How to write a good thesis statement

By | April 27, 2017

good thesis statement

What is a thesis statement

The thesis statement of your writing is its main sentence that brings the main point of the whole document. To write your paper well, you have to know how to write the thesis statement and where to place it. You also need to know the purpose and type of your paper and audience that will read it. In our short guide we’ve gathered all important information related to a thesis statement. Start reading and find answers on your questions!

How to formulate a thesis definition?

According to the thesaurus, thesis statement is usually the one sentence that contains the main ides of essay, research paper, or any other document. The statement should be supported, developed and explained in the document with evidence and examples.

How long the thesis statement should be?

Many beginner writers may think about can a thesis statement be more than one sentence. And yes, you can put it into one or two sentences, but remember that it should show the subject of your work and your position to this subject. Don’t make it too huge, but at the same time don’t narrow it too much because people wouldn’t be able to understand your work’s main point from too short statement.

Where a thesis statement should be written?

The best place for your thesis statement is the article’s introduction. This is an optimal point to give readers understanding of what your work is about and highlight your position to the article’s problem. That’s why you shouldn’t place a thesis statement in the middle of your work – some people may stop reading your article before they go to it.

Parts of a thesis statement

Writing a strong thesis statement is not an easy job. Actually, a thesis statement could be separated in three parts:

limited subject – informs the reader what this article is about;
precise opinion – gives an answer to a question about the work’s subject;
blueprint of reasons – the plan that defines the shape of your article.

According to this, let’s write an example of a thesis statement:

Physical training (limited subject) is the best choice for those people who want to keep themselves in a good shape (precise opinion) because it keeps your muscles working, makes your body stronger, and improves your health as well as your mental and physical condition (blueprint of reasons).

How to write a thesis statement for the article?

  1. Define what kind of work you are working on: it may be an expository, argumentative or analytical paper.
  2. Determine the main goal of your work, why you need to write it and what it must bring to people.
  3. Think about your future audience. Who will be reading your article? This will help you to formulate your work’s style, purpose and main idea.
  4. It’s important that you have some knowledge about the topic of your article. You wouldn’t be able to write a good work with a strong thesis statement without good understanding of the subject.
  5. You may face a problem with writing a thesis; if this happened, just write down all your thoughts about this subject. Then re-read them carefully; you may find connections between things you wrote and discover new ideas. Then just try to use these ideas to generate the main point of your article.
  6. Ask a question what problem you’re going to solve in your work. Then make an answer, this will be your thesis statement. But keep in your memory that a thesis shouldn’t be a question. It is an answer, not ask.
  7. Remember your thesis statement should be not longer than 1-2 sentences. Do not make your thesis too big, it’s not a list, so keep it laconic and clear.
  8. Put the thesis into beginning of your work; the best place is to put it at the end of the introduction part.
  9. During writing the work, analyze your thesis statement. It could change depending on where your thoughts will go, so feel free to change it or to add/delete some things.
  10. Do not mention in your thesis a topic that you are not going to discuss in your article.
  11. Never write a thesis statement in the first person. This will make your work look unprofessional.
  12. Remember that all parts of your article should support, argue or explain your thesis statement. Keep the whole work connected with a thesis.
  13. When you finished writing your work, go back to your thesis and define if you have to make some corrections there.

Help in writing thesis statement

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