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Writing a business plan shouldn't be complicated, but for some bizarre reason, sometimes it is. In the same way, some people are better at technical studies and others in social sciences; some are better than others at writing business plans. It is nothing to beat yourself up about; it is also why we due diligently offer our help to you in writing a professional business plan.

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Do you need help writing a business plan? Is the deadline closing in fast? Wait no more. You can trust us with all your business plan writing needs.

Use the step-by-step procedure below to request our help.

Tell Us Your Needs

Use our order form to specify your business plan writing requirements. Tell us the number of words you need, types of charts, tone of the business plan, and the due date. Besides, you can provide the banks or investor's information as your instructor or professor directed. Then, our system will automatically calculate and display the cost of your order.

Proceed with Payments

Pay for your order through PayPal. Then you will connect with our writers who will start working on your document immediately.

Review Your Professional business plan.

Once completed, we will send your document via email. Download and check it. If you need improvements, direct our writer (who worked on your paper), and he/she will revise your document (free of charge).

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Once our writer has corrected the document, download it and start using it right away.


Why You Need Help Write a Professional business plan

It’s Tiresome

As a student pursuing business, your professor or lecturer may need you to write a professional business plan. Most importantly, he expects a high-quality and unique business plan. In other words, you can't just copy and paste internet stuff and submit it to him. Consequently, you need to do in-depth research, which, of course, requires a great deal of time.

And…You Don’t Have All That Time

Maybe you have the knowledge and understanding needed to write a business plan. But for some reason, you don't have enough time to write the business plan. In this case, you need help.

It's Even More dreadful

Don't forget the balance sheets, cash flow statements, and income statements that you need to include in some of the business plans. Maybe you lack a solid understanding of creating all these statements and sheets, which can make writing a business plan a more dreadful and time-consuming task for you. I take it this is where you yell, "I need help writing a business plan!"

We’re The Smart Choice for Professional business plan Writing

It sure seems like a bold claim, and interestingly, bold is the description of our business plan writing services. Enough of that. Here are the reasons why we are a smart choice for you when it comes to writing a business plan:


Reasonable Rates

We have structured our pricing scheme to suit your tight budget. Thus, you can save some cash to cater for your other essential needs.
Besides that, we have no hidden costs. You may have heard of some websites which quote you a low price later to hit you with extra charges. But with us, you pay once, and then you wait for your finalized document. <


Unique and Polished Work

We understand your needs for unique and 100% plagiarism-free business plans. For this reason, we use cutting-edge plagiarism checker software to counter-check your business plan. The software traces any copied content from the internet. We then correct any plagiarized section (in case there is one). Eventually, you get an original professional business plan.
Besides, our editors counter check business plans for errors. They get rid of any grammatical errors, factual inaccuracies, among others, to make your business plan stand out.


Confidentiality and Security

We don't share your data with third parties. Besides, we use secure card processors such as PayPal, who keep off hackers from accessing your credit card information. As a result, the transactions you do through our site are safe.

More so, we keep your professional business plan secure, and we don't publish your finalized business plan to other sites. As such, you have full control of the business plans that we tailor for you. And you can confidently use them in the future.

We keep your funds safe until you approve the business plan our professional writers have tailored for you.


Quick and Simple

We understand late assignment submission can cause you poor grades. As such, we keep our writers on toes when writing a business plan that suits your needs.

We value your time. That’s why our system enables you to find a writer within minutes. Once you pay for the business plan writing service, you will have access to our dashboard that's easy to navigate.

And lastly, to help you save even more time, we have simplified the ordering process. We understand that you have lots of essential tasks that demand your attention. Thus, our system will guide you through the ordering process.


Specialized Expert Team.

Before we hire writers, we pass them through an intensive hiring process to ensure that they have the right business plan writing knowledge and skills. As such, we end up with expert business plan writers who can't settle for less - only quality professional business plan services.


Direct Connection with Writers

As your reliable business plan writing service, we have developed a chat system for you. As such, you can check on your project's progress and make corrections early in the writing process.


24/7 Friendly Customer Support

Get timely feedback for your inquiries. In regards to this, our customer care support is available 24/7 to ensure you get instant feedback. Where applicable, you will receive a detailed, informative feedback with relevant explanations. What's more, you can reach us through our online and offline platforms.

Our live chat operates 24/7. So, rest assured that you will get assistance even in those wee hours. Also, you can drop us a message with your query or reach us through our telephone number. And we will respond to you just in time.


Guaranteed Satisfaction

Firstly, we offer you free unlimited revisions for your business plan. So, you can request us to revise your document once you spot any flaw it (though this rarely occurs). And our writers will review the paper to your satisfaction.

And secondly, we offer a money-back guarantee. We use the money-back guarantee system in cases where you are completely dissatisfied with our services (which rarely occurs). But in case this happens, reach out to our support staff. Explain your issue. And we will work on your case as per our terms and conditions.

Additional Perks of Our Business Plan Writing

A+ Grades Guaranteed

Our professional business plan writers use professional and proven business plan structures. As such, expect a unique and outstanding business plan to earn you those senior grades you deserve.

Free Samples

We have lots of free samples at your disposal. More to this, we design them to help you while writing a business plan. And most importantly, they are to inspire various aspects of your coursework. So, take advantage of them and raise your business plan writing skills to another level.

Urgent Business Plan Writing Service

Short deadline causing you stress and panic? Take it easy. Drop us that "I need help writing a business plan" request. And our qualified writers will help you write that business plan assignment.

However, you pay an extra charge for this service because we will give priority to your business plan assignment. So, count on us to deliver your urgent business plan assignment on time.

Discounts and Bonuses

We have special discounts, and what's more, you can earn bonuses and discounts when you refer a friend to our services. Thus, enjoy our business plan writing services at cheaper rates.
With that said, this is how we award discounts and bonuses:

  • Earn a 10% discount for all orders above 100USD.
  • Earn a 7% lifetime discount for being our return customer.
  • Earn a 10% referral discount on all customers you refer to our services.
  • Earn a 3 % lifetime discount on all referrals' orders.

Our Quality Assurance

We go big

Vague custom writing service is not our thing. So, don’t hesitate to boost your grades through us. A+ grades are what we care most about and everything else comes later.

We safeguard your vision

Besides, we understand that low-quality services not only injure our reputation but will negatively affect your goals and vision. Thus, providing you with a quality business plan, writing service is not an option for us.

We walk the talk

What’s more? Our business plan writers are always doing their very best to provide you with the quality of custom writing service you crave. So, you can have fun and let us write a professional business plan for you.

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Passion is Our Fuel

Not just for money

Undoubtedly, as a company, we are in the writing business. But interestingly, we don’t just do it for the money. We go beyond that to help you excel academically. You want to see why and how?

We can’t help but do it

This is the thing: We love writing, and it is our hobby. As a result, our writers will, with unmatched passion, take your business plan writing assignment seriously. Result? A Professional business plan crafted as per your say.

Our Business plan writing services Keep Getting Better

Improvement is key to us. We know that to help you in writing a business plan consistently, we have to keep on sharpening our tools. How do we achieve this?

We regularly evaluate our writers and editors

We ensure that our writing staff has the right and relevant skills. And consequently, we maintain quality business writing services to our clients.

We regularly update our writers' ranks

The highest-ranking writers get first bids on your business plan project. Thanks to our automated ranking system. Thus, writers can’t help but up their writing game.

Writers can keep track of your business plan project

Our writers know the time you assigned them the project, the due time and date, and the remaining hours before your deadline. So, don’t panic. They will help you beat that crucial deadline


Our Simple and Proven Writing Process

Writing an A+ grade business plan document requires a combination of organization, research, and writing skills. So, to write such a delicate report, you must use a proven systematic approach. As a result, here is the method we encourage our writers to use:


At this stage, our writers do a market and business research needed for your professional business plan, and this ensures that your business plan is relevant and up-to-date.


Our writers then combine all the findings from the research stage to write the first draft of your business plan, and what's more, they can send you this draft as a preview of your document.


We then edit the draft for you. Here, we do a strict Quality assessment. We check if the design and the business plan content is as per the requirements.


Lastly, we send you the finalized business plan. And if you need any improvement, our writers do the revisions for you (at no cost).

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Sneak Peek into Our Business Plan Outline

Every business plan may have a unique structure. But generally, each business plan we write contains the following:

Company's summary

Specifies what the company sells, its customers, and the problem the company solves.

Problems and solutions

Indicates possible challenges and possible solutions to those challenges.

Market details

Specifies a company's benefits, the aspects of the target market, and competitors.

Team details

Shows the team members involved in the business.

Types of Business Plans You Can Buy from Us

Our business plan writing services rely on professional talent from our expert writers. As such, we are uniquely qualified to handle all types of business plan writing you need.
Here are some of the types of business plans we can write for you:

Start-up business plans

Start-up business plans enable new companies to flesh out the steps required to start their new business. A typical startup business plan should describe the company, the product or service the business supplies, market evaluations, and the projected management team.

Internal business plans

Internal business plans target a specific audience within a particular business. A domestic business plan describes the company's current state, including profitability and operational costs. Also, they need to show (through calculations) how the business will repay the capital required.

Strategic business plans

Strategic business plans show a company's goals and how the company will achieve its goals. But it is important to note that their structure differs from business to business. Most strategic plans consist of business vision and mission, detailed definition of critical success factors, implementation schedule, and strategies of achieving business goals and objectives.

Growth business plans

Growth business plans are mostly written by companies that require investment for their company's growth. They may consist of a description of the company, the officers, and its management. Moreover, growth plans should have enough details to impress the target investors.

Feasibility of business plans

A feasibility business plan should specify a company's customers and guarantee that the business will return a profit. Besides, they should describe the need for a product or service, indicate the target customers, required capital, and recommendations for moving forward.

Operations business plans

An operations business plan consists of elements related to the company's operations. They should specify implementation markers, employees' responsibilities, and goal achievement deadlines for the coming year.

But First, Why Should You Write a Business Plan?

Master The craft

Of course, you need good grades. But that's not all. At the end of your studies, you should have mastered the art of business plan writing. Imagine how humiliating it can be if you complete your business studies and realize that you know nothing about this craft!

Excel Your Multi-Dollar Business

Here is another case scenario. Suppose you have a multi-dollar business idea, and you need to convince investors to come on board. You will need a professional business plan to persuade them on why they should fund your project. So, knowing how to craft an irresistible professional business plan will enable you to boost your capital for that future business.

Make Ends Meet

On an even better note, you can learn the art of writing business plans to earn a living. There is a whole world of people out there in need of your skills. I know this sounds dope, but remember, knowing how to construct a professional business plan is not an art you learn overnight. But that is why you are here, isn't it? Custom writing bee is more than obliged to help.

As your loyal friend, not only do we write business plans for you, we also ensure you learn a thing or two about business plans. After writing a business plan for you, we will deliver it to you, and you will get to,

  • Gain more insight into how to structure the best professional business plans.
  • Learn how to design an outstanding business plan.
  • Learn how to present your ideas in the right tone to help you achieve success.
  • Help your classmates. There may be classmates who haven't accessed our services. You can help them using the ideas you learn from the custom business plan we have tailored for you.

At custom writing bee, our mission is to make your student life easy, smooth, and fun. We will help you write a professional business plan that will attract those excellent grades that you desire. Besides, we will help you learn how to craft your professional business plan while writing a quality business plan through us.

We do all these, at affordable rates, more so our business plan writing experts can write unique and professional business plans for you. We assure you that we write all our business plans from scratch. As a result, they are always 100% original and unique. So, you can trust us with all your business plan writing needs.

Our expert writers have specialized in various business plan writing fields. Thus, they have experience and vast expert knowledge to write quality business plans of any discipline.
Some of the business plan disciplines we handle include but are not limited to;

  • A food chain franchise business plan
  • Private dentistry business plan
  • Self-storage business plan
  • Online clothing store business plan
  • Attorney employment agency business plan

Drop us That “Need Help writing a business plan” Request

Order a custom business plan from us today, and wait as it is tailor-made to your liking. The wait will be worth your time. That is a guarantee.

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