100 Working Term Paper Topics That Boost Your GPA

Posted on: 10th July 2020

There are several ways you can develop a term paper topic. Your college or university professor can give you one, or the topic may be left up to you to decide depending on what you want to write about.

 To come up with an interesting paper, you have to refine your topic – if you have already come up with one.

Here are a few questions that can help you develop a term paper topic:

  • What have you discussed in class that really interests you?
  • What do you love reading about and can easily do some research about?
  • Have you read something that you felt like it needed more investigation?

Whenever you are trying to choose a topic for your paper, always look for something that interests you. Writing about your favorite topic or subject will translate to a more interesting paper as well as make your term paper writing process quite easy.

Selecting the Best Term Paper Topic

Sometimes you might be unable to find a topic of interest. What should you do? How should you write your term paper?

The good news is that we have some tips that can help you choose the right topic for an intriguing paper. Our team of writers and editors can help you write innovative and interesting topics that motivate your professor to read the entire paper and thus boosting your GPA.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting a term paper topic:

Your topic should be clear

Before choosing a term paper topic, you need to understand what you are going to write about clearly. You can do both primary and secondary research about the subject. Moreover, you should never hesitate to ask your professor questions if you feel you need some clarification.

Having a clear picture of the topic you are going to write about will make it simpler for you to write a successful term paper. This is because your marks depend on your ability to show your readers you have a mastery of the topic under discussion.

Be specific and precise

A term paper should be as accurate as possible. It should not be written like a descriptive essay. It should be based on facts that you have researched about, and your statements need to be supported by reputable sources. 

To narrow down on your topic, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What am I writing about?
  • Who am I writing about?
  • Why should I write about this topic?
  • When (period) should my paper be based on?
  • Where (region) should my term paper address?

These questions will help you become more innovative and write a more specific research paper.

Term Paper Topics by Category

If you have a list of term paper topics you want to write about, it's quite easy to write a good paper. But you need to understand that you have to gather facts and information about it.

Here are 100 term paper example topics you can choose from. Read on to find out more.

Law-Related Term Paper Topics

A law term paper can be complicated at times. This is because you will be asked to come up with a paper that is based on specific things you learned in class. Therefore, to boost your GPA, you need to use 100% of the information provided during the semester.

In addition to your professor's information, you have to be innovative and use various journals, books, and publications. If this seems impossible, you can seek assignment help from custom term paper wring service, such as Custom Writing Bee.

If you want to write the paper yourself, here are some topics you can utilize.

  1. How International Law Has Been Effective In Dealing With Military Conflicts
  2. The Procedure A Bill Goes Through To Become A Law
  3. How The English Law Of Contract Has Addressed Inequalities Of Bargaining Power
  4. Aquinas & Aristotle’s View Of The Law
  5. The Complex Relationship Between The European Law And The UK Law
  6. Laws Relating To Child Protection
  7. History Of Constitutional Law
  8. Megan’s Law In Australia
  9. Law Of E-Commerce
  10. The Copyright Laws In Canada

Economics Term Paper Topics

Economics analyzes how people use scarce resources to meet their daily needs. In economics, you'll learn many elements, which will help you understand your daily expenses and real-life economies. Therefore, you need to have a grip on all issues that affect the economy. However, most students usually have a tough time comprehending all these aspects of the economy.

Here are a few topics to choose from to better understand what you're writing about:

  1. Globalization Isn’t Good For Third World And Underdeveloped Countries.
  2. Marxian And Institutional Industrial Relationship In USA
  3. Long Run & Short Run Production Cist
  4. Investment Management And Portfolio Theorem
  5. The Impact Of Consumer Behavior On Economic Growth
  6. Gambling And Its Effects On The Market Economy
  7. Buying Capacity Based On Gender
  8. Impacts Of Continued Immigration To The US Economy
  9. Roles Of The Agricultural Sector In Building A Strong Economy
  10. Factors That Contribute To Unemployment

Medical Term Paper Topics

Medical term paper topics usually focus on real health problems that people face because of life choices, environmental or genetic factors. You need to come up with college term paper topics that are more professional and based on current developments in health care and medicine.

Here are some topics you can choose from

  1. How Changes In The Environment Affect Human Health
  2. How Pollution In Urban Areas Affect Respiratory Diseases
  3. How To Treat Pregnant Woman Vs. A Non-Pregnant Woman
  4. The Relationship Between Health Care Service And Economic Development
  5. Investment In Health Care Provision In The USA Vs. European Union
  6. Drug And Vaccine Development In The Treatment Of Ebola
  7. How The Human Muscular System Grows
  8. Ethical Issues That Relate To Research On Human Subjects
  9. Behavioral Or Dietary Intervention For People With Obesity
  10. The Legal Responsibilities Of A Hospital Administration

Political Science Term Paper Topics

Political science topics use empirical research to analyze various phenomena in political fields. When writing this kind of paper, always try to be as neutral as possible. Make sure you state a counter-argument for every opinion you make. This helps you bring out both sides of the story.

Here are sample term paper topics on political science

  1. The Structure Of The International Monetary Fund
  2. The Difference Between Armed And Political Conflict
  3. Strategies A Nation Can Use To Eliminate Corruption
  4. Comparison Between American And European Federal Crimes
  5. Should Pardoning Of Criminal Be Accepted?
  6. How Modern Global Leaders Interdepend On Each Other
  7. Cause Of War And Rebellion In Central African Republic
  8. Methods Yemen Used To Resolve Its Conflicts
  9. Best Methods Of Negotiation During War
  10. How Self-Ambitions Of Political Leaders Affect National Development

Philosophy Term Paper Topics

Philosophy looks at the fundamentals nature of reality, knowledge, and existence. When you are assigned a research paper topic, your professor expects you to do thorough research since this is a broad topic that is studied from high school through to the Ph.D. level.

Here are a few topics on philosophy:

  1. The Value Of The Truth And Knowledge
  2. The Relationship Between Functionalism And Sociology
  3. How Morality And Ethics Impact On The Society
  4. The Impact Of Inventions And Genetics In Reproductive Technologies
  5. The Relationship Between Philosophy, War, And Peace
  6. The Theory Of Conventionalism And Constructivism
  7. The Distinction Between People’s Knowledge And Vagueness
  8. The Idea Of Happiness As Seen By Various Philosophers
  9. The Theory Of Deconstruction
  10. Subjectivity And Critical Thinking

Chemistry Term Paper Topics

Chemistry allows you to analyze phenomena that relate to chemical reactions. For many students, writing an excellent chemistry term paper influences their professional growth. However, most of these students find it hard to develop a good topic for their term paper. 

Here are some chemistry term paper topics

  1. Methods Of Ionization In Mass Spectrometry
  2. How Microbial Factors Lead To The Shortage Of Raw Metals
  3. The Importance An Use Of Bio-Macromolecules
  4. Big Data And Biocomputing In Chemical Research
  5. Chemicals & Environmental Pollution
  6. Recent Advancements In DNA Chemistry
  7. How Nuclear Fusion Is A Useful Technology In Chemistry
  8. What Are The Benefits Of Plastics Extracted From Non-Petroleum Products
  9. What Are Some Of The Current Trends In Medical Chemistry Research?
  10. How Does The Chemistry Of Seawater Affect The Formation Of Clouds

Geography Term Paper Topics

It's not surprising to face difficulties writing your Geography research paper. This is because you need to collect valuable information for your paper and develop a topic that gives an overview of what you will discuss in your paper.

Here are some topics geography:

  1. Environmental And Socio-Economic Impacts Gas And Oil Exploitation
  2. Methods That Should Be Used To Control Erosion In Western Virginia
  3. Geomorphological Changes In Your Area Of Residence
  4. Are Landslides And Earthquakes Becoming The New Reality?
  5. How Are Floods Affecting People’s Lives?
  6. How Are Human Being Responsible For Global Warming In The World Today?
  7. How Is The Climate And Income Of People Related?
  8. Is It Possible For The World To Produce Eco-Friendly Food?
  9. How Have Human Being Influenced The Extinction Of Sea Wildlife
  10. Why Is It Important For People To Be Aware Of Their Ecosystem?

Psychology Term Paper Topics

Almost everything is influenced by psychology. It’s one of the most intriguing branches of science. If you are studying psychology in masters or undergraduate, here are some topics for your terms paper.

  1. Factors That Affect Social Recognition Indifferent Families
  2. What Are Some Factors That Can Bring About Change Of Attitude Towards Religion?
  3. How Should People With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Be Treated?
  4. Effects Of HIV/AIDS On The Psychological Wellbeing Of A Family
  5. How Does Therapy Work Affect Emotionally Focused Couples?
  6. What Is The Relationship Between Physiology And Genetics And How Do They Affect Psychology?
  7. How Does Cultural Influence Affect Families When It Comes To Unwanted Children?
  8. How Does Interpersonal Interaction And Relationships Affect Behavior
  9. How Do Psychologies Effectively Adjust To The Needs Of A Bereaved Family
  10. How Do People In The Society Adjust Their Views And Thoughts About Physical Disabilities?

Sociology Term Paper Topics

Sociology deals with the study of the functioning, structure, and development of human society.  Some of the topics in sociology include: 

  1. What Is The Relationship Between Education Level And Race?
  2. Is There Any Form Of Gender Inequality In Professional Activities?
  3. How Does The Legalization Of LGBT Affect Different Families?
  4. Is Social Media Addiction Only Applicable To The Young Generation?
  5. Correlation between Nationality and Social Media Type?
  6. Does Racial Stereotype Affect Consciousness And Self-Esteem?
  7. How Has Social Media Affected Your Privacy? Is It Safe To Share Your Information Online?
  8. Should Gender Related Studies Be Included In School Programs?
  9. How Should Schools Motivate Children To Participate In Sports Activities?
  10. How Should The Sex Issues Concerning People Under 18 Years Be Solved?

History Term Paper Topics

History looks at the connection between different times. Some examples of these kinds of term paper topics include:

  1. The Debate Between Anti-Federalists And Federalists
  2. American Indian Movement
  3. Strikes, Conflicts And Labor Unions In The 1880s
  4. The Industrial Revolution In The USA
  5. The Effect Martin Luther King’s Speech Had On Citizens
  6. Consequences Of The Cold War
  7. The Growth Of The Republic Of China
  8. The Culture Of Ancient Greece In Comparison With The Roman Empire
  9. Cause And Consequences Of Sexual Revolution
  10. The Colonization Of America

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Not all term paper topics are easily developed. You may come up with a topic in half an hour at times, while on other occasions, you may take up to a day.

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