What is business writing?

This is the relay of information in a documented fashion, meant to elicit a business response from your audience. In other words, a business writer becomes successful when he/she gets the reader to know something and use it to take action. It’s no crime if you have no clue on how to develop a business writing essay because we’re here to help!

Here’s How Our Business writing service Works

You decide to tour our website after a friend recommends you to us. Nervously, you cross your fingers and hope that what your friend told you matches what you will receive from this new custom business writing service.

Anyway, registering with us is quite easy. Follow these simple procedures to request business writing help.

Click on the ‘place order’ option found on our homepage

  • Provide requested details on our online filling form
  • Select ‘create account’ option at the bottom of the page
  • Proceed to pay
  • Click ‘finish’ when satisfied

Assignment lengths are elastic

There is no standard length for essays in learning institutions. They can range from a single page of 500 words to nine pages. Naturally, your lecturer would want you to apply a scientific approach from the collection of the data to its presentation. Sometimes you may find almost every time what you Google for online. Others, however, may have zero fruits to justify your labor.


Upload your requirements

You have logged on to our website. Great! As part of the registration process, we’ll ask you to give details of the business writing project you wish to have us do. These are on:

  • Paper word count
  • Research topic
  • Citation style

Giving us such information helps us to understand what you want precisely.


Connect with an elite business writer

Every field has its personnel who handle the work. For business projects, assigning you a competent writer who is well-familiarized in the subject is one of our top priorities. Additionally, for the period that you will be working with us (whether 3 hours, 14 days, or a month), you and your writer constantly stay in touch through phone calls and live chats. He or she goes digging for information exhaustively from every place their creative brain leads them. Surprisingly, it may come from their son, who is smarter than their age!


Receive an outline for your business doc

Your instructions form a perfect guide for designing a detailed structure for your essay. That is the introduction, body, and conclusion. Born out of this, constructing and distributing business writing content uniformly becomes easy.
These will help us to do the following;

  • Stay within the relevant topics of your project
  • Move systematically as we tick the checkboxes on each topic
  • Work within the time limits that the writing requires

We research projects extensively

Credibility is a trump card that we always keep at the top of our deck. We search far and wide to assemble for you authoritative information. Our resources include;

  • One-on-one interviews with renowned entrepreneurs.
  • Business journals
  • Newspapers
  • Photographs
  • Global corporate establishments.

Upon finishing, we gather and present the findings in a detailed report, ready for the next phase.


We compile the final draft

Your writer, after receiving the research report, puts together the final draft. After that, he forwards your work to our Quality Editorial Team. The men and women here are dedicated to making your work the closest thing to perfection.

  • Spelling blunders
  • Proofread for grammar mistakes
  • Required word count
  • Proper citation listings (Turabian, Oxford, California, MLA, APA)
  • Required business writing essay format

We do free plagiarism checks

We employ human resources to revise your work. Additionally, we scan your business writing paper through our plagiarism detector. What we were unable to see with human eyes, the software does. Its sophisticated system of mathematical algorithm enables it to scan through billions of sites in the world wide web for copying of any kind. As soon as one or a couple of them are detected, a flagging report immediately notifies us. It cites statements that are duplicated, together with their sources.


Download custom document from your email

When we’re satisfied that all these requirements have been met, we forward the paper to your email. A notification, either through text message or phone call, is made to you soon after. You can then proceed to check the document at your convenience.

Why You Need to Hire a Proficient Business writing service

What you learn and how the world works are disconnected. It is sad, but true that the courses you learn in academic institutions are primarily out of touch with the real world. It is an innate human instinct to survive, make an association between things, and create new ones with the knowledge you have. However, after years of studying a course, you end up forgetting most of what you’ve learned.

It’s not a taboo to seek assignment help

Not all assignments handed to you by your professor are a piece of cake. Unsurprisingly, it’s becoming increasingly popular for college and university students to hire writing help to do their work. We do too and consider these as valid reasons for you to hop into that bandwagon;

Decongest your assignment mailbox

One project after another is thrown your way, each lecturer stressing on the need for delivering them finished and on time. On the other hand, you have troublesome brothers and sisters to take care of at home. Things get crazier as exam dates get closer each time you blink! It won’t be long before your strain starts to show.

Your social life is going down the drain

You’ve lost count on the number of times you’ve turned down birthday party invitations, camping trips, and movie hangouts! And guess what? Assignments are eating up your weekends too! Gradually, assignment numbers keep rising, making every day a bland, endless loop for you.

Writing an excellent research paper is hard work

You’ve frequently visited the library to rummage through all kinds of books, just to get bits and pieces of information. You’ve managed to secure appointments with lecturers from different universities, staying positive that you will get the answers you are looking for. All these are great, but the time and money they cost you are more than you anticipated. Employing a business writing company saves you valuable time. Additionally, it plucks out the hustle of obtaining research information.

We’ve got industry-specific knowledge

It takes industry-specific knowledge to explain how something works, why it works, and the instruments involved to make this happen. You may not have any of this knowledge, and the little you do takes you only so far in preparing an essay.

Save time

You are a full-time employee working during the day. In the evenings, you have classes that most stretch until late hours. Missing out on either is a risky gamble with your future. Though you may try to balance them, at some point, they end up weighing you down.

How Custom writing Bee Makes Your Dream Come True

The above examples are a representation of millions of other scenarios. They all lead down the slippery slope of broken dreams, failed expectations, and poverty. As a business studies student, you need the help of professional hands that can guide you away from even the thought of this. Here are a couple of assurances that back this up:

Pursue your postgraduate without stress

We understand the emphasis lecturers put when telling their students to present relevant, well-researched projects. With high-quality work, we ensure your smooth sail through your degree course, and into masters or Ph.D. program should you wish to pursue them.

Good grades = great employment opportunities

The string of A+ scores becomes a frequent display on your transcripts, right up until you graduate with honors when you work with us. Consequently, prospective employers will be wowed by your papers and scramble just to hire you!

Get practical business knowledge

What we write for your assignments equips you with proper business knowledge that comes in handy when you want to start one. Its practical wisdom helps you solve some of the real-time issues around you.

Diligent Team of Expert Business writers

Our staff is well-learned in medicine, law, business, organizational management, among other disciplines. Besides, we’re in the United States of America, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Are you wondering how we pick our business writers?

Not just any applicant with a degree certificate fits the bill. We take time to cross-examine all who apply to work with us, men and women alike. Only those from institutions with names of good standing, excellent English in writing and speaking, and passionate about research work make the cut.

Good problem-solving skills

Clients that we work with present us with problems of different shapes and sizes. At times we may be in pressure situations. Only a person who can think outside the box is sure to come up with a viable solution.

Strong Inter-personal skills

Personnel may be knowledgeable in writing any sort of paper. However, how they relate to customers is a better indication of whether our company can make more sales or losses.


Right from the moment one of our staff takes on the job of a new client, he or she is responsible for them. Writing for and handling the client until their project paper is complete is expected of them.

Our Business writing services


Business writing covers several topics.
That is,

  • Economics
  • Business law
  • Project development using business ideas
  • Business plan formulation
  • Systems
  • High-level business management

We take each topic apart, examining its components from every source we deem relevant to them. After that, we use that information to prepare for you;

  • Reports
  • Theses
  • Brief essays
  • Case study assignments
  • Business management writings
  • Argumentative business projects

Perks for Using Our Business writing service

We love having customers around us! You are the reason why we are in business, and we cherish relationships forged out of this. To this end, we put in place some measures that make you as comfortable as possible:


You’ve probably heard stories about people creating ghost companies to collect personal information from unsuspecting applicants. Later on, they are milked dry of every hard-earned penny in their bank accounts. It’s prudent of you to think twice before engaging financially with any company, and we support your move. This is why we invite our first-time applicants to do a background check on us. They’re welcome to verify the information they see with relevant authorities before proceeding with us.

Your information is safe with us

Creating an account with Custom Bee Writing is easy. As a requirement for getting a business writing service, you are to fill in details of your name, academic level, and ID number. We’ll not share these details with a third party without your consent. Instead, we only use them for administrative purposes.

Tons of free business writing services

We are happy to have you as one of our customers. As part of our ‘gift pack’, you’re guaranteed to get the following;

  • Free essay formatting services
  • Free bibliography and title page
  • Editing and proofreading costs of your work are on the house
  • Free assignment samples
  • Zero charges on plagiarism checking

Discounts on assignments

Every penny that you give us is hard-earned, and we plan on making them worth your while. For our first time customers, they get to enjoy jaw-dropping discounts on their business writing projects. We haven’t forgotten about our regular clients either. After working with us for a lengthy period, our clients enjoy more discounts on business plan writing services gotten from us. Not only that, but you can also make the payment in installments for prolonged projects. How cool is that! Service before payment

Service before payment

For many online services, be it book stores, sports equipment or clothing, customers are required to pay first before receiving their chosen items. A couple of pictures are placed alongside their descriptions, and you pay to complete a transaction. However, for many, they end up getting something different than what they saw in the pictures! To ensure that you get business writing services that you paid for, we send a copy of your final draft via email for your perusal. Only when you are satisfied with it can you authorize PayPal to release funds.

Round-the-clock customer service

Anytime you wish to call us to verify or add bits and pieces of information to your project, we are here to help. With our service numbers provided on the homepage of our website, the next available staff member can be in a position to help you out as soon as they can. Live chats with your essay handler are an option too. We believe that having this face to face conversation enables you to feel at home. As for emails, we’ll respond within 24 hours of receipt.

We refund you all your cash

Are you familiar with the ‘no-refunding-of-money-once-goods-are-sold’ policy? We bet you are! You’ve experienced it so many times in stores, supermarkets among a long list of other businesses that you subconsciously assume everyone uses it. Well, not us! Should your business writing project be delayed past its deadline, you will be compensated. You are entitled to receive full reimbursement of the money you had deposited for the assignment.

Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

We send an online copy of your essay through the email address present in your account. Soon after, you are prompted via an email alert or phone call to check and verify it. We’ll send it over in pdf file format. Lastly, if you want a plagiarism report accompanying your work, it can be arranged.

We value the integrity of our clients’ research work. Using it to market ourselves to other customers, or as a sample to be scanned against when looking for plagiarism is strictly prohibited. We’ll store your business writing project in our database. Besides, we’ll only use it when revising your work or any other request involving it that you might bring to our attention.

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Custom writing Bee boasts of some of the business writers across the entire custom-writing industry. Our service is not only quite reliable but affordable as well. Whether you’re in the corporate sector or are a student seeking assignment help, we’ve got you covered.
You can relax as we craft a professional document that will wow your professor or your business stakeholders. Place your custom business writing order now.

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