Custom Writing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

You can always count on value from our essay writing service. Our writers have many years’ experience providing assignment help to students across the globe. As such, they are uniquely qualified to provide college essay help in various disciplines.
When you buy a custom essay from our custom writing service, we ensure to deliver your academic project within the time given. Besides, we offer you the best market prices, without compromising on quality.
What’s more, our online homework help service is available around the clock, thanks to our 24/7 customer support. As such, we’re always abreast of all your concerns.

Strict policies govern our daily operations. We take them seriously and conduct due diligence to ensure all our staff observes them to the fullest. Are you worried about your personal information when you buy a custom essay from us? Don’t be. We guarantee you the safety of all your private information, not to be shared with anyone else.
Again, we use a safely guarded system software with high-security passwords, and non of our employees can assess your information directly. We will have no data on our system that belongs to you. In case you delete your online homework help account, you may not be able to retrieve it. Consequently, you may have open a new one.

Yes, our payment terms are flexible, we take sixty percent payment in installments before we start writing your assignment. When the project is ready, you will pay the remaining forty percent before you get your work. The earlier you make your payment, whether in full or in installments, the sooner we begin working on your custom essay.
We also consider the bulk of the assignment. For example, if your task is enormous, we allow two to three installments. We know you’re a student, and we want you to have the most comfortable experience using our custom essay writing service. Overall, your assignment’s size determines the total cost you’ll pay.

Custom Writing Bee provides a wide range of essay writing services. Our academic writing experts can write college and university essays in virtually any discipline. And it doesn’t matter what level of study you’re at, we’ve got a pro who can help you write your essay.
Do you need any help with any of the following assignment help services? Thesis Paper
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Plagiarism Checker
Ps, every custom essay you buy from us is re-checked by our professional editors, improving our chances of delivering error-free work.

Well, the truth is, we hope it never comes to this, and that is why we will always you in-depth, well-researched, properly-referenced, plagiarism-free custom essays. Before we make a refund, we always encourage you to request a revision.
However, in case you don’t want your term paper or essay revised, you should place a request for a refund. We’ll investigate your claim and get back to you ASAP.The refund may take up to seven days for processing, and you should expect the money in your online homework help account within ten working days.
Send the refund email to Once we refund you, our custom essay writing service retains the right to publish your assignment or re-use as we deem fit.

As much as we strive to provide quality and top-notch assignment help services, some assignments may end up rejected due to late submission, or poor quality. While we might control how you value our work, we have no right to object to your observations. As such, we allow you to send in your revision request, and we’ll give you satisfaction and quality for your investment and trust.
You have a seven-day window to submit your revision request for the custom essay you ordered. While we regret any inconvenience, please note that some revisions may incur an additional cost.For example, if you need additional sources, more pages, or a different topic for your programming assignment help, or any custom essay for that matter, we’ll charge you extra.

If you need any type of college essay help, our academic writing experts have got your back. It’s easy to request assignment help from us, unlike other homework help websites. There’s an online form where you fill in your details. It also shows you the total cost of your custom order. Ensure that you fill in the details accurately, as this data will make it easier to find the best candidate to help write your essay.

Tell us the type of academic paper you want. Is it a thesis, essay, or PowerPoint presentation? Additionally, give us your preferred references or sources. If it is a citation paper, we would like to know if it is APA, MLA, etc.
Finally, tell us when you need your work, and we’ll do our best to deliver a high-quality, plagiarism-free custom essay. You get the total cost as we approve of offering you our essay writing services. Our online payment processing is safe, and there is no external access to your payment or account details.

In addition to an in-house team of proficient writers and researchers, we outsource assignment help services from online writers across the globe. We use a thorough examination process to vet our writers’ skills, ensuring that only the top-tier researchers help to write custom essays for you.
We have writers with varying qualifications and abilities. As such, we’ll assign the best fit for your assignment. This means choosing someone skilled and experienced enough to deliver within the expected time frame.
There’s an open communication channel between you and the writers, where you can reach out to check on progress and further updates. Finally, once a writer finishes working on your custom essay draft, our professional editors review it for quality purposes.

Our work is unique from any other, and we have a state of the art plagiarism checker, which checks your custom essay against billions of other online academic publications. Our experts also have a good understanding of paraphrasing and citations. We’ve written thousands of similar topics, but none of our custom papers is ever similar to the other.
Besides, our custom essay writing service conducts due diligence by following writing best practices such as editing, and expert proofreading, until we’re confident that the essay you buy is indeed custom and 100% original.

All academic projects aren’t equal. However, we treat every custom essay you order as an urgent project. As such, we’ll always deliver within the stipulated time. As significant as the assignment may appear, we always strive to deliver within the stipulated time. It also depends on the type of online assignment help you want from us. Our proficient essay writers will work around the clock to meet deadlines.
However, we would advise our clients to place their requests on time, so that we do not rush through the work.

No. And we do not condone such practices. Once you buy a custom essay from us, we relinquish any rights to the publication, and it becomes yours to use as you see fit. However, we cannot overemphasize enough that you use the papers ethically.
We have incorporated strict security measures and do not allow any third party access to your documents as it is a breach of our values. We have good systems in place and monitor all activities.

Yes. We’ll make this happen as soon as your order is in progress. After you make the payment, we’ll allocate your project to a suitable writer, and link you with them. We allow direct communication with the writer as it makes following up your projects progress much easier. You can also exchange any helpful resources that might help the writer write a custom essay for you.

We’re positive that we can help with any writing needs you may have. However, don’t confuse our high proficiency for superpowers. As long as you request assignment help within a reasonable timeframe, we’ll always deliver promptly.
As a rule of thumb, the faster you need your academic paper, the more you’ll pay to have someone get some help with your work. Urgent assignment help is one of our premium services. However, this does not mean that we will complete a ten-thousand-word dissertation in two hours. It has to be realistic.

First, you have to set up an online assignment help account with us. Subsequently, you’ll link your account with your PayPal account. If you don’t have one, it’s easy to create. Once you check that box, you can purchase our online assignment help services flawlessly.

We advise that you use the academic paper you buy from our essay writing service ethically. For starters, don’t use it to cheat in your coursework. However, you can still use the custom essay to get an advantage over your classmates.
When you buy a custom essay from us, you should use it as a reference material; it is best used as a research tool. Besides, you can use it as a guideline to complete the actual class project your instructor assigned.
However, as we mentioned before, once we deliver your work, we hand over all the rights to the educational material to you. You are at liberty to use as you deem fit.

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