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The following make our academic writers the best in offering assignment help.


Writing quality content in all our custom essays is our hallmark. Our writing team blends an amazing language style and coherent structure to give you the desired grades


Our academic experts delve into scholarly resources as bees do to flowers. From this research, they write unique content that is original and not a reiteration of other works


We gather experts with academic qualifications from reputable learning institutions worldwide. Hence their expertise qualifies them for your assignment help


Our custom essay writers act fast to deliver your assignment help timely. They are a reliable group when a drawing deadline endangers your academic progress

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Meet Our Diligent Bees; Expert ENL Academic Writers from Custom Writing Bee

Despite the improvement in technology, studying in modern times is still stressful, especially after high school. Your excitement inflates at the receipt of admission mail to college like a windfall, but the excitement dies out soon. Watching assignments pile up, and the deadlines draw close endangers your grades while our experts can offer custom essay writing service at your bidding.

Custom Writing Bee cannot watch your progress in your die-hard move without giving an option. We writers with impressive credentials and verified learning in their fields of academic writing. These gurus identify with your worries and offer the best grade possible.

Our Dealings with Our Writers

The following are other vital things you need to know about our excellent team.


How we evaluate our writers work

We assess our academic writers based on the readability of their works and professionalism by considering;

  • A proper grasp of referencing styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard
  • The language and grammar used to express concepts
  • The writing style for writing coherently such use of transitional words
  • Sensitivity to customer's level of learning
  • Following all the institution's assignment guidelines

We also have a code of ethics that governs how our writers interact with you. Thus the communication is maintained at a professional level. If a writer does not fulfill all those, we have no obligation to keep them in our team.

We track the achievements of writers

Our platform is not a zone of stagnation. As such, we continually monitor the experts' rate of performance to keep only the cream that performs the best. Therefore, we use the following protocols for quality control and continue grading our homework helpers for customers' choice.

  • Our editors assess for adherence to general writing skills
  • The number of customers preferring the services of the writer subsequently
  • The ratings from customers a writer served in a particular discipline among their specializations
  • Writers specialization depending on our ranking of the domain's demands
  • The frequency of disciplinary cases due to late submissions, revisions and client disputes

The process of assigning orders to our writers

Once you submit your task, our dashboard opens for you to select the writer for your assignment. Our platform allows only relevant writers to access your homework and submit bids. Here you can choose a professional.

As you seek assignment help in our platform have these two things in mind.

  • The lowly-rated writer is an expert for having managed to be part of our team. They can, therefore, have a chance of giving you the best
  • The highly-rated writer is a professional, but they may not serve you 100% for having many clients to help at a go.

How Our Custom Writing Service Sources Talent?

Our platform keeps on growing, and many custom writing experts are keen to join our team and deliver quality. Further, your satisfaction is our primary goal and shall remain so. Hence many who have knocked our doors to serve you have never had a chance. Nevertheless, we always give them an opportunity when we need to expand our team, and they have to pass the scrutiny of our hiring process. Below is the procedure we use to hire our writers.


Registration in our platform

Our hiring process begins with the registration of prospective academic writers. They land to our careers page in the same way you found this article. All these purport to deliver quality, but we examine them first.

Potential writers give their details such as functional email and a valid name to create an account in our database to identify them. Using a pseudo username for selling our service is allowed. Next, they fill their expertise skills and their experience in each discipline to support their claim of competence to offer assignment help.


Grammar test

The courageous few are conducted to a timed English test to determine their level of English proficiency.

The timing of this test also checks the writers' speed in brainstorming ideas and critical thinking while serving eleventh-hour customers. We cannot allow elementary level English speakers in our custom essay writing service. They handle your custom essay only to write in pidgin, colloquialism, and other errors typical to non-native speakers. We shield you these effects early and vet only qualified writers.


Essay test

After the English test, writers take a timed essay writing test. The potential writers do not know the title beforehand, so they cannot prepare or learn the techniques of getting around their incompetence. As a result, we check their ability to express an idea once prompted to do it quickly with little time to research.

As a homework helper, we cannot compromise on grammatical errors. Only the few who submit superb copies get consideration to move to the next step. The title of the essay is system-generated, so people cannot scheme to work with us if they are not qualified.


Education and personal identity verification

This stage of sending the verification documents is a loophole to trap incredible potential freelancers. We request them to upload their academic testimonials to support their claimed expertise. Our human resource experts check whether they genuinely demonstrate their abilities, and they are authentic.

Many have always sought to join our professionals, but giving unverifiable information edges them out of service. Others who register do not have the guts to continue with the vetting process or gets other commitments. All in all, our platform receives many attempts to join us.


The mentorship program

After being absorbed in our team, we must see the consistency between your real-work writing skills and the application. The editors and veterans review their first few critical orders on whether they adhere to custom writing guidelines and address their other concerns. The standards are high, and we only expect the novice writers in our platform to adapt quickly.

The mentorship qualifies the writers to widen their knowledge of the related fields and streamline their customer service. Since we want them to earn decently by offering quality, they can concentrate on a few areas where they can provide golden level content.

Why We Think Our Bees are the Best in the Game

Our platform is open to for you view samples written to showcase our top-notch abilities in custom writing. Further, our writers are professional enough to send you related works. When we handle your work, you will have to relax and wait for that impeccable paper to land your email way before the deadline.

We draw our writing talent from English native speaking countries, which include Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States of America. Hence we match your task to a writer whose style of vocabulary is similar to yours.

Further, our ENL writers ensure you get a perfect copy if you are a non-native English speaker. Finally, you can match the meet the expectations of your ENL tutor who expects unique phrases typical to native speakers. We’ll eliminate the stiff grammatical flow and redundant clichés prevalent in scripts written by non-native English speakers.

We do not hire people who have phobia navigating the extensive literature to serve you. Our writers know where to get reputable and factual information. Further, during their probation, we coach them to research objectively and identify the topic keywords to obtain the information they need.

They know to identify identical concepts in different scholarly work and merge ideas from various authors to give you an excellent copy of your custom essay.

Experience is the mother of all perfect work ever done. For the sake of giving you an A + grade that ever makes you smile once you reminisce your school days, we only employ experienced writers in our custom essay writing service.

We do not trust greenhorns in any field since they have hazy ideas on custom writing and have shallow mastery of their disciplines. Several years is good for us to consider a writer in our service on your behalf.

Even if the deadline is in the next minute, our writers do not take any guidelines lightly. They leave no stone unturned and watch for every word from you for any trace of instruction. We do this in the full knowledge that your satisfaction and academic progress depends on our assignment help.

As a result, we also protect our homework helpers from any additional instructions that you add as an afterthought if they have implications on the fees. In our service, we do not wish our passionate writers to be the scapegoats for shoddily given guidelines.

Our plagiarism-free policy requires all custom writing experts to cite appropriately and consistently every idea, thought, concept, and statistics from the existing scholars. We do not want to taint your reputable homework helper for not acknowledging the other experts' knowledge.

The gravity with which we treat plagiarism is on par with the consequences of submitting a plagiarized assignment in your school.

Our editors evaluate every work submitted using our powerful plagiarism scanners; hence nothing substandard can be released to our esteemed customers.

Procrastination or tutor's unreasonable deadlines may lead to a limited time in doing homework. As you fight with the reality of forfeiting grades for that assignment, do not bypass our help since we write speedily and defeat your fast-approaching deadline.

Slow-paced writers are not part of our team, and succeeding in the short-timed essays during the recruitment attest you belong to a horse-paced group. When you engage our experts, fretting about the deadline would be a forgotten tale.

Our content curators have a way of perusing the sources and typing when it comes to urgent orders.

At any time, you own the copyrights of all the custom writing copies we nail for you. We do no keep your assignments for any other commercial use. The writer also cannot claim as their own. We have an honesty team that cannot short-change you in any matter of our non-disclosure policy.

Further, we do not let your engagement with your writers go beyond the formal level. We keep watch of any writers divulging your information or soliciting for some from you.

Any writer violating this code goes through our disciplinary action. Professionals have discipline in all their work.

We know that the primary reason for seeking assignment help is not being able to deliver and mostly not having extra cash to spend. In our site, you will find an expert willing to operate with your budget. As the experts' dashboard opens, our academic writers can access your assignment and place their bids with their preferred payment based on their objective gauge of the task's demands. You can expect quality at your budget.

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