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Our cheap assignment help pricing structure depends on your unique needs. When you buy a custom essay from us, here’s how we’ll determine what to charge you.

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Pricing table

You can evaluate how much you’ll pay for your custom essay, Presentation, or Charts services. The final price depends on the urgency of your need, and the level of expertise you want.

High School College University Masters PhD
3 hours $35.99 $36.99 $38.99 $46.99 $47.99
5 Hours $33.99 $34.99 $36.99 $45.99 $46.99
8 Hours $29.99 $30.99 $32.99 $44.99 $45.99
12Hours $27.99 $28.99 $31.99 $41.99 $43.99
18 Hours $24.99 $25.99 $30.99 $39.99 $41.99
24 Hours $23.99 $24.99 $28.99 $35.99 $37.99
36 Hours $20.99 $21.99 $24.99 $30.99 $33.99
2 Days $19.99 $20.99 $23.99 $29.99 $31.99
3 Days $18.99 $19.99 $23.55 $26.99 $28.99
5 Days $16.99 $17.99 $22.99 $25.99 $26.99
7 Days $16.55 $17.55 $21.99 $24.99 $25.99
10 Days $15.99 $16.99 $20.99 $23.99 $24.99
14 Days $12.99 $14.99 $18.99 $21.99 $22.99
High School College University Masters PhD
3 hours $14.99 $15.99 $17.99 $20.99 $23.99
5 Hours $13.99 $14.99 $16.99 $19.99 $22.99
8 Hours $12.99 $13.99 $15.99 $18.99 $21.99
12Hours $11.99 $12.99 $14.99 $17.99 $20.99
18 Hours $10.99 $11.99 $13.99 $16.99 $19.99
24 Hours $9.99 $10.99 $12.99 $15.99 $18.99
36 Hours $8.99 $9.99 $10.99 $14.99 $17.99
2 Days $7.99 $8.99 $10.99 $13.99 $16.99
3 Days $6.99 $8.99 $10.99 $12.99 $15.99
5 Days $6.99 $8.99 $10.99 $12.99 $15.99
7 Days $6.99 $8.99 $10.99 $12.99 $15.99
10 Days $6.99 $8.99 $10.99 $12.99 $15.99
14 Days $6.99 $8.99 $10.99 $12.99 $15.99
High School College University Masters PhD
3 hours $15.99 $17.99 $19.99 $22.99 $25.99
5 Hours $14.99 $16.99 $18.99 $21.99 $24.99
8 Hours $13.99 $15.99 $17.99 $20.99 $23.99
12Hours $12.99 $14.99 $16.99 $19.99 $22.99
18 Hours $11.99 $13.99 $15.99 $17.99 $21.99
24 Hours $10.99 $12.99 $14.99 $16.99 $20.99
36 Hours $9.99 $11.99 $13.99 $15.99 $19.99
2 Days $8.99 $10.99 $12.99 $14.99 $18.99
3 Days $7.99 $9.99 $11.99 $13.99 $17.99
5 Days $7.99 $9.99 $11.99 $13.99 $17.99
7 Days $7.99 $9.99 $11.99 $12.99 $17.99
10 Days $7.99 $8.99 $10.99 $11.99 $15.99
14 Days $7.99 $8.99 $10.99 $11.99 $15.99

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98.29% of our orders have been delivered on time.


Writers in any discipline

We always have active specialists in 80+ disciplines.


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You can get a refund if something is wrong with your paper.


Confidentiality and security

We meet high-security standards using the latest safety tools.

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Our specialists have been working with academic papers for years.


Narrow specialization

Each of our writers is a pro in 1-2 specific disciplines.


Knowledge in complex subjects

We have experts in STEM, finance, law, economics, and more subjects that can be tough.


High performance

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High School College University Masters PhD
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Crucial considerations

  1. We provide urgent assignment help, but a successful outcome will depend on writer availability and surge pricing. It may also have page restrictions.
  2. Doctoral writers might be unavailable to work on very urgent projects (under 12 hours)


We’ll write you a custom essay on any topic, any discipline. Your research proposal, dissertation, or book review will be tailored to the unique instructions you provide.


Our meticulous editors will scrutinize your coursework or business document and make it concise, precise, flawless, and as effective as possible.

Business Writing

We’ll prepare a business write-up that will help you navigate the highly competitive corporate scene. Mostly one or two single-spaced pages, but we can also make you a custom offer on request.

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Our system will automatically match you with the best available writer. However, if you want coursework help from a top performer or a specific writer, you can upgrade your choice.

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By default, our system will match you with the best writer for your project. We’ll consider your order instructions, account history, and the writer’s order history. The first option, always free.

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We’ll match a writer with your academic level. Are you a High School, Undergraduate, Masters’ or Doctoral Student?

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Get a more exclusive offer where you pick a particular writer, either from your past writers or from your favorites list. Don’t worry; we’ll ensure your requested writer is available to provide assignment help.

Free Inclusions

Custom Writing Bee is the best custom essay writing service- not just because we’ll find a perfect match-up for your coursework help project. We’re also giving you a ton of free amenities that you won’t get from any other homework help website. They include

References Page

You’ll get correctly formatted pages according to your preferred style; APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.


>We’ll include all the sources used to prepare your custom essay - whether referenced or not.

Originality Report

>We’ll run a plagiarism check on your custom essay to identify uncited content and unintentional plagiarism. We’ll send you the originality report with the final document.

Cover Page

>Do you want a cover page formatted in your preferred writing style? We can do an APA title page, MLA, CMS, or Business cover page.

Free Revision

>We’re sorry you’re unsatisfied with your order. Please use our free revisions to have your paper amended accordingly.

Editorial Reviews

>Our professional editors will provide an objective review of your work, improving your draft to one your readers will enjoy.

Secure Payment Processing

You can safely process your payment using PayPal and any major debit or credit card. You’ll love to know that Custom Writing Bee does not see, store, or access your sensitive payment information – we rely on 3rd party payment vendors whose sole focus is financial security.

We’re a trusted essay writing service, and you can rest assured that your personal and financial data are secure. Besides, all our data and infrastructure is secured and frequently assessed for reliability by specialized cybersecurity vendors.

Common Pricing Questions

Do you have any unanswered questions or concerns? Check out some of the questions other customers like to ask before requesting coursework help or business writing help from us. In case your query isn’t answered here, you can check out our FAQ section or contact our customer support.

Payment Questions

Find answers to your most pressing pricing questions regarding our payment process.

Is my payment secure?

Absolutely. We use third-party vendors who specialize in digital and cybersecurity to secure our transactions. You’ll love to know that we do not see or store your payment information.

Does your writing service offer payment plans?

Unlike other homework help websites, we accept payment plans for custom orders. At the moment, we allow you to pay in two installments. You’ll pay sixty percent up-front, and then you can clear the remaining forty later. However, we can create a custom payment plan depending on the type of assignment help you need.

How will you solve the double charge on my bank account?

Regrettably, when you are billed twice for the same order, we’d like you to understand that it was a mistake. As such, you should contact our refunds department, and we will resolve your refund issue ASAP. While we regret that it may take up to ten business days to refund your money, we want you to know that this limitation is on behalf of financial institutions and not Custom Writing Bee.

Why don’t the prices on the order form match those on the pricing table?

Prices on the order form always match those on the pricing table unless there’s a price surge. During such an event, we hike our prices temporarily to offset the excess demand when we have more assignment help requests than the writers available to complete them.

What’ll happen to my project now that I requested a writer, and they’re unavailable?

We’ll ensure that your project stays on track, and throw in some rebates to make up for the inconvenience. For starters, we’ll bump-up your writer selection to graduate writer and slash off 10% from your next purchase. Besides, you’ll still retain the option to cancel the assignment help request, no questions asked.

Why did I receive an email requesting my license and payment method?

We’re sorry for the trouble, but your order has been marked for our Identity Verification Protocol (IVP). The information we’re asking from you is to safeguard your financial information and avoid instances of payment fraud. Don’t worry. It’s merely a precaution to confirm that the method you used to order assignment help from us belongs to you. If you’re uncomfortable corroborating your payment method, we’ll be glad to give you a full refund.

General Questions

The main reason why we’re a trusted assignment help service is because of our transparency policy. As such, we’d like to answer as many queries as you may have regarding our essay writing service.

Now that you claim to provide cheap assignment help, is the service still worth it?

Our assignment help services are affordable because they’re targeted at students. Make no mistake; we provide premier custom essay writing services at a reasonable price because we empathize with you. You can rest assured that the piece of custom writing you order from us will be handled by an expert writer and researcher. Ultimately, your custom essay will be well-researched, proficiently written from scratch, properly structured, well-cited, referenced, and 100% unique. Our coursework help service is perfect if you want a clean sheet on your scorecard.

What do I do now that I accidentally placed an order but forgot to request a writer?

When you place an order, our system will automatically choose the best available writer to help with your assignment. However, if you wanted coursework help from a top performer or a specific writer, there’s only one more option. Contact our 24/7 customer support for a refund so that you can place your order again.

What happens if I’m unsatisfied with the document you sent me?

If this happens, please don’t freak out. It was probably a slight oversight, nothing we can’t rectify when you request a revision. We offer free unlimited revisions to ensure that your custom essay is tailored to your exact requirements. As long as your revision instructions align with the initial instructions you uploaded, we’ll be happy to revise it.

Is my assignment help request information private and confidential?

You can count on it. We’ve taken various hi-tech measures to safeguard the information you share with our custom essay writing service. For starters, we’ve entrusted our cyber and digital security to leading security vendors. We’re also at par with the industry best practices like email registration, two-factor authentication, and dial-in pins for interaction with the support team. What’s more, Custom Writing Bee NEVER shares order details and other crucial information unless it’s a subpoena from a regulatory body

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