100 Research Paper Topics | Little-Known Research Paper Ideas

Posted on: 10th July 2020

Your research paper topic defines your entire writing. In this article, we share some useful tips on how to develop a great research paper topic, whether you are a master's or a high-school student. We will also give your suggestions for some of the best topics you can explore when writing your essay.

Let’s face it.

Writing a high-quality research paper is one of the most daunting tasks, and the challenging part is how to get started. If you start your paper well, you have a high chance of ending it well. Therefore, you have to be careful with the research paper topic you choose to write about.

When choosing a research paper topic, you are likely to encounter many problems, such as lack of material to select your topic from, lack of creativity, and insufficient writing experience or skills. However, such issues hold you back from coming up with a high-quality paper that has an engaging thesis statement

Remember, your first impression has a lot of influence. You have to make it highly attractive to the reader at his/her first glance. In short, if you choose an impressive topic, half of your writing task will be done. This is why we singled out a few secrets on selecting a topic for your research paper.

How to Choose A Perfect Research Topic

If you feel stuck when choosing an engaging or relevant topic, here is a step-by-step guide to help develop unique topics.


What makes a research paper great is your interest in it. Do you like the topic you are going to address in your research paper? Coming up with a topic you'd personally love to explore can push you to do in-depth studies on it. Moreover, you are likely to come up with a flawless paper if you have a genuine interest in the research process. 

Level of Experience

Besides going for a topic, you are interested in, you need to consider a topic that you have some level of experience in. This will make your research paper easier because you will already have prior knowledge about your research topic.

Ensure you have enough information about the topic

If you have an interest in a specific topic, make sure it's easy to find information about it. Having enough resources or material for your paper is vital, and a requirement for a well-researched paper. Some of the resources you can utilize may include peer-reviewed journals, books, websites, and blogs. The more support material you have, the easier it is to create a high-quality paper. 

Be Original

Although most students overlook the idea of originality, many professors look at the uniqueness of your paper. An innovative topic means that your paper will also involve studies with little-known facts.  Alternatively, if you come up with a topic that has not yet been addressed before, your paper is more likely to be engaging.

List of Some of The Best Research Paper Topics.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

An argumentative research paper topic is one that takes a position about a given matter. After writing the topic, you can then support your position using evidence. In writing this research paper, you need to be keen on how your structure for your professor to understand your arguments. 

Here are a few examples of argumentative research paper topics:

  1. Is It Right For Facebook To Collect Personal Data From Its Users?
  2. Should The Government Come Up With Laws Against Using Cell Phones In Vehicles?
  3. Many People Are Nowadays Dependent On Technologies
  4. Should Students In University And College Be Paid For Being In The School Sports Team?
  5. Should Doctors and Health Care Providers Be Allowed To Advertise Medicine?
  6. Is There A Relationship Between Violent Behavior And Video Games?
  7. Is Child Behavior Better These Days Compared To How It Was 30 Years Ago?
  8. Should The Government Influence What Its Citizens Eat?
  9. Did The Federal Reserve Have An Effect On The Great Depression?
  10. Is It Right To Refuse A Patient Treatment Due To Religious Believes?

Ethical Research Paper Topics

Writing an ethical research paper can be trickier than you think.  This is because different people accept and understand moral rules differently. And the most successful component of your work is choosing a good topic. 

Here are some examples of ethical research paper questions.

  1. Can You Choose Between A Lucrative Career And A Happy Family?
  2. Would You Tell On Your Best Friend His/she Committed A Minor Crime?
  3. How Can You Make College Students Adhere To Academic Integrity?
  4. How Can You Choose Between the Greater Good and Laser Evil?
  5. Is The Good For A Political Leader To Strive To Have More Powers?
  6. How Can Obeying Set Rules Be Bad?
  7. Do Moral Behavior Cause Happiness?
  8. Is It True That A Democratic Society Increases Immorality?
  9. Should Refugees From The Middle East States Be Allowed In The US
  10. Is Donating Part Of Your Organ Morally Justified?

Business Topics for Research Paper

If you are a business student, then you are familiar with business management research topics. However, at times you can also get stuck with choosing your business management topic.

Here are some topics to choose from:

  1. Measuring, Maintaining And Managing Employee Retention
  2. Is It True That Internet Advertising Is The Best Form Of Advertisement?
  3. Factors That Promote Healthy Business Environment
  4. Effects of Wage Increase on Employee Productivity?
  5. What Language Do You Think Can Become An International Business Language?
  6. Is It Possible For A Government To Profit From War?
  7. What Is The Role Of Women In The Management Of Businesses?
  8. Should One Start A New Business After Another One Has Failed?
  9. How Does War between Nations Affect International Businesses?
  10. Which One Is Better Between Merger And Acquisition?

Controversial Research Paper Topics

Did you know that controversy and college life go hand in hand? Whether you’re engaged in a lively disagreement with your college friends, classroom discussion, or a fully-fledged protest, you will be involved in some form of controversy in college or university.

Here are some controversial research paper topics:

  1. Can Someone Come Up With A New Religion For His/her Personal Gain?
  2. What Measures Should Be Justified For A Country That Is Fighting Terrorism?
  3. Should Cursing Other People Using Black Magic Be Considered A Criminal Offense?
  4. Should Sex Work Be Considered Actual Work?
  5. Is It Good To Isolate Kids From Each Other In School? Effects of Single-Sex Schools?
  6. Safety Vs. Freedom: How Much Governance Should a Government Have on Its Citizen’s Lives?
  7. Should Censorship Be Justified When a Nation’s Security Is Endangered?
  8. Are Modern Beauty Standards a Way to Kill People’s Self-Esteem?
  9. Should Tax Be Placed On Junk Food?
  10. Should Teen Marriages Be Accepted If One Becomes Pregnant?

Sports Research Paper Topics

Even though sports activities can be fascinating to participate in, preparing a topic on this subject can be challenging. At Custom Writing Bee, we understand how difficult it can be to develop a research paper topic, and that is why we are always willing to help. 

Here are some sports research 

  1. How Is Sports Important To Children? How Does This Affect Children Psychologically And Physiologically?
  2. What Is The Connection Between Sports And Mortality Rate?
  3. How Should Athletes Deal With The Fear Of Injury During A Game?
  4. What Is The Relationship Between Sports And The Economy Of A Nation
  5. How Should Nations That Have Been Rejected From Hosting Olympics React?
  6. Is It Possible For Athletics Success Be Hereditary?
  7. How Do Players With Disabilities Exercise Differently From Regular Player?
  8. Between The Stadium Authority, the Club Manager, and the Players Who Earn the Most?
  9. Is It Possible For People With Mental Disabilities To Be Better Athletes?
  10. How Does Winning Medals Or Cups From Sports Help Teenagers Improve Their Academic Performance?

Child Development Research Paper Topics

Child development involves the sequence of thoughts, languages, emotional, and physical changes that occur in kids from the time they are born to the start of adulthood. Child development significantly depends on what the child grabs while he/she grows. 

Here are some child development research topics

  1. What Are The Benefits Of Studying How Children Change, Grow And Learn New Things?
  2. How Does The Environment Play A Role In The Development Of Children?
  3. Reasons Why Children Were Largely Ignored In History
  4. What Is The Influence Of Peers, Caregivers, And Parents On The Development Of Children?
  5. What Type Of Child Development Takes Place In The Prenatal Stage?
  6. What Is The Approximate Time Children Should Spend With Their Parents To Help Them Develop Better Thinking Capacity?
  7. What Is the Importance Of The Different Stage Of Psychological Development?
  8. Give The Four Type Of Parenting And Why Parents Should Adapt Each?
  9. How Does Child Development Play A Crucial Role In Shaping A Child's Entire Life
  10. Speaking To A Mature Person Is More Vital To A Child Than Playing Video Games.

Art Research Paper Topics

Art comprises different branches, such as literary, visual, and performing, among others. Some examples of such topics include:

  1. How Pop Art Has Influenced The American Culture
  2. What Are The Boundaries Of Performance Art?
  3. Should Art Classes Be Enforced In Public Schools?
  4. What Was The Prevalent Art In Ancient Rome?
  5. Why Are People Afraid Of Modern Art?
  6. The Life Of Pablo Picasso
  7. Who Is Banksy?
  8. Does Culture Influence The Creation Of Art?
  9. How Are Modern Musicians Breaking Music Genre Stereotypes?
  10. Architecture And Art In Ancient Times

Literature Research Paper Topics

Literature describes written and spoken materials. It usually represents the traditions and cultures of people. Although many scholars have tried to define literature, its definition continually keeps changing.

Here are a few topics to choose from:

  1. The Role Of Mythology In Literature
  2. The American Dream In Literature
  3. Faith And Literature
  4. The Evil And Good In Literature
  5. Psychology And Literature
  6. Romance And Sex In Literature
  7. What Gender Is The Most Appropriate In Literature?
  8. Sarcasm And Irony In Literature
  9. How Is Literature An Instrument Of Propaganda?
  10. Literature Byronic Characters

High School Research Paper Topics

Choosing a topic for a research paper can also be tough for high school students. This is the reason we have come up with the following high-school research paper topics.

  1. Internet Security And Cyber Crimes
  2. Generational Conflicts
  3. Gun Control In Europe Vs. USA
  4. Copyright In Modern Publications
  5. Future Problems That May Affect The Energy Sector
  6. USA Borders And Immigration
  7. Hazing During War
  8. The Internet And Freedom
  9. Foreign Policy On Importation
  10. The Psychology Of Masses

Persuasive Research Paper Topics

Have you ever tried to persuade someone? Well, that's precisely what happens when you write a persuasive research paper. You try to convince your reader to agree with your position or point of view.

Some of these topics include:

  1. Should People Who Earn More Income Pay Extra Tax?
  2. Is the Kardashian Family Bad or Good Role Models of the Young Generation?
  3. Should Gun Ownership Be Regulated?
  4. Should There Be Mandatory Paid Leave For All New Parents?
  5. Should The Government Change The Minimum Voting Age?
  6. Why Do Adolescents Experience Extreme Anxiety
  7. What Do You Think Causes The Disappearance Pf The Bermuda Triangle
  8. Do Zoos Harm Or Help Animals
  9. Should Athlete Students Receive Salary?
  10. Should Technologies in Facial Recognition Be Banned?

Let Our Experts Choose A Topic!

Some assignments allow you to choose a topic yourself. Some students think this is freedom while others are convinced that they know that it brings more problems. This is because they have to spend a lot of time brainstorming how to generate interesting research paper topics.

There is also the inconvenience of having little information about a particular topic. At customwritingbee.com, we have a team of expert writers who can help you generate interesting research paper topics. We are the best essay writing platform because we:

  • Choose the research topic for you
  • Make an outline
  • Research for you
  • Generate a flawless research paper

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