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Posted on: 10th July 2020

The reason why most students fail is that they are used to pasting "The best essay writer sites” on their browsers, and then trusting whatever appears on their Search Engine Results Pages—even without further background research. Now, don’t fall for this mistake. It is very wrong!

Also, get this: We aren't saying you cannot land a legit essay writer online, NO. In fact, many students have done that in the past and are happy about the results they got. Our emphasis is that you need to be extra vigilant before assigning someone your essay, or even paying for any service online.

It is undeniable that the academic help streets are no longer safe. Fraud has escalated to a point where some assistants even use essay writing software to generate essays, instead of putting their effort to deliver unbiased papers.

But even amid all this fraud and dishonesty, we still have genuine and ethical essay writing service providers like CustomWritingBee. We believe that quality services increase custom return rates—which is always our goal.

This is where you will meet diligent and professional essay writers who are not just motivated by money, but instead, willing to go the extra mile for your success. Yes, our motivation is always seeing that you are satisfied, against which we guarantee you a 100% money refund!

We Write All Essays from Scratch, No Essay Generator Software

As we have just pointed out, some tutors scrap content from essay generating software, reshuffle it a little bit, throws it to you and demand that you accept it. Now, this is the highest level of ignorance and fraud, right? It is actually what turns off some students from looking for essay writing assistance and prefer struggling to do the essays on their own. This happens because some of these "experts" are so desperate for money to the point of taking an assignment they know nothing about! 

And this is why you need to be very careful. Even though you may realize it before submitting it to your professor, you will still have lost a lot of your unredeemable time. 

The Dangers Associated with Essay Writer Generators

The content is usually incoherent

An automated essay writer only generates content randomly from websites related to the keywords entered. So it cannot reorganize the content into something you can confidently present to your professor.

They mainly access content from free sources like Wikipedia

Some essays are usually tricky and cannot be found directly from one source. They demand a combination of ideas from different sources. So this software will only present to you what you could get if you did some basic research. That’s why we cannot recommend these AI essay writers to any student, leave alone condoning such malpractices on our platform.

It is illegal to submit such papers

EssayTyper, one of the Automatic essay writing software, states that it is illegitimate to submit papers delivered by their bot. Now, if this is their disclaimer, why should you even risk using such software?

It is the highest level of plagiarism

Most algorithms used when developing Essay writer bots do not specify how to format or cite papers properly using citation styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. There are 100% chances of plagiarizing your paper. And as we all know, plagiarism is a serious offense that can land you on the wrong side of the law—which is not cool at all, right?

Some of the content is often misleading

You cannot really trust the content fetched by this software. The worst part is that some assistants even use free essay writer generator versions, which only have the most basic functionalities, unable to retrieve reliable results. 

So the bottom line is, don't request for assistance from tutors with questionable qualifications. Some of them just end up using auto essay writing tools that cannot deliver the quality papers you deserve. But with our tutors, everything is sorted.

Our Expert Essay Writers will Assist You in all Niches

As you go up the ladder career-wise, you encounter different types of essays, which range from simple reports to complex essays like theses and dissertations. Regardless of what essay your professor throws, we will connect you with custom essay writers to frame it exactly the way your professor needs it. Check samples here.

Now, among the seven main types of essays, we often get questions about the difference between Argumentative and Persuasive essays.

So, what should a typical writer in either of the types do?

Argumentative essay writer

Research and explain what each topic entails and, after that, present the advantages and disadvantages associated with each of them without any bias. The descriptions should be based on facts about the two items or topics. Think of it as reviewing two market products genuinely for interested buyers. In the end, the essay writer should come up with a genuine stand that tells the winning side. 

Persuasive essay writer

The aim is usually to present personal ideas and facts concerning a given topic, so that that you can convince your reader to buy into what you believe. An essay writer should approach it from a personal perspective and present their logic towards the subject, and in a language that will convince the audience that indeed, that is the best reasoning. 

So basically, both argumentative and persuasive essays are based on facts—the difference comes in the intent of each. 

The Difference Between Our Essay Writers for Theses and Dissertations

Essay writer for thesis

A thesis is an essay written by a student enrolled in a postgraduate program—as a prerequisite for award of a Master's degree in their field of specialization. It’s a long essay and usually quite involving because you have to do extensive personal research before arriving at logical conclusions. 

Essay writer for Dissertations

Dissertations are similar to theses because both call for in-depth research about a chosen subject, with a proper analysis that should lead to a sensible conclusion. Dissertations, however, are done at a Doctorate level, as a prerequisite of the award of a Ph.D. degree.

But we all know, these programs are mostly taken by students who are committed to other jobs—as part-time studies. That’s why most of them opt to get a college essay writer for pay, at least to reduce the pressure. 

Well, at CustomWritingBee, we have recruited enough professionals to offer both thesis services and dissertation services. None of them should give you a headache anymore.

All Our Pro Essay Writers Guarantee:

Premium quality essays

As we mentioned earlier, our recruitment process is one of the toughest in all essay writers’ websites on the internet. We have measures in place to ensure that every paper that comes from CustomWritingBee reflects our image. In our systems, we closely monitor the performance of our tutors to ensure that they consistently meet our standards. If otherwise, we have no reason to retain them.

Fast turnaround

Why do some students prefer to have personal academic assistants? Well, most of them will say, “My fast essay writer will sort me out anytime I need them!” And of course, that’s quite reasonable. 

It is the reason why apart from ensuring our tutors are disciplined enough to meet deadlines, we usually connect you to them so you can communicate and share any resources needed for completion of your essay. We agree that having a quick essay writer is an invaluable asset to every student.

Extensive research for your essays

One of the key tips on how to become a better essay writer is being able to identify the right resources for the right assignment because we do not invent our own knowledge. All the information is available on different online journals and publications for our consumption. That’s why we ensure that we thoroughly test the research skills of all our tutors to ensure that they can retrieve all the information they need when necessary. This aids in fast delivery, too.

Delivery of authentic essays

One of our biggest concerns at CustomWritingBee is originality. We believe plagiarism shouldn’t be mentioned in any essay written by a top essay writer. They should be aware of the ins and outs of plagiarism, such as having proper citations and ensuring that every content is fresh from their mind—no spinning whatsoever.

We Offer Close to FREE Essay Writing Services

This is the only platform where you are guaranteed pure gold essays at rates starting from as low as USD 10! Yes, we will connect you to an expert essay writer cheaply. You no longer have to spend a fortune on other sites when you are receiving substandard work. Do the opposite instead. Also, you can check out our discounts to reduce your spending even more!

So instead of looking for a free essay writer online who will eventually disappoint you with plagiarized work, why not reach out to us for the best experience? 

Just as our tutors are online 24/7, we also have a lovely support team waiting to respond to any doubts you may have. 

Send us your request now and leave the rest to us!



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