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Have you ever heard of micro tutoring? It is an amazing thing we do here at Custom writing Bee. We provide homework help to students who need help with their coursework, especially if it’s related to writing.

Custom writing Bee is your diligent homework helper, and here’s what we can do for you. But first…

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Timely Delivery

Deadlines are crucial. They are for us too. Immediately you delegate your homework, we hurriedly find a suitable expert in your field. After which the expert gets down to business without further ado.

We never miss deadlines. Take it from us, since we understand how messed up it can get to miss deadlines.


At Custom writing Bee, we highly ascertain you of non-plagiarized work. Before submitting the work to you, we pass your homework via the latest plagiarism checking software online. Homework helpers in Custom writing Bee write all your assignments from scratch without duplicating or spinning.

We also provide sources of the research so you can compare the originality of the paper versus the analysis.

Money-back guarantee

Your trust is valuable. When you are transacting with our company, we ascertain that you feel safe. In case you are not confident or satisfied with our services, which is very seldom, we guarantee you your money back.


Confidentiality is vital, and we take it with high severity. Identity theft stands to be a real-life problem. Not with us. We ascertain that your details are entirely anonymous. We don’t share your details or homework with third parties.

Custom writing Bee utilizes encrypted connections during the exchange of data. Besides, we perform security checks routinely to make you confident and safe. You can confide in us.


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The beauty of the internet now is that you can order homework help online from our trusted service and get desired feedback and timely delivery no matter where you are!


Submit requirements

When you want to delegate your homework to us, first provide the details of the assignment. You will fill in a form. Ascertain that the instructions of the assignment are clear because the accuracy of the final document is highly dependent on it. In case there are links and resources, you need to provide it. Besides, it’s crucial to give the English level you prefer, which is ESL/ENL.


Pay for homework help

After submitting the requirements, the system will give you a quote whereby you will need to pay. Custom writing Bee accepts payment via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro as well as American Express. Our prices are friendly and legit/p>


Link with a curator

Immediately your paper is received, the system in Custom writing Bee selects one suitable writer to do your homework. Custom writing Bee has experienced professionals who are qualified in various fields. You will get a writer that’s highly rated in your subject to get a top-notch paper.

If you want to give specific instructions to your writer, you can directly communicate with them to ease the process.


Top-notch review

Once a writer is done with the first draft, he/she sends it to our proficient editors. They will scrutinize the paper and improve the quality of that draft to ensure that the selection satisfies the instructions you had provided earlier. If need be, the editors might return to the writer to perfect the paper.

When we polish everything and provide the sources, we will send the job over to you.


Email delivery

Striving to ensure that your experience is highly convenient with custom writing bee is our primary goal. After polishing your work, we are going to send the project over to you. You are going to receive it in your email notification. Be assured that we are going to deliver the task on time while being 100 percent unique and original. In case you need revisions or some amendments here and there, you can send in your requests again. We will do unlimited revisions until you are satisfied. Otherwise, download your paper and rate your experience with the writer. Please do so.

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Here is Why You Need Homework help from Custom writing Bee

Without proper homework help, students can endure significant academic stress, and some of them succumb to it. Micro tutoring and custom writing services ensure that students do not succumb to academic pressure.

Don’t allow the burden associated with academics, to get to you. Embrace good vibes and get professional homework help online from the hardest workers in the industry.

We’ll help you beat that crucial deadline. And why should you flop that nursing or economics class anyway? Oh, are you not a native English speaker? Leave that worry to us. It is difficult to get a custom writing service offering top-notch homework help online. That is why we aim to please our clients by not only caring to hear them out but also meet their needs.Here are some of the reasons why students come to our assignment help service for homework help:

Here are some of the reasons why students come to our assignment help service for homework help:

Busy schedule

To keep up with the harsh economic times, many students hassle to juggle between work and school. They do this to pay bills, school fees, and the like. Moreover, some of these students have children and families that they need to care for. Consequently, such lifestyles deem education life a bit challenging.

Therefore, it is never a surprise to find students not completing their assignments within the required deadlines. If you, by any chance, fall into this category, then you needn’t feel ashamed to ask for help. That is why Custom writing Bee is here for you.

Challenging topics

It is difficult to do your assignment efficiently if, for some reason, you missed a lecture or failed to understand a topic. You will waste a lot of time trying to figure things out, and we know that.

That is why you can order our writing services online; it sounds like a quick fix solution, doesn’t it?


Do you know that feeling when you set aside a monotonous assignment to tackle later? It is super challenging to compile at the last minute and aim for good grades.

We know that you don’t fancy pathetic grades. Why not leave the work to us?

What’s more?

Besides providing homework assistance, we strive to improve the learners’ experience. Hence we put together different educational resources to aid you in all your writing endeavors. All work and play make Jill a very dull girl. In case you feel overwhelmed, hang in there. We will come to your aid. We have fun stuff that you will enjoy. Remember, you are welcome to visit at any time. We value you. We are all about you.

Affordable services

Custom writing Bee, as mentioned earlier, offers beneficial homework helping services. We understand that you are on a tight budget due to the current COVID 19 pandemic and high living costs. That is why we are offering discounts and reasonable prices for all your homework assignments. What more could you ask for?

Free extensive revisions

If you aren’t euphoric with the homework help that was customized, don’t feel like all is lost. Yes, you’re entitled to free revisions as much as you like until you’re satisfied totally. All homework revisions are welcome since stylistic errors and miscommunication are imminent. It is this guarantee policy that has solidly cemented our work to keep you serving you always.

All we care about is you getting pleased. So if you feel like your homework assignment can be adjusted here and there, then never hesitate to send in the revision. No revision is minor to us; thus, we will utterly treat with the seriousness it requires.

Free plagiarism report

Our best interest is academic integrity. Therefore, as part of Custom writing Bee’s policy of plagiarism-free, we provide gratis plagiarism checkers to ascertain authenticity. Learning institutions consider that not everyone does their assignments but only download online documents or duplicate the info.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t worry. When you delegate your homework to us, we first handle the task effectively to combat plagiarism. Then the plagiarism checker is only a precaution to alleviate being flagged down by plagiarism checkers. So in case, your instructor is looking for ways to penalize, you can prove him/her wrong.

Free proofreading and editing

When our curators finish your homework, they ensure that the paper is proofread and edited accordingly before submission. Educational purpose homework assignments are a continuous way of upping texts to ready you for your final academic examinations. Thus we offer extra proofreading and editing services, which will consequently turn your homework to perfection.

Before releasing your homework assignment, the editors in Custom writing Bee will thoroughly review it for formatting, structure, punctuation, grammar, originality, clarity, and coherence too. Finally, they will check to see if the homework meets your stipulated requirements.

Free formatting

Writing assignments demonstrate your entire academic dexterities. Hence paper formatting deems to be one of the most crucial integral considerations to determine the quality of a task. That is why we offer this service free. Paper formatting is also a way of demonstrating and defending your credibility as one who follows instructions. Also, it will provide consistency for readers who will pass through your work.

Free Samples

We promised that we’d cater to your homework writing needs. We meant it. In case you want to see our previous tasks, we offer free samples. Hence you can be confident that we have handled last relatable duties to your homework assignments. These samples will serve as crucial learning resources even if you’re a newbie, a sophomore, et al. the best thing about free samples is that they can it’s utilizable as research tools for your homework. Hence you can use them to summarize research and even understand various formatting and citations. All these are for free.

Affiliate program

Do you want to earn some extra cash with us? Well, you can delegate your homework assignments and still make money. How, do you ask? You will get regular payments and attractive commissions when you refer peers and friends to our services, why you’ll be rewarded handsomely for your loyalty. So, if you loved our assistance, go ahead and mention some friends to us and get some profits. What more could you want?

Get Homework help On Virtually Any Subject

Whatever homework assignment you need help with under the sun, custom writing bee can help you. Whatever the subject, we have the homework answers you need. All you need to do is share the particulars of your homework help online, stating your needs on our assignment help service, then chill.Subsequently, our team of professional writers will scrutinize and comprehend the assignment requirements then provide you with the best homework help you need. Here are some subjects that students need frequent homework help with that we tackle.


This subject involves data crunching purely. However, the question is, what if there isn’t sufficient time in your hands to tackle statistics, and the deadline is approaching fast? Well, you needn’t worry; Custom writing Bee has a team of statisticians that will help you with your statistics homework. Our experts, will through all statistical dilemmas and issues that you might have.

Share the analytical homework requirements needed and wait for a top-notch solution.


We all know mathematics can get complicated. It even becomes more challenging when you are on a tight deadline. Wait for it. It becomes worse when you can’t get any second chances to submit after failing to do so the first time—terrifying, right? We more than understand that type of pressure, so worry no more.

There are good mathematicians to help you with your math homework help in time and accurately.

Computer Science

This subject has vast topic varieties. Computer science professionals in the team possess extensive knowledge of the topic to ease your computer science assignments. If you want a straight A in your computer science assignments, then it is only wise to talk to our experts in this field.


Solving problems and applying algorithms are the toughest parts of Programming. It is perfectly normal to be stuck even if you possess experience or if you’re a great novice programmer. However, what’s not abnormal is requesting for assistance. Custom writing Bee has knowledgeable programmers that can help you with your programming homework too. All you need to do is just ask whenever and wherever.


Physics huh? Are you stuck with quantum and relativistic mechanics? Why fuss and struggle with your physics homework when we are always free to help you with it? Our physics experts will give you all the physics solutions you need with defined formulae and explanations. Understandably physics can be complicated at times when you can’t comprehend the concepts interpolated.

Let us help you with your homework. You can also ask Physics questions because you can apply the concepts only when you perceive it.


It is one of the most exciting subjects in the education curriculum. Nonetheless, if you haven’t studied sufficiently, it will be an overwhelming task. On the other hand, you can be fully equipped with the concepts yet lack sufficient time to tackle your chemistry homework.

Regardless of the case, you will need help at a time through the assignment. With experts at Custom writing Bee, you can unreservedly obtain exemplary grades.


Biology is wholly dependent on your memory capability of digesting huge concepts. An issue with Biology is that there are high chances of getting extensive assignments to tackle as homework. Which leads to the big problem, how will you handle the homework and still prepare for the examination? Hey, it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Biology experts at Custom writing Bee will handle your homework while you adequately prepare for examinations.


Isn’t this the most straightforward subject? Not really. Those pursuing the subject know-how intense and vast it can get. Creating a flawless sentence and perceiving the works and projects of several poets and authors is arduous. It takes a plethora of efforts, tears, and sweat. Why not then permit English experts to aid your troubling English homework?


This subject entirely aids you in understanding the behavior and mind of other people. Psychology is interesting to learn when you perceive a concept then effectively see its application in real life. It sounds cool until you get Psychology homework. The technicalities of the subject are hard to master efficiently. That is why we are here for you.

Custom writing Bee has Psychology homework helpers who can effectively help you with all your Psychology homework.

Other subjects

There are other subjects we handle apart from the mentioned ones above. Even if you are pursuing other topics that aren’t listed here, be ensured that we have various professionals in a wide variety of subjects. Just ask our representative.

We have your best interest at the core of our hearts.

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