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Well, we have a team of proficient scholars who will write top-notch papers from scratch to deliver 100% authentic work. To boost your confidence in the papers we deliver, we have developed a fully-functional plagiarism checking tool where you can screen the paper to ensure it is original. We also do all this at very reasonable rates. Think of getting an A+ paper from as little as USD 10! Amazing, right?

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Our Essay Writing Services

Our custom essay service relies on professional talent from all over the world. We have a vast pool of writers, and everyone in it has a different educational qualification. However, most of our writers are in college and university. As such, we’re uniquely qualified to handle academic papers on any discipline. Some of our essay writing services include;

Thesis Papers Writing

It is essential to have a quality thesis paper writing service in front of you as you work on your own master’s paper.

What’s in It for You?

  • Gain more insights into the topic of your thesis.
  • Learn important aspects of formatting a thesis paper.
  • Know how to answer thesis paper questions professionally.
  • Start writing your paper, knowing how to structure a professional thesis paper.

Dissertation Writing

We are aware your dissertations is a fundamental prerequisite for culmination of your PhD studies. We aim at giving you the comfort and peace of mind that you so deserve.

What’s in It for You?

  • Learn about the formatting style used in dissertations.
  • Gain a solid understanding about the topic of your dissertation paper.
  • Know how to structure a dissertation paper.
  • Find inspiration and write a dissertation of your own.

Research Projects Writing

A research project is usually assigned as a final year project. Thus, a student may easily risk not being approved of completing their studies. But we can’t let you experience such kind of embarrassment. We will chip in if you let us.

What’s in It for You?

  • An original research project.
  • You’ll learn the necessary research project skills.
  • An example research project for research purposes.

Speech Writing

We understand the headache that comes with speech writing. But we won’t let you go through it. Our all-time speech professional writers are always ready to offer help to students.

What’s in It for You?

  • Learn the important aspects of report writing like structuring your report properly.
  • Write your unique speech using the report written by our qualified writers.

Report Writing

Are you thinking of writing a report and you don’t know where to start? Worry no more. What are friends for? Our qualified writers are ready to help you. Order with us and have a well-written report.

What’s in It for You?

  • Get a unique report.
  • Learn how a professional report should be written
  • Learn the important aspects of writing a report, including a proper report structure.
  • Feel free to get all this help from our professional report writers.

Research Proposals Writing

Instead of struggling with your research proposal paper, let us tailor-make one for you. If you want a research proposal for an upcoming project, you can count on us to deliver a neat, unique, properly referenced, and well-researched paper.

What’s in It for You?

  • Save time that you could have used to write from scratch.
  • Get a 100% plagiarism free research proposal.
  • Get relevant research materials to write your research proposal.
  • Learn key aspects of writing a great research proposal.

Research Papers Writing

Well-written research papers are quite essential for both undergrads and postgrads—Master’s and Ph.D. And because we aware of this, we recruited enough experts into our team to help you craft high-quality papers that guarantees you excellence.

What’s in It for You?

  • Choose the right topic.
  • Steps to proceed writing your final paper.
  • Steps to proceed writing your final paper.

Questions and Answers

Question and answer tests can greatly stress a student. Knowing that you don’t have the correct answers, all you have to do is guess, hoping that you will get the answers right. We are here to help you get the grades you desire in your answer questions test. Our qualified writers are ready to help at affordable price.

What’s in It for You?

  • Earn the excellent grades that you desire.
  • Learn how to answer the question and answer tests

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Why We’re the Best Essay Writing Service

We know it’s a bold claim, but that is simply what describes us best. We are confident of our services, and that’s why we are the best. Enough with the praises. Word on the ‘streets’ is that our essay writing services are the best for the following reasons.

Essay Originality and Accuracy

We have a team of professional and highly qualified writers with a proven record of good performance in the academic writing industry. Since they are all native English speakers, you honestly won’t receive any grammatical errors in your essay. They have disciplined themselves to craft high-quality, accurate, and 100% plagiarism free work to students. Also, our writers have great research skills which is a key consideration for any academic work.

Get Your Custom Essay On Time

We have deployed great systems to keep track of how our writers comply with deadlines. Non-compliance is punishable. So, be sure this is well taken care of.

Cheap Essay Writing Services

Starting from as little as USD 10 per page, you are assured of original and quality essay that will add value to your GPA.

Communicate with Your Writer

Once you are connected to your writer, you can easily share resources for the assignments, as well as enquire on the progress to ensure they are adhering to your guidelines. However, we highly discourage sharing of contacts because one of our key concerns is to keep you safe from the fraud that is so rampant outside our community.

Get Discounts and Bonuses

We have an affiliate program that allows you to earn even more discounts when you invite your friends. These discounts are automatically applied in your subsequent orders. Awesome, right?

Get Unlimited Revisions

You are free to ask for revision in case you feel the paper submitted is not up to the mark. Our aim is to bring you comfort and top grades. So you can request revision as many times as you want provided these two are not met.

Our Unique and Special Offers

Cover page

Save the energy that you could use to find a cover page that will make your work look professional.

Plagiarism report

This Confirms that the paper delivered to you is 100 % plagiarism-free.

Free bibliography

We save you the time you could have spent looking for any information you may need to write your paper.

References and Title Pages

You don’t need to worry about where to read more on the topic at hand. You will just use the references and get more insight into the subject.

Free revisions

We understand you can be dissatisfied with the paper our writer delivered to you. For this reason, our professional writers are ready to make revisions for the paper until you get satisfied.

Free editorial reviews

The reviews will help you know the essential things to consider while you will be writing your copy of the paper delivered to you.

Benefits You Get from Our Essay Help

Your Paper is Written by a Professional

Most students who come to us for help are top students in their class, which is contrary to the common opinion that our clients are lazy and don’t perform well. As such, we make it a point to complete every project from our clients as they would, or even better.

That’s why we have one of the most rigorous vetting processes in the essay writing community. Before hiring our writers, we validate their academic qualifications, English proficiency, as well as their Research skills. Besides, we clean up our house from time to time, letting go of underperforming writers.

Save the Piggy Bank; We’re Affordable

Our pricing scheme guarantees you affordable prices, as indicated earlier. Are you wondering how we arrive at our prices? We don’t mind explaining. Our pricing system considers the following variables.

  • Type of academic essay you order
  • Your preferred number of pages
  • The number of pages you request
  • • Your academic level (Ranging from high school, college and University to postgraduate services like Master’s, and Ph.D.)
  • Urgency

We Can Help with Urgent Projects

SSome school projects may be assigned with a short deadline. Don’t panic when your D-day is fast approaching. We can work on projects within a short duration, like 2 hours. However, it’s always relative to the complexity and scope of your project.

Although we will charge you more for urgent assignments, it’s still something you can afford. We only do that so we can prioritize your work. Fair enough? Also, don’t be worried about quality. Our experts are used to working under short deadlines—you can’t beat experience!

Don’t Worry; We’re Legit

Yes. Some people believe that providing essay writing services to students is unethical. However, our aim is to make you a better student in the end. That’s why we always try to make the assignments as comprehensible as possible, so you can also learn how to do it yourself. Understood?

How Should I Use My Essay?

We do not condone unethical behavior, especially when it comes to education. As such, the paper delivered to you should be used as a sample to draft your own copy, which you can submit to your professor.

With that said, here’s the best way to use your custom essay.

  • Read through the paper delivered to you
  • Check the format our writers have used so that you apply them to your paper.
  • Use the references for more research

FYI, No Scammers Here

Unlike the many scam online essay writing services out there, CustomWritingBee is a reputable brand founded on honesty and transparency.

Here’s why;

We have a money-back guarantee that protects your money in case you encounter any inconvenience when transacting with us. Also, we only release your funds to our writers only when you are satisfied with the quality of your paper. This ensures that our assistants complete your paper as required.

Our Writers Have a Formula

Writing an A+ grade academic paper requires a combination of organization, research, grammar, and writing skills. Again, to write a great essay, you must use a systematic approach. That’s why we encourage all our writers to follow these steps when customizing your papers

  • Read and understand the assignment prompt
  • Research the topic extensively using authoritative sources
  • Create an outline for the paper
  • Write a first draft your paper
  • Formatting the paper to the required formatting style
  • Edit the paper
  • Submit for review by quality control before it is sent to you
  • Accept revision if requested

We Safeguard Your Money

Once you deposit the funds to our account, they are not released to the writers until the final copy is delivered and you are satisfied with their service.

In case you suspect anything fishy as you place your order, reach out to our support staff immediately.

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