helper). And that’s perfectly fine!

All you need is to reach out to CustomWritingBee.com, and let's assign your paper to an expert writer immediately. Feel free to select the most convenient due date for your project—and we will strictly adhere to that. That’s why customer reviews have it that we are the most reliable essay writers on the internet. Contact us today and have your essay written by an expert paper writer.

Cross-level academic assistance

Whether you're in high school or college pursuing your undergraduate or postgraduate studies, Custom Writing Bee has something for you. Our high school essay writing service covers everything across all subjects—Literature, sciences, social sciences, and religious subjects. Working with experienced tutors, you can be sure any essay writing assignment is a walk in the park for them. 

Also, if you're taking your Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD studies, our college essay writing service is here to offer you academic support. We have deployed assistants across all disciplines to handle all your essay assignments professionally and ensure you have a reason for coming back. Note that we always prioritize applicants with a Master’s or PhD when recruiting tutors to our team. 

Houses affordable essay writers

Being former students, we know the hustle and bustle that college students go through before graduating. We don't want to make things harder by charging you crazy amounts for your essays and any other assignments, for that matter. That said, we decided to make our prices as lenient as possible. And without a doubt, we're the cheapest essay writing service you will find on the internet. 

If you don’t have enough cash, we allow you to pay a deposit of 60 percent and the remaining 40 percent before we submit the final copy. Again, if you're up for a major project, you can talk with our customer support to see how we can make customized installments for you. Note that the fact that we offer a cheap essay writing service does not necessarily mean low quality. We guarantee premium essay writing services. 

Your Quality, Affordable Essay Writing Services Company

Unlike other cheap essay writing service that only use clickbait to get you subscribing to their services, Custom Writing Bee remains loyal to the end. When we talk of Pure Gold, we mean quality essays written to precision. Once you send us the guidelines, we first give you a breakdown or an outline of how we are going to handle the project—if you need it. 

After working on the project, we give it to our editorial team to ascertain its originality and ensure that all guidelines were followed. Finally, we attach a plagiarism report, send it, and alert you via email. That’s how effective our research writing service is. 

If you cannot meet all charges upfront, we still have a plan for you—pay 60 percent upfront and the remaining amount before our submission. Also, if you have a considerably huge project, we can make plans on how you can pay in installments. Just reach out to our customer support and or complete the order form, filling in your assignment requirements.

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