100 Working term paper topics

By | March 21, 2017

Working Term Paper Topics
Are you struggling to find a suitable term paper topic? If yes, relax because you are not alone. But despite the little challenges in selecting a topic, getting the right topic for your term paper is instrumental in progressing towards the drafting stage. The good news is that you can get help in choosing the right topic. One of the ways to boost your topic selection skills is going through a list of popular titles. This article shares with you 100 hot topics for term papers.

100 Working term paper topics that works

  1. Is there a way to stop cyber bullies? If yes, whose job is it?
  2. Why do people rape close friends and family members?
  3. What you could do if your buddy gets raped
  4. How would you help a suicidal family member or friend?
  5. Identify the root of college violence and its cure
  6. Should colleges permit people with licenses to carry concealed weapons?
  7. Is the mandatory minimum sentencing a good idea, and does it really deter criminals?
  8. Hwy would a person engage in serial killing?
  9. Which criminal activities require a mandatory death sentence?
  10. Should jails punish, or try to reform inmates?
  11. What causes police brutality?
  12. Has legalized marijuana consumption in some states reduced or increased criminal activities?
  13. Should terror suspects face trial in US courts?
  14. Is it right to help reform inmates using Art, Music or Theater therapy?
  15. In the fear of erring, many states have not executed convicts. Does the prospect of wrongful deaths outweigh the need for justice?
  16. Explain how a GPS system works?
  17. What are the upshots of protracted steroid use on the human body?
  18. How can people effectively repel insects?
  19. How did trains and railroads transform American life?
  20. Explain how to make bulletproof gears?
  21. How was the skateboard invented and how has it changed over the years?
  22. How did the long bow contribute to English military dominance?
  23. Explain the causes of the stock market crash of 2008
  24. Explain how Cleopatra rose to power in Egypt what she did during her rule
  25. Explain how airport security improved following the September 11th, 2001 attacks
  26. How is life inside of a beehive?
  27. Identify the origin hip hop and its pioneers?
  28. Explain how tobacco use affects the our bodies
  29. Discuss how a computer virus spreads and how they affect computers
  30. Identify and discuss the root of the Darfur conflict
  31. Discuss how gunpowder has changed warfare
  32. Discuss how Wal-Mart stores affect local economies
  33. Discuss how cats and dogs domesticated and the reasons behind it
  34. Explore how internet and digital downloading has affected music industry
  35. How did Hitler die?
  36. Define the women’s suffrage movement and how did it change America?
  37. Discuss efforts to safeguard endangered wildlife?
  38. What is the annual cost of the war on drugs in Americans?
  39. Explain how text messaging affects teenage education
  40. Identity technologies homeowners can use to save energy
  41. Explain how spilled oil affects the earth and he best way to stop it
  42. Identify and explain nonlethal weapons employed by police to contain rioters
  43. Can gamblers ever get a statistical advantage over the house in casino games?
  44. Explain how Abraham Lincoln was assassinated
  45. Do the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks?
  46. Discuss how a submarine works
  47. Does a lie detector test precisely establish a truthful statement?
  48. Explain how a hybrid car saves energy
  49. Discuss the ingredients found in a hotdog
  50. Explore how Julius Caesar affected Rome
  51. Identify common sleep disorders and their treatment
  52. Explain how China and other governments censure the internet
  53. Explain the dangers of artificial tanning or protracted exposure to sun rays
  54. Discuss state measures to assist war veterans get assimilated back into society
  55. Identify and discuss the steps involved in making movies and television shows
  56. Show how the film and music industries have handled piracy
  57. Explain the duties of secret service agents
  58. Explain how sharks hunt
  59. Has the Patriot Act reduced terrorism in the US?
  60. Do states that permit civilians to carry guns experience increased or reduced criminal activities?
  61. Explain how our brains store and retrieve memories
  62. Explain how stealth technology shields aircrafts from radar
  63. Why does a tornado occur?
  64. What led to Martin Luther’s protest against the Catholic Church?
  65. Explain how search engines function
  66. Does genetic engineering have a future?
  67. Explain the downfall of the Roman kingdom
  68. What hurdles did scientists face in their quest to break the sound barrier?
  69. Discuss the risks of using nuclear energy
  70. Discuss the origin of spam mails and how to prevent them
  71. Explain how night vision works
  72. Discuss the advantages and risks of medical marijuana
  73. Explain the cause of a desert mirage and how it affects a wanderer
  74. Discuss the current HIV/AIDS remedies and their effectiveness
  75. Was Thomas Edison a better inventor than Leonardo di Vinci?
  76. Explain the similarities and differences between Chinese and American economies
  77. Discuss why communism failed in most nations
  78. Explain how video games affect kids and teenagers
  79. Discuss what it takes to participate in a marathon race
  80. Discuss the effect of cheering fans on players
  81. Should college athletes receive payment? If yes, explain how they need to be paid
  82. Should every athlete receive payments, or only those who play in sports that generate cash for their schools?
  83. Should college players join unions?
  84. What do people learn from participating in competitive games?
  85. Discuss why all kids should participate in competitive school games
  86. Research the history of your favorite game and show how it has evolved throughout the years
  87. Discuss the plight of child laborers
  88. Discuss how the international community can stop child labor
  89. What is identity theft? How important is it to worry about? How can people protect their identity from being stolen?
  90. Discuss where E-commerce is going in the next 10 years
  91. Discuss the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a business website’s ranking
  92. Discuss the ways in which business outsourcing affects enterprises in your nation
  93. How effective are social conscious businesses at solving problems?
  94. Explain the best ways to increase employment and get people back into the workforce
  95. How can you know a person with chronic unemployment?
  96. Can you name the leading 5 business enterprises for the coming decade?
  97. What is the importance of branding businesses?
  98. How did the NAFTA agreement treaty impact business in the US?
  99. Should government regulate business or not? Give your reasons
  100. In which ways do terror activities affect business across the world?

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