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Preparing medical writing projects is a meticulous process, one that requires an expert writer. With the advancement in technology in many fields known to man, innovations in medicine have re-shaped its landscape. In pharmaceuticals, for example, the invention of new drugs to tackle specific diseases comes with a string of paperwork that includes both legal and preclinical documentation.

How We Are Tailored to Fit Your Expectations

Our team: who we are

Behind every successful company is a squad of professionals. The men and women present in our staff are graduates from esteemed universities, each with either a Master’s Degree or PhD in fields of law, business, organizational management, and many more. Therefore, our medicine graduates will be able to offer you top-of-the-range medical writing projects that few can beat. How so? We take our time to pick writers who are;

  • Fluent speakers and essayists
  • Knowledgeable in advanced research techniques
  • Open-minded
  • American

Yes, we can!

If you’re looking for writing help, with custom writing bee, consider your worries as past tense. The kind of medical writing service we offer will save you valuable time. Our medical research analysts work together to assemble, structure, revise, and hand to your medical content in the most terminology-friendly means that meet university regulations. We dare say that this will earn your professor’s good commendation and put a smile on your face!

What makes us a big piece of the puzzle

We are fully aware of the changing trends in discoveries and market dynamics. New medicine has to be passed through incredibly complex processes of regulation policies, as well as clinical trials resulting from market research. Because of this, a medical writer picked for you will be working on your medical writing project. His or

Why it won’t hurt asking for help

Fields of medical writing include pharmacology, biotechnology, and medical devices. Principles ingrained in these areas, as mentioned earlier, center on drug development. They can be complicated, fluid, and sensitive. A valuable amount of time and resources are required of you to do research and compile this kind of work. Let’s face it; it’s far from easy when you try applying the time, primarily when you are held up elsewhere like interning in a hospital during the day. Maybe you’re responsible for taking care of your younger siblings at home. Perhaps you’re a volunteer in a non-profit organization that takes up most of your day. Regardless, you end up feeling exhausted by the time you sit down to take out your notebook in class!

We Guarantee You

Value for Your Money

Say we’ve finished your medical writing paper and forwarded it to your email, and after taking a look at it, you need some things amended. Our editing team do just that and once again forward you your assignment. Under circumstances where you are still not satisfied, we refund your money as soon as possible.

Additionally, we do not handle your funds directly. We hold the payment you make for the project in our payment system account. According to our policy, we receive your money only when you’ve received your work and have seen it as satisfactory.

Your anonymity, our duty

Custom writing bee provides you with terms and conditions that legally secure your privacy. All agreements reached between you and us are strictly confidential. By signing an online privacy policy form, we will ensure that we uphold our agreement commitments to the latter. In addition to this, no one will ever use your information to solicit a bribe in exchange for your data privacy.

Besides, our databases store your assignments, including medical writing projects, any editing is done, conversations had through live chat recordings or emails are. We only share these writings with you.

How our information is pin-point accurate

We have many medical practitioners in our medical writing company, so the information they get access to in everyday interactions with patients, stakeholders in the industry as well as opinion experts in global trends forms the base of your work. That way, we guarantee that your references are not only up-to-date but verifiable..

Original content

Have you been looking forward to scoring an A+ in your tests this semester? And the dozens of semesters after that? Well, consider this a dream come true! We, Custom writing bee, use our 15 years of experience to give you the kind of material that you will never find online. How do we back up this claim?

We’re spontaneous with ideas

The medical writer handling your project is on consultation with the other staff members at regular intervals, brainstorming on various ideas and topics for your assignment.

Master’s degree or PhD-holding researchers are handling your essay. They are familiar with university rules and regulations that come with assignments, so you can sit back and relax.

Privacy; has it been violated before?

So you’ve been filling our account sign up forms on our website. All of a sudden, you feel a cold sensation run through your fingers when asked to provide us with your name, ID number, and other biodata. Have you been exposed before? Well, it’s natural to be a little hesitant to relay such information, almost wishing that it wasn’t a mandatory requirement in the registration process.

We’ll thorough-check your work

We have plagiarism checker software. Duplicated content is scary not just for the student but also for the medical writing company handling their assignment as well. Should your professor catch you cheating, you may be failed in that test, suspended, or even expelled. Teachers won’t be so lenient in grading your essays in the future, and your classmates may consider you a cheat and make fun of you.

On our end, our system will flag plagiarized content. Also, our website may drop in results search page ranking (RSPR), eventually stricken out by Google, which means that you won’t be able to access medical writing service in the future, a deadly blow to both of us, wouldn’t you agree? To ensure that being banned for plagiarism does not happen, our plagiarism detector scans your content against billions of websites to ensure that it is copy-free. Secondly, our writers are native citizens in Australia, the US, Canada, and England. They write and speak fluent English.

How to Order Medical Assignment Help

To avoid the headache associated with customers disappearing into unknown pages looking for how to place an order, we put it right at our doorstep. In six simple steps a student can be able to accomplish this;

  • Go to our website’s homepage
  • Click on the ‘place order’ icon
  • Fill in your assignment details online form to place an order
  • Press account at the bottom of the page to create one
  • Proceed with payment details
  • Click to finish

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Our Medical Writing Services


Case studies

You have a desire to study real-life medical issues, propelling you to pursue medicine. Doing case studies is part of this journey, in that the insights you give on particular matters may have practical application powers. To assist you in your quest, we write case studies that are;

  • Thoroughly researched
  • Compliant with citation requirements (MLA, APA, Turabian, Harvard, and Oxford)
  • Meet the wording threshold.
  • Suited to your audience

Medical Academic writing

Medical writing projects are part of your coursework, and how you score in them goes a long way in determining not only whether you’ll pursue higher degrees or not, also your career. We do dissertations, white papers, scientific paper researches, etc. Aside from these, we also look at New Drug Applications (NDA).


Revision: Our Quality Editorial Team will handle it

Medical writing projects are part of your coursework, and how you score in them goes a long way in determining not only whether you’ll pursue higher degrees or not, also your career. We do dissertations, white papers, scientific paper researches, etc. Aside from these, we also look at New Drug Applications (NDA).

There, a panel of English-savvy individuals combs your medical custom essay for

  • Correct weak sentence and phrase construction
  • Check whether there are any misplaced commas, full stops, hyphens, colons, or semi-colons
  • Determine the sentence and paragraph lengths.
  • Take out Repetitive phrases
  • Fix spelling mistakes
  • Add citations and references where necessary

We’ll run through our plagiarism checker one more time

Upon detecting, they are corrected and proofread again. It is also passed through our plagiarism checker software for its finishing touch. Using the ProQuest databank as our background reference, we ensure that your material is genuinely unique.


Customer support

The need to regularly know the progress of your work is understandable to us. Our phone number provided on the homepage on our website enables you to get updates. For long projects, you can get them chapter by chapter. As for short ones, it is quick and informative. Additionally, you can call us at any time and still be assisted. How so? Our team is located in different countries worldwide, each in different time zones. Even if you wake up at 3 am and call us, one of our staff members will be in a position to attend to your needs.


Experience the true back-and-forth editing dynamic

Should you want to add bits of information as your medical paper writing progresses, we are more than happy to include your findings! Just explain to us what you wish us to add, where, and how many times. It’s that easy!

Benefits of Choosing Us for Your Medical Project

As a medical writing company that has been in existence for a long time, we have grown to understand your innermost desires.

We Have a Great Payment Plan

We have discounts for both our new and accustomed clients. Aside from this, our clients can make their payments in instalments, especially for much bigger projects.

We Promise an unforgettable customer experience

Right from checking into our webpage to receiving your electronic project copy in your email, we change you from a pair of capable hands to another. On calling for inquiries, it will be responded to immediately. As for emails, they are typically handled within 24 hours.

Chats with your medical writer are live, giving you real-time feedback - not some automated computer response! We listen patiently and attentively to your input, factoring into your project to shape it as you imagine it.

Expect Nothing Less of exceptional.

We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of data, including the most unlikely sources. Our creative team investigates every aspect of a particular argument, asks the experts, tests it out against other theories before including it in your assignment. Therefore, when we say that your medical paper writing is first-class material, we mean precisely that.

Medical Assignment periods

Medical writing projects can vary in length and nature. Some may be of 500 words, and others may stretch up to 7 or 9 pages. On your own, you may feel the beads of sweat forming on your forehead as you try to figure out where and how to start. A search engine like Google has most, if not all, the answers you need a lot of times. Typing in the correct statement or asking the right question is, however, the difference between finding the information you’re looking for, and coming out empty-handed!

How do we collect our data?

We have a catalogue of sources that we get our ideas from, which include audio interviews, questionnaire filling, medical journals, magazines, and health organization press releases. This collected data is then sorted, categorized, and presented using statistical package programs such as SPSS. Moreover, we stick to the timelines that you have provided for us - not a minute late.

Time is of the essence to us

We do medical paper writing, among other assignments, in a period varying between 3 hours to 14 days. Our target audience is high school, college, university, masters, and PhD students. For 14 days, as part of the medical writing service package, the student gets free revision for their work. Each assignment has its estimated quotation, one that a prospective client can get on our webpage when they are filling in our job application form.

Mode of Payment

Here lies the second-last step in the application process for our prospective client. We accept currencies in $ US Dollars, £ Sterling Pounds, €Euros & Australian dollars. Upon obtaining your order estimates and you’re comfortable proceeding, you are authorized to deposit to PayPal, our online payment system.

Should your project take ten days to complete, you are at liberty not to release funds to your writer until you are satisfied with their work. However, should you express your contentment, you can approve the platform to release the .

We’ll Throw in These Give Aways

  • Free bibliography and title page
  • Free formatting
  • Zero charges on editing and proofreading
  • Free paper samples
  • Free plagiarism checker


As soon as you complete placing an order, our systems computer begins matching and bidding prospective writers for you. The criteria used are based on your field, our writer’s online rating, and speed capability in completing an assignment. Live chat with your new writer is within a minute of this process.

We practice an open honesty policy. Any information a client entrusts us with can neither be shared nor used for trade purposes. Your information is stored in our database, only used for verification or administrative purposes.

Sit Back, Let Us Handle Your Medical Writing Project

We are trusted for our custom writing services, so whether you are strapped for time, overwhelmed by your project, or don’t know where to begin when it comes to research, you are not at the end of your rope yet, you can count on our medical writing service.
Request for medical writing help or order a medical writing project today and enjoy a fun-filled day!

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