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We deposit 10% of your referrals’ spending to your wallet for ALL their orders

Earn Money by Referring Friends - How it Works

What do you need to do? First of all, you have to recommend our service to your friends. After they have placed an order with us upon your recommendation, you will get bonuses from each of your friends` purchases. You can get an appealing 10% bonus from each new person you attract to our company. At the same time, the first-time customers to our company will get their bonuses for placing the first order.

Create an account

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Refer your friends

Your network signups with the unique referral link.

Referrals place orders

Your network subscribes to any of our services.

Order Done—You Earn!

Earn some commission as our tutors earn their share.


Not the end—Earn more for ALL orders your referrals make.

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If you are searching for an additional source of income, do not hesitate to contact our company and we will provide you with a perfect chance for you to earn money without spending much time on work.

Spread the Word - Get Paid to Invite Friends

We don’t just take from your wallet—we top it up! Our simple referral program lets you share our services with your network—family, friends, classmates, and other students on social media. Once you invite a single customer, consider it an investment. You know why? We give you a 10% discount for every service your referrals purchase from us. That tells you the more you invite, the more you make money.

Share and get loyalty 25 points

Share and get loyalty 25 points

Share and get loyalty 25 points

Share and get loyalty 25 points

Our Top Performers

They May Be Enjoying Jaccuzi With Pina Coloda, While Their Money Grows!

Kevin Dre
- Canada
per month

"Can't believe I'm here just seven months since I set my eyes on Custom Writing Bee !". I get overly excited every time I refer and earn because it tops up my pocket money. It's my place, ain't leaving any time soon!

Manuel Scott
- Australia
per month

"I received a random invite from my classmate and, just like any other referral program, ignored it for a week. Seeing how she performed well in our next test, I had to give it a second thought. Jumped into the platform, ordered a paper, and was pretty by the swiftness and quality. Like a good friend, I had to share it with my friends. And a year down the line, I’m still doing this—it’s the best referral programs to make money. I can vouch for the entire team 100%.

Ashley Bellar
- California
per month

"Making money doesn’t have to be so challenging—at least CustomWritingBee is proving this to me. I joined a couple of months ago and can’t believe I’ve already made it this far. When I tell classmates that I earn money by referring friends to this platform, most of them won’t believe it until they’ve actually joined. Most of them are always skeptical until they get the funds to their PayPal accounts. Generally, it’s a referral website I won’t blink inviting a friend."

Why Use CustomWritingBee Affiliate Program?

It’s a Win-Win Scheme

We do not take advantage of our students. We guarantee a 10% discount on your referrals spending on CustomeWritingBee. That means you earn 100 dollars per referral worth 1000 dollars.

Perhaps you won’t have all that from a single order, but inviting more students and friends will help you scale up your earnings over time.

You’ll Love Our Simplicity!

As we’ve noted in the “how it works” section, you only need to create an account to get started. You can then share your referral link to promote and earn money right from your mobile device.

Sometimes you don’t even need to care where you throw the link. Post it on your social medial walls and let those you care about benefit!

No Limits; Keep Earning!

As long as your referrals keep using our services, we credit your wallet automatically. You make money referring new customers even when you have no idea that they actually purchased our services.

That’s the reason we emphasize the essence of inviting as many friends as you can because it only boosts your earnings, ultimately.

Use Our Custom Creatives

We have customized our customer referral program ideas on posters, texts, and emails to help you share easily and land new referrals. We are aware that sometimes it can be quite challenging to connect with new referrals or convince them.

These custom materials relieve you of the heck of creating your own for the best experience.

Freedom Using Your Earnings

CustomWritingBee gives you two key options through which you can utilize your funds. First, you can get paid for referrals to your PayPal, and two, you can request free academic help from our tutors.

The only condition for the latter option is—your earnings should be sufficient to fund your order either partially or fully.

Orderly Earning Statistics

As part of transparency values, our technicians have included a statistics panel on your dashboard so you can track your performance easily in real-time.

Once you earn and get paid for referrals, it all appears on your board. That boosts your trust and confidence in our services and even encourages you to keep inviting more friends.

Custom Writing Bee affiliate marketing quick statistics


Active Affiliates Around

USD 280,000+

Amount Bagged Successfully

USD 400+

Affiliates’ Monthly Earnings

Refer and earn huge discounts

Did you know you can get custom assignment writing and make some extra cash on the side? Yes, you read it right! All you need to do is refer your friends, colleagues, or relatives to our site and enjoy incredible commissions. Sure, it sounds too good to be true—but we’re genuine!

Join our affiliate program
We offer a 7% discount on all your subsequent orders. However, this discount increases progressively—the more you place orders, the more we give you better deals.
Any discount or bonus you earn is deposited in your account wallet—which you get once you create a Custom Writing Bee account. Note that you can transfer your discounts to your friends’ wallet—in case you want to gift them. The program applies to everyone, provided you comply with our discounts and bonuses policy.


All orders above 100 USD earn a 0.1% discount.
We offer a lifetime 7% discount for all return customers.
10% referral discount on all customers you sit down with, courtesy of Gradewriters.
3% lifetime bonus earned on all referrals and their orders.

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