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Plagiarism is theft. It’s a grave infringement on copyright regulations. It is also very unethical if not plain lazy. With our free plagiarism checker, you can avoid some horrible endings.

Picture this, you’re compiling research for your research project, and you’re getting information from various peer-reviewed journals, and online libraries. After two weeks of researching and compiling 20 pages of hard text, you submit your project to your instructor and wait for an A+ grade. After all the academic essay you did, an A+ seems deserving.

Instead of good news, you’re summoned to the dean’s office for submitting plagiarized work, and your studies are now in jeopardy. That’s not a very good story. Thanks to our online plagiarism checker, your narrative can be different. You can submit your academic project, be it a research paper, a dissertation, or a two-page essay argumentative essay with confidence. Before you submit your next assignment, check plagiarism on your document with our free plagiarism checker.

That’s the only way to be sure that your academic essay won’t be flagged for plagiarism. But first,

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism can be described as the duplication, whether in parts or whole, of another individual, organization, or group’s work without recognition. Simply put, you use somebody else’s content without attributing it to them.

As a student, copying and pasting material can land you in real trouble once your lecturer finds out. Instead of gambling with your academic life, you can eliminate all doubts concerning your paper’s originality by using our online plagiarism checker.


When this continues for a while, it can even go undetected at first. However, it might end up damaging your reputation as a student and employee in the future.
But it doesn’t have to come to that. With our free plagiarism checker, you can avoid all these forms of fraud, and legitimize your writings.

Forms of Plagiarism You Didn’t Know About

As long as I don’t copy and paste words or sentences, I shouldn’t be in trouble, right? Wrong! There are many forms of plagiarism, most of which we are guilty of committing at one point. Don’t be shy to check yourself if you’re a victim of either. They include;

  • Taking an individual’s ideas and fitting them to appear as your own; it could be a way of looking at things or a topic
  • Eliminating quotation marks for quotes to cover up someone else’s statement
  • Using different words to describe the same idea that someone else talked about, without giving recognition to that person
  • Adopting another person’s words as yours
  • Misinforming your audience on your source of words or ideas. For example, when a student adds multiple citations that they found in one publication, ones they have never read
  • Altering the wording of a sentence from its source but duplicating the sentence layout without giving the due credit
  • Self-plagiarism. As a student, you can do this by submitting your previous work, only scantily edited
  • Spoofing; it merely means copying another person’s project to trivialize his or her efforts
  • Paying homage to someone through vague references

Why You Need our Free Plagiarism Checker

Copying someone else’s work and then pasting as your assignment is a risky move as a student. This may be because you are running late, or you simply don’t have a clue as to how to develop your material. Most plagiarism checker sites, other than students and writers, have teachers as their clients. Imagine him or her scanning your essay for duplication, only to have dozens of flags for them!

Why would leave the opportunity to check for plagiarism free of charge? Why would you risk all these? Here are some of the reasons why you want to use our online plagiarism checker before submitting your assignment.

Thesis Papers Writing

It’s disheartening to work on a school project, only to be flopped by your teachers for copying your material. A string of bad grades throughout your studies can end up blocking your chances of stepping up for a master’s degree or even a PhD.

It will cost you only a minute to check for plagiarism with our plagiarism detector.

Or would you rather risk embarrassment?

Your professor can expose you to other students for fraudulent academic conduct. This is for you to serve as an example of repercussions, or other teachers being permanently suspicious of your work.

Learning institutions take copying someone’s work without proper referencing a grave violation of the universal academic protocols. If you’re the kind that doesn’t like being in the limelight for bad behavior, use our plagiarism checker to proof your document.

Suspension or expulsion

The most common plagiarism cases in schools arise from students being given large chunks of assignments in a limited period. When you’re caught cheating this way, you’re sent to the disciplinary committee, pending further disciplinary action.

Depending on the nature of their infraction, your professor may decide to give you a break or expel you altogether. Is that something you’re willing to risk? I didn’t think so. Check for plagiarism with our free software and avoid getting sent away from school.

Using someone’s work without proper references is illegal

Yes, you could go to jail for not using our free plagiarism checker. It’s free, just use it and avoid jail time. No matter how unique you feel your essay or article is, you can’t be 100% sure unless you run your content through a plagiarism checker. This is especially true for careers.

Copyrighted material can attract fines, in that the original creator would demand some form of compensation. For worse cases, punishment may include criminal charges or even imprisonment

Blacklisting by Google search engine

Google is a sucker for fresh content. Maybe that’s why it hates people plagiarizing content so much. As such, you must ensure that your content is unique, lest you run the risk of being blacklisted by Google as fraudsters. This may result in loss of business opportunities as not many would want to be associated with a brand that’s been flagged for several copyright infringements.

Don’t succumb to this fate, use our free plagiarism checker today, and avoid losing your business over silly copyright issues.

Loss of job opportunities in the future

Copying work now can follow you into your career life as a habit. For professionals such as journalists, educational columnists, and creators, your work can be stopped or panned because of duplication.

In some cases, you may end up switching careers to avoid the stigma that comes with a stained reputation. Our plagiarism checker is here so that you don’t lose your job, and that you may keep receiving new and better career opportunities in future.

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What Separates Us from Other Homework Help Websites?

We know how crucial your coursework is to you. For some, studies are their only hope for a brighter future. As one of the leading custom essay writing services, checking documents for plagiarism is at the heart of our service.All of our custom essays are written from scratch by highly qualified and vetted researchers who understand the value of original work. Additionally, we check for plagiarism and only submit your custom essay when it is 100% free from plagiarism.

What’s more, we search your document for plagiarism against millions of websites and publications from ProQuest, our trusted databank partner. This way, you have certifiable proof that your custom essay is 100% original. Additionally, we’re distinguished from other essay writing services through:

Unique, well written and adequately researched work

Quick yet accurate scan of your text for plagiarized words or statements. For a more in-depth scan to unravel more details, subscribe to our premium service. When you subscribe to our premium plagiarism checker, you’ll get, Suggestions on how to rephrase sentences, Word replacement ideas, Punctuation corrections, Names and pages of websites, journals, electronic books, and any other publication from which you might have lifted information, Calculations on the originality of their document. The more unique their work, the higher the ratings,

Offering you 100% value for using our custom essay service

Our custom essay writing service offers both free and paid subscription services. If you prefer to check for plagiarism for free, you can upload up to 1,000 words at a time, and only plagiarism will be detected. For paid subscriptions, you can upload up to 5,000 words at one go. You can also enjoy additional features such as grammar check, citation check, punctuation, among others.

Many online plagiarism checkers are offering free services, some of which are true. However, 60% of them are a scam. The choice is yours. You can use our free plagiarism checker, or you can subscribe to our premium service and enjoy some additional perks.

Our Online Plagiarism Checker Aligns with Our Strict Privacy Policy

For starters, we’ll store your document in total secrecy. Nobody in public or private space will be able to view your research paper. If you hire us to write a custom essay for you, we’ll perform a plagiarism check, and the contents of your custom essay will remain 100% confidential.

Some unscrupulous individuals use online plagiarism checkers as a source for free academic essays. They download them and sell to unsuspecting buyers. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about your paper being stolen or resold. When it comes to your identification details, you can rest assured that they are used responsibly. I.e. for internal purposes, including administration, scan summaries, or payment.

How Does your Plagiarism Checker Work?

Thanks to the improved technology of algorithm formulation, we have been able to integrate more functions into our plagiarism checker. For starters, our plagiarism checker factors in related terms, choice of words, and linguistic regularities too. What’s more, it can be used across various programs, such as iOS, Windows, and mobile devices. Additionally, the assimilation of Google Drive is a new feature in our program. This means that documents can be uploaded directly from the drive to our online plagiarism checker.

  • Open our website using our address.
  • Click on the ‘About me’ page.
  • Select the ‘scan document’ option. A blank text box will appear, where you can choose to upload your file from different storage or drag and drop your material.
  • Select ‘proceed to scan’ to kick off the process.
  • Select ‘plagiarism report’ next to the proceed scanning option. A detailed report on your document will appear on the screen, with the option of downloading it as a PDF file.

For premium users, you can select the areas highlighted by our online plagiarism checker. Or you can proceed to download and print a pdf file of your report.


Here’s Why Using an Online Plagiarism Checker Beats Manual Proofreading

In this era of technological advancement, we want to get things done swiftly and with zero mistakes. After all, who doesn’t want to sit back, relax, and watch a movie or visit someplace they’ve been anticipating?

However, some people might have reservations when it comes to adopting new technology like our online plagiarism checker. They say old is gold; or is it? Are you the type who’d rather check for plagiarism manually? Here’s why you are losing out.

A manual plagiarism check is exhausting!

Proofreading your 3,000-word assignment may be cumbersome to them, even if they have an excellent command of English. They may be biased toward a certain style of sentence construction, may overlook some grammatical errors, or fail to add necessary corrections to your essay.

However, being one of the best plagiarism checkers in the market, custombeewriting.com will need just 10 seconds of your time, and we’re done! Secondly,

It isn’t the most exciting job in the world

You could be headed to watching that awesome movie that has just premiered in cinema, but necessity pins you down to finish your assignment first. Well, those days are long gone! As soon as you upload your academic essay on our online plagiarism checker, you might as well start wearing your shoes heading on out. You are welcome!

You need knowledge of proper citations and referencing

Remember, to avoid plagiarism. You must nail your citations. Proper referencing is something most students aren’t conversant with. As such, they rarely get this bit right. Sometimes, students wrongly assume that the lecturer won’t look too hard into the references cited. If anything, they think the instructor will be impressed with the large database of books, journals, and academic papers they used for research. While doing extensive research is crucial, proper referencing is equally essential.

To ensure that your work isn’t flagged for plagiarism, we not only use our plagiarism checker but also rely on our vast knowledge of various referencing methods.

Mind Explaining the Payment Procedure?

Whether you are paying for your premium plagiarism checker subscription, or want to buy a custom essay from us, we use a simple payment procedure. Our payment platform is PayPal, all done online, including electronic receipts. As payment currency, we accept:

  • British Pound
  • Euro To begin this process
  • Go to homepage
  • Click on ‘payment.’
  • Select the ‘currency’ option
  • Enter your credit or debit card details
  • Click accept upon reading and agreeing on terms and conditions.

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Do you want to check whether the custom essay you bought from us is free from plagiarism? Why not use our free plagiarism checker? Checking for plagiarism doesn’t mean that your work isn’t original. It’s only a precaution to ensure that your work is 100% original, which is a significant aspect, not only in learning but also in the creative world at large.

Take advantage of our free offer today. Proof your custom essay with our online plagiarism checker today.

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