All You Need to Know to Write Thesis Statements

Posted on: 15th April 2020

Why are more and more people seeking thesis paper writing help? Why is the concept of writing a thesis statement the most important part of your research paper?  What should a good thesis really look like?

Let me tell you…

Writing a thesis statement can be the toughest, yet the most critical part of your paper. Although various standards and rules have to be applied to determine if your thesis is of high-quality or not, a few universal rules can help you write an excellent thesis statement.

It’s a common thing to face problems while trying to come with a high-quality essay. You’ll need to do a lot of research as well as leverage various online resources where you can learn from experts. There is no doubt that your thesis will greatly determine if you will fail or pass a subject.

Depending on your professor’s requirement and subject area, a thesis statement can vary from a single sentence or paragraph to a full-length page. However, writing a thesis shouldn't be a source of continuous headaches. At Custom Writing Bee, we take pride in offering thesis paper writing help that focuses on ensuring you get the best grades.

Let get started…

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is sentence or sentences that state the purpose and topic of your research paper. It’s a road map for your essay since it tells your reader what he/she should look out for in the rest of your paper. It lets the reader understand what you are going to discuss within your paper.

Based on what you’ve learned, your thesis is what you have to say about your research topic. It’s not the topic. Remember, it’s a short summary of your essay’s main idea or argument, and it’s usually written at the end of your introduction paragraph.

Here are a few characteristics of a thesis statement

Covers the entire topic

A good thesis should convey all the information found on your topic.  It needs to tell your readers the information they should expect based on your topic. This means that your theme shouldn’t deviate from the research topic or address only a part of the topic.

Convey an interesting idea

If you capture the attention of your readers, they will be interested in reading the rest of your paper. What is that new thing you know that they haven’t heard of? Tell them something new and exciting. Even though your topic is interesting, readers can feel forced to read if your thesis statement is something familiar.

Not a question

A thesis statement should not be a question. It’s supposed to be a declarative statement where you state your position on a given subject matter. You’ll write your entire research paper based on this position.

It should be arguable

A good theme statement should not be an idea that is generally accepted. Instead, it should be an arguable point that can be challenged by other scholars. Although it's acceptable to base your theme on a universal truth, in most cases, such a paper turns out to be boring.

What are the different types of thesis statements?

Since writing an excellent theme is the backbone of a well-researched and organized paper, students must understand the types of thesis statements that exist. Each type has its distinctive features.

Let’s talk about each of them in detail.

a.      Expository/ Explanatory thesis statement

Often, this is the easiest and most basic type of thesis statement. It’s based on factual information or claims that are supported by evidence. It doesn’t contain personal opinions. You only need to explain to your reader what focus on in order to grab their attention. You should tell your readers how you came up with your main idea and the methods you will use to support that idea.

b.     Analytical Thesis Statement

Just like an expository statement, this statement explains your main idea, but in more detail. It focuses on the in-depth analysis or breaking down of an idea. Some of the subjects that mainly use this type of statement include science and mathematics.

To score highly, you need to tell your reader what you will analyze, how you will do the analysis, why you want to do your analysis, and how the reader or others may benefit from your analysis.

c.      Argumentative Thesis statement

These statements make claims about the topic of interest. The writer then goes ahead to justify their argument with evidence in the rest of the paper. It allows you to take a position on a given subject, contrary to an explanatory statement. Using evidence and examples, you will try to convince the reader. Why is your opinion is valid?

How do I write a good thesis statement?

Whether you are in high school, college, university, or doing an advanced degree program, writing an outstanding theme for your paper shouldn't stress you. Moreover, it should not be something that takes a lot of your time or brings about fear and anxiety. There are a few things you need to implement to make your essay writing process fast and simple.

A theme is something that you come up with- your professor, faculty or dean doesn't assign it. It allows you to showcase your creativity and research skills on a particular topic. As such, you need to write a theme that you are comfortable with. One that you can easily brainstorm on, research, and generate something interesting.

Here the steps you need to follow to write a good thesis statement:

i)    Formulate a Research question

A research question is a question in which you center your research. A good research question is usually focused, complex, clear, arguable, and concise.

Formulating a research question helps provide a path for your research process. Here are some steps to follow if you are looking to formulate a good research question:

  • Write a general topic based on your assignment
  • Do preliminary research on that topic
  • Consider how important your research will to your audience
  • Evaluate your question
  • Begin research

ii) Formulate a tentative answer to your question

After you have evaluated your question and began the initial research, formulate a tentative answer to your research question. It's an answer that guides your essay writing process.

For instance, if your research question was: How Coronavirus is likely to affect the economy?

Your answer could be: Slow economic growth.

iii)     Support your answer

As you do more research, your earlier answer (in our case: slow economic growth) is likely to change. This is because you will find more sources and evidence for your essay.

iv)     Write your thesis statement

when writing your thesis, it’s important to cross-check your work with your lecturer's instructions. This will ensure you meet those instructions. Additionally, keep your thesis in mind while you develop your essay.

What makes a thesis statement strong?

Three main things make a thesis statement a strong argument:


As the name suggests, your theme has to “stick together.” At times, your thesis statement may have separate parts. Corehence means that these separate parts will have some logical connection after they come together. In other words, your thesis has to be logical, consistent, and make sense to your reader.


A thesis statement should not be a simple fact or something that is generally accepted. It should be something that needs investigation, analysis, and evidence to back it up. This means that you will need to come up with 'a reason' for your reader to be interested in your essay. This is especially important in an argumentative essay where your reader can disagree with your opinion.


Conciseness is the level to which your theme communicates clear information using the least words possible. In one or two sentences, your theme should communicate why the reader should continue reading your piece. All good research papers are built on a central argument. This helps reduce ambiguity while you write the rest of your paper.

Why You Need Help Writing a Thesis Statement

Many students have a tough time writing a thesis statement. As a student, a lot of your academic learning involves writing essays. At times, you might wonder if writing these statements may have any impact on your life. Of course, they do. The skill of writing a thesis statement will help you throughout your life, whether in an academic field or something completely unrelated.

To understand the importance of a thesis statement, you need to figure out what exactly it is, the different types of a thesis statement, and how to write an excellent statement. If you think gathering all of this information might take plenty of your time, feel free to contact us today for any thesis paper writing help.

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